Jason “JerseyViper” Namako passed along the following ROH notes:

According to PWInsider.com, there are no injuries to report coming out of Saturday’s Ring of Honor “Death Before Dishonor IX”, although the participants in the main event “Ladder War” were treated to close gashes they received in the match.

Jim Cornette was said to be “extremely pleased” with the show backstage, feeling that they surpassed the last IPPV, “Best In The World”, even with no title matches and ROH World Champion Davey Richards in Japan, who was unable to be on the card.

COO Joe Koff was remarking backstage that it was “a great show” and that he was “proud of his boys”.

During the Ringmaster Challenge between Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong, the commentary by Kevin Kelly & Dave Prazak went out for a few minutes due to a fan accidentally pulling one of the wires loose. The problem was quickly fixed and commentary went on smooth for the rest of the show.

From many people who bought the show on GoFightLive, the stream was said to be at its best quality to date for ROH IPPVs.

Ring of Honor’s next Internet PPV will be “Final Battle” on 12/17 back in the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in New York City. According to reports, all ringside seats priced at $100 were already sold out as the show concluded.

Sinclair Broadcasting has purchased seven new stations, which will begin carrying the ROH TV series once the transition period is over and Sinclair takes control. The 7 stations to be acquired are:

KUTV (CBS 2) Salt Lake City, Utah (DMA 32)

KMYU (MNT 9) Salt Lake City, Utah (DMA 32)

KEYE (CBS 42) Austin, Texas (DMA 44)

WTVX (CW 34) West Palm Beach/Fort Pierce, Florida (DMA 38)

WTCN-CA (MNT 50) West Palm Beach/Fort Pierce, Florida (DMA 38)

WWHB-CA (AZTECA 48) West Palm Beach/Fort Pierce, Florida (DMA 38)

WLWC (CW 28) Providence, Rhode Island/New Bedford, Massachusetts (DMA 53)