Indy News Update #1 for September 21, 2011
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WSU sent this in:


WSU is proud to announce that we are now shipping “The Best of Brittney Savage in WSU” & “PASSION: The Hardest Working Women in Wrestling Today”. The Best of Brittney Savage retails for $9.99. Passion retails for $9.99, but if you purchase a ticket to WSU’s 11/19 iPPV show or purchase the iPPV itself, you can get the DVD for only $5! The Passion DVD is designed for new fans of WSU who are just finding out about us and this is a collection of WSU’s highlights and best matches over our near 5 year history. Details on this offer are here:


Cover Art:
Ordering Info:
Match Listings:

1. Brittney Savage & Reyna Fire vs Melissa Coates & Trixie Lynn (11/29/08,
Martinez vs Perez)
2. WSU Tag Team Title Match Brittney Savage & Miss April vs (c) The
Beatdown Betties (2/7/09, HOF 2009)
3. WSU Tag Team Title Match (c) Brittney Savage & Alicia vs Havok & Hatred
(6/6/09, 2nd Coming)
4. WSU Tag Team Title Match (c) Havok & Hatred vs Alicia & Brittney Savage
(10/3/09 Excellence)
5. WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Latasha vs Becky Bayless vs Brittney Savage
(10/10/09, On The Road Sept/Oct 2009)
6. WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage (3/6/10, 3YA)
7. WSU World Title vs Spirit Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs (c)
Brittney Savage (3/19/10, On The Road, Spring Tour March/April 2010)
8. WSU Spirit Championship Match Empty Arena Match (c) Alicia vs Brittney
Savage (8/13/10, Extreme Compiliation/Inasectv Special)
9. 2011 J-Cup Finals Brittney Savage vs Sassy Stephanie (4/2/11, J-Cup
10. WSU World Title Match Brittney Savage vs (c) Mercedes Martinez (6/25/
11, URIV)
PASSION “The Hardest Working Women in Wrestling Today”
Cover Art:
Ordering Info:
Match Listings:

1. Alicia vs Luna Vachon (5/5/07, Bad Luna Rising)
2. Amy Lee vs Awesome Kong (3/8/08, Dawn of a New Day)
3. Traci Brooks vs Annie Social (11/29/08, Martinez vs Perez)
4. Rain vs Nikki Roxx (6/6/09, Second Coming)
5. WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Awesome Kong (12/12/09,
Awesome Challenge)
6. WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain (3/6/10, 3YA)
7. WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Mickie James (8/7/10,
8. Serena vs Jazz vs Portia Perez vs Alicia (11/6/10, Martinez vs Rain II)
9. WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Serena (3/5/11, 4YA)
10. Alicia vs Jessicka Havok (6/25/11 Uncensored Rumble IV)

WSU Goes On The Road on 9/24
WSU will also make it’s way to Pennsylvania on 9/24 for GCW. Here are the details:
What: GCW, WSU To Present Two Matches
When: 9/24
Where: The Salvation Army 215 Appletree Drive Levittown, PA 19058
Belltime: The doors for GCW will open at 6pm, bell time 7pm.
For more information please visit or or call (215)943-2475.

WSU will present two huge matches on this event! They are:

Alicia & Brittney Savage vs Jessicka Havok & Allisyn Kay in a WarGames preview match

For the WSU Spirit Championship
(c) Sassy Stephanie vs Rain

Stay tuned to for more information.


And don’t forget, the biggest womens wrestling show of the fall takes place on 11/19 when WSU presents “Breaking Barriers II”

WSU Returns LIVE to iPPV on 11/19 in Union City, NJ with “Breaking Barriers II” Featuring the WSU Debut of MELINA & The First Ever Female WARGAMES Match!

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) Returns To iPPV on 11/19
iPPV Ordering Link: PRE ORDER TODAY!!!!
Tickets are $5 cheaper when you pre-order.
Fans can pre-order tickets up to the day of the show and bring their paypal receipt as proof of purchase.

WHAT: Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) on iPPV
WHEN: Saturday, November 19th
WHERE: The ACE Arena, located at 725 Sip Street in Union City, NJ
BELLTIME: Meet & Greet From 4pm-6pm
TICKET INFORMATION: $30 in advance, $35 the day of the show. The ticket allows you entry to the meet & greet and guarantees you a seat.
For more information, email or visit
For full match previews, visit and make sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter for live every day updates!
Watch Live on iPPV at

When WSU returns live to iPPV on 11/19, we will be presenting the biggest womens wrestling event of the Fall. WSU has been on fire all year in 2011, from putting on one of the most incredible ladder matches, celebrating Mercedes Martinez’s 2 Year reign as champion and watching new stars develop, while being a place for new beginnings. On 11/19 on iPPV, in our double main event of “BREAKING BARRIERS II”, we will see new stars get the opportunity to shine, while seeing Former WWE Womens Champion MELINA get a new beginning.

Here is the COMPLETE card for 11/19:

Main Event 1
RULES: Match will be held in a steel cage. Wrestlers will enter the cage in 5 minute intervals. Once everyone has entered the match, the only way to win is make one team member submit or say I Quit.
Special Guest Referee: Amy Lee
TEAM WSU (WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez & Alicia & Brittney Savage) vs THE MIDWEST MILITIA (Jessicka Havok & Allisyn Kay & WSU Spirit Champion Sassy Stephanie)

Main Event 2
Former WWE Womens Champion MELINA vs “The Self-Proclaimed Best In The World Today” SERENA

WSU Tag Team Championship Match
(c) The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexus) vs The International Home Wrecking Crew (Rain & Jetta)

Becky Bayless vs Rick Cataldo

NYWC Starlet Championship Match
Suicidal Six-Way Elimination Match
(c) Nikki Syx vs Violet vs Monique vs Jessie Brooks vs Barbie vs Gabby Gilbert

#1 Contenders to the WSU Tag Team Championships
Winners Will Get a WSU Tag Team Title Match at the 5 Year Anniversary Show
The Belle Saints (Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle) vs The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha)

Loser Leaves WSU Match
Jennifer Cruz vs Niya

Stay tuned to for complete match previews.
WSU has also released its FIRST NATIONAL DVD. This DVD will be in stores national wide on 11/22. For more, check out
Make sure to show your support for the hardest working women in professional wrestling today by preordering your tickets and by purchasing the awesome DVDs at You won’t be disappointed.

For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – WSU Message Board – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.

Thank you for reading this press release & for your support of WSU.

AWE sent this in:

DDP willing to come out of retirement?

Diamond Dallas Page hinted in a video sent to Awesome Wrestling Entertainment today that he might consider coming out of retirement if asked to by Kevin Nash to team with Nash in the main event of AWE’s Night of Legends pay-per-view.

“I hear that big Kevin Nash is looking for a tag-team partner. Hmm … hmm … there’s a list a mile long that want to be on that. And you know I’m retired, but you know, big man, I’ve still got your back,” Page said in the video.

On Monday, AWE announced that its CEO, Marvin Ward, who had been scheduled to be Nash’s tag-team partner in the main-event match at Night of Legends against The Rock-n-Roll Express, would be pulled from the match after suffering an injury at the hands of Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton at an AWE house show in Woodstock, Va.

AWE Commissioner Rick Garrison said Monday that Nash would be permitted to choose Ward’s replacement in the match. Speculation had already centered on Page as a possible top-of-the-list choice for Nash, given their long-term personal friendship.

Page in his video already seemed to be in the mode of thinking that a man getting ready for a pay-per-view main event would have, aiming the kind of sharp-tongued invective at the Rock-n-Rolls that you’d expect from somebody getting ready to step into the ring with the duo.

“I’ve got to put over Robert and even Ricky Morton, because they’re still going like they even did in their prime. I’ve got to say, I’m a little amazed by that,” Page said. “Because I thought you two old relics would have been out to pasture a long ago as much as you abused your body and your mind. But you’re not. Somehow you have fermented yourself in whatever drugs and alcohol you’ve been doing, and you’re still hanging in there strong.”