Teddy Hart, Harry Smith using Stampede name

Teddy Hart and Harry Smith used the Stampede Wrestling name for an event back on 9/9 outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada headlining against The Young Bucks (aka Generation Me). Teddy Hart stated publicly that he planned to distribute the show on television through the AAA promotion and run regular TV tapings. Ross Hart, Ted and Harry’s uncle, co-owns the Stampede Wrestling name along with Bruce Hart and Ross was not made aware of the show until it was too late. He was not made aware of they were using the name on posters and didn’t want them using it until they earned it adding, “If it evolves into something that’s even remotely close to what Stampede once was…I’m in favor of it.”

Teddy Hart had some crazy comments in an interview with Live Audio Wrestling with his concept or version of what he would like to see with the return of Stampede Wrestling: “I’d like to see mechanically altered weapons and things like that. Chairs that change sizes, ladders that get longer, so you can be on a ladder and press a button and it gives you another three feet or five feet if you want to go higher. Higher is ratings. If you can have the fans all typing into their phone and you want to see Ted Hart go an extra five feet in the air, everyone’s got 30 seconds to a type a code into their phone. If the code is in, and I get my combination from the referee, I climb up another five feet. I’m training cats to come out to the ring with me, and I’m also trying to train animals to get involved in matches. I’m trying to get safety animals, like a dog, to basically pull the referee’s leg before the count of three, little things like that. Or my dog will be carrying a weapon for me, and I would get it off his neck.”

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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