Indy News Update #1 for September 18, 2011
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CZW Wrestling sent this in:

CZW INVADES MONSTER-MANIA THIS WEEKEND! – CZW invades Monster-Mania 20 at the Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, Maryland THIS WEEKEND – Friday, September 16 and Saturday, September 17!

CZW stars like Greg Excellent, Mr. Tofiga, Alexander James, and more will be side-by-side with the likes of John Carpenter, Tony Todd, cast members of AMC’s ‘Walking Dead’ , a ‘Monster Squad’ reunion, a cast reunions from ‘Halloween’ & ‘Hellraiser’, Ghostbuster’s Ernie Hudson, & more.

CZW Pro Shop merchandise (including hoodies, it is a little cold) will be available. For more information, visit’s Preview of Monster-Mania 20.


HybridEnt.TV – Coming to DVD and On-Demand Streaming (Pre-Order available) – “Down With The Sickness 2011”!

* Kamikaze Death Match INSANITY
* Adam Cole & DJ Hyde play a dangerous game
* The announcement of the CZW, Big Japan Wrestling, DDT, Freedoms, and K-Dojo double header on December 3 – the date of CZW ‘Cage of Death’!
* All this and more in the memory of the late Chri$ Ca$h and PA Athletic Commission Chief Inspector Frank Talent.

Catch it all at HybridEnt.TV, along with new merchandise from the CZW Pro Shop and footage from Big Japan Wrestling, Insanity Pro Wrestling, & more.


The British leg of the 2011 CZW World Tour will feature a Two-Day Deathmatch Tournament to begin on Saturday, September 24 at Planet Nightclub, Westbury ST in Wolverhampton, WV1 1JD!

In the First Round of the Two-Day Deathmatch Tournament:
* Finally, Sami Callihan will go one-on-one with DJ Hyde!
* Devon Moore vs. Clint Margura
* Jimmy Havoc vs. Yoshihito Sasaki
* Danny Havoc vs. Yuko Miyamoto

In a junior heavyweight mini-tournament:
* Adam Cole vs. Jon Gresham vs. Spud
* MK McKinnan vs. Jim Hunter vs. Emil Sitoci

Also, Dave Mastif & Trent 7 vs. Dan Ryder & Big Van Walter.

SUNDAY, September 25 will see the Deathmatch Tournament 2nd round & final matches, the Junior Heavyweight Tournament finals, and more, also in Wolverhampton!

Tickets available NOW at Show your support at the ‘Project Mayhem’ Facebook Event Site.

CZW then heads to Turbinenhalle, Im Lipperfield 23, 46047 in Oberhausen, Germany.

First, Germany’s Westside Xtreme Wrestling presents ‘Fight Club 2011’ on Friday, September 30:

* Sami Callihan vs. El Generico
* Big van Walter/Anthony Zeus vs. Yuko Miyamoto/Yoshihito Sasaki
* John Ryan vs. Freddy Stahl
* Dick Togo vs. Marty Schull
* wXw Tag Team Tiles Match: champions Adam Polak/Carson Beck vs. OTC (Bad Bones/Carnage)
* Emil Sitoci vs. Brutus Magnus
* Axeman vs. Chuck Taylor
* Adam Cole/Drew Gulak vs. Jason Hendrix/Jay Skillet

But on Saturday, October 1, it’s ‘CZW in Germany’:

* DICK TOGO will be in action
* wXw Heavyweight champion Big van Walter vs. wXw 16 carat winner Sami Callihan
* Drunken Scaffold (you must take a shot before you can be thrown off the scaffold) between Nation of Intoxication members as CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore, celebrating his birthday that night, faces Danny Havoc!
* Street Fight: CZW Ultraviolent champion MASADA vs. CZW Owner DJ Hyde
* CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole defends against Chuck Taylor
* Drew Gulak vs. Jon Ryan
* BJW vs. wXw: Ryuji Ito/Yuko Miyamoto/Yoshihito Sasaki vs. Axeman/Carnage/Kim Ray

On Sunday, October 2, The TRIANGLE OF ULTRAVIOLENCE weekend kicks off with action from Combat Zone Wrestling, Westside Xtreme Wrestling, & Big Japan Wrestling!

In a special Deathmatch Tournament:
* CZW Owner DJ Hyde vs. CZW Ultraviolent Underground champion MASADA
* Yuko Miyamoto vs. Bernd Fohr
* Yoshihito Sasaki vs. Jon Ryan
* Danny Havoc vs. Kankuro Hoshino
* CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore vs. Jaki Numazawa

Also, Sami Callihan/Chuch Taylor/Marty Scurll vs. Big van Walter/Adam Cole/Drew Gulak

Then, on Monday, October 3rd:

* The 2nd round and finals of the tournament (CZW owner DJ Hyde has promised, “THERE WILL BE A CAGE!”)
* The winner of Sami Callihan & Big van Walter on Saturday, October 1 will defend the wXw Heavyweight Title against Yoshihito Sasaki
* 16 Carat Gold Tournament Qualifier: El Generico vs. Adam Cole vs. Chuck Taylor vs. ???
* Drew Gulak vs. Marty Scurll

ALL OF THIS ACTION and SO MUCH MORE! Tickets available! Show your support on the ‘Triangle of Violence’ Facebook Event Site!

‘CEREBRAL’ – MATT TREMONT VS. BRAIN DAMAGE – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7 – CZW returns on Friday, October 7 for ‘Cerebral’ at The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA with a 7:30 pm bell time.

In a Death Match Trial, Matt Tremont vs. Brain Damage!
(See’s Preview of Tremont vs. Brain Damage)

Also featuring CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole!

Much more to be announced soon as we charge towards December 3rd’s ‘Cage of Death’ DOUBLE HEADER with Big Japan Wrestling, DDT, Freedoms, and K-Dojo!

Show your support at the ‘Cerebral’ Facebook Event Site! For more information, visit

$1 COMBAT ZONE WRESTLING – WIRED TV TAPING $1 – FOR JUST $1, you can see LIVE Combat Zone Wrestling action on Sunday, October 9 at the Parkwood Youth Organization, 3301 Mechanicsville RD in Philadelphia, PA at 2:30 pm!

JUST $1!

* In honor of the late JT Roberts, friends The Poor Horseman (Greg Excellent/Simon Rhyme) vs. JT’s tag partners, Core & Niles Young
* CZW Owner DJ Hyde vs. Fredo Majors
* The Rematch: The Latin Dragon vs. Alex Payne
* Young Money w/ Maxamillion vs. The Runaways (Joe Gacy/Ryan Slater) w/ Kimber Lee
* Also featuring CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole, Matt Tremont, Drew Gulak, a Battle Royal, and more.


Danny Warren sent this in:

9/16- AOD/CWE Presents Hart Attack Oct 2nd.

Sunday October 2nd- Winnipeg, MB
Location: The Polish Fraternal Hall (768 Mountain Ave.)
Time: Doors Open 7pm, Bell time 7:30pm.
Tickets: $15 in advance, $18 at the door
Advance tickets available at: Advance Tickets Available at: Rudy’s Video (668 Sheppard St.), Blade Hair Design (3-1341 Henderson Hwy), Aaron’s (1600 Regent Ave)
Purchase tickets online at

We are just weeks away from yet another action pack and star studded event featuring the stars of CWE presented by the Alliance of Defiance. Just announced and released today,

Tag Team Dream Match Event
The Big Sexy Beasts (AJ Sanchez & Kevy Chevy) vs. “The Past, Present, & Future of Professional Wrestling” Teddy Hart & Pete Wilson

To end “Only The Strong Survive” we saw the re-union of what many people consider the greatest tag team in the history of Manitoba, The Big Sexy Beasts. After a 5 month hiatus Kevy Chevy returned to fend off Team Impact from further assaulting his old tag team partner Kevy Chevy. Sanchez has tried many partners over the last few months trying to find the right fit to capture the tag team titles and when he least expected it he seems to have found one. Sanchez and Chevy made it quite clear their intentions as they held the tag team titles over their head to end the event. The two innovative big men lit the province on fire with their amazing ability to move and perform at a level men half their size. For the first time since the first ever CWE show almost three years ago they will team in CWE again but they will have their work cut out for them.

This event comes with perhaps the most anticipation in a long time as it will see the official debut of the controversial and perhaps best high flyer in professional wrestler today, Teddy Hart. Teddy, the nephew of former World champion Bret Hart has created quite the reputation for himself across the world for his off the wall interviews and uncontrollable behavior. In order to act the way he does you need to be able to back it up and Teddy does just that with a WWE contract to his name at 18 years old and success in Japan, Mexico, ROH, and TNA. Teddy isn’t coming alone as he requested to team with his protege, a man who wrestles a very similar style to Teddy in Pete Wilson. Teddy explained to management the similarities in Pete to his good friend and tag team partner Jack Evans and sees the same future for Pete Wilson in the wrestling business. In the main event of Hart Attack you are going to see four of the most innovative professional wrestlers in this country do battle for tag team bragging rights!

CWE Title Match
CWE Champion Mentallo vs. Tyler Colton

Almost one year ago at the 2nd anniversary show the young rookie Tyler Colton secured himself a future title match is a grueling ladder match. On October 2nd Tyler Colton has requested he be given that match against the CWE champion and his trainer Mentallo. Colton has had an amazing year with break out performances across Manitoba and Alberta and feels confident he can upset his mentor. Colton explained if he wants to be the best he has to challenge the best and with Mentallo fresh off a 6 week tour of Japan now might be the best time to test that theory. Although Colton may be over his head it isn’t the first time he has heard that and come out on top. Mentallo laughed at the idea of his student feeling ready to challenge him in any capacity and has vowed to teach young Colton a lesson in respect. Mentallo also pointed out he will have a message for Danny Duggan on that evening.

CWE Tag Team Title Match
CWE Tag Team Champions Team Impact (Robby Royce & Anderson Tyson Moore) w/Lacey vs. The Supreme Adonnas (Heavy Metal & Tommy Lee Curtis)

Another big tag team match has been signed for Hart Attack in what very well could be the main event as well. Robby Royce and ATM have dodged a lot of bullets as of late to remain CWE Tag Team champions but it seems like at any time their luck could run out and that is exactly how The Supreme Adonna’s feel. Metal & TLC won the number one contendership in a hard fought 3-way tag team contest and are ready to challenge for the titles. Team Impact look to regain their dominance as champions and The Adonna’s look to create a level of their own. Two successful high regarded tag teams in this country will do battle in Winnipeg for the most prestige’s tag titles in Canada on October 2nd!

Stay tuned for many more matches to be announced in the coming weeks featuring all the top stars of the AOD and CWE!

For more information on the event visit