Indy News Update #2 for September 29, 2011
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Larry Goodman sent this report in.

Showtime All-Star Wrestling – Episode 186
Airing September 3, 2011 on the America One Network
Taped July 9, 2011 at the Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN

SAW streams via America One at – 9pm Fridays and 3pm Sundays if you’re lucky. The “Crimson” Tommy Mercer vs. Chase Stevens mach from the June 11 event in Gallatin is now online at

Last Week on SAW…Derrick King kicked Cody Melton in the groin to give Derrick King Enterprises a cheap win over Melton and former DKE associate Johnny Bandana…Jeremiah Plunkett vowed to up the pain factor…Paul Adams informed junior towel boy Jr. Rudy Charles that he was flying solo at ringside this week…Charles botched the job by tripping the wrong guy, and Chase Stevens pinned Jesse Emerson with the DFA.

Michael Graham welcomed us to another edition of SAW from the Stadium Inn. Cut to Michaels entering the building with his game face on as he prepared to challenge Kid Kash for the SAW International Champion.

Adams and Roxy Rossi led David Young to the ring. Graham said there was tension in the camp of the A-Team regarding Charles.

1 – CHASE STEVENS vs. DAVID YOUNG (with Paul Adams & Roxy Rossi)

Crowd was strong for Stevens right from the start. Adams was not happy about this. Graham said thanks to the NFL for coming to their senses. Crisp back and forth on the mat. They swapped nip ups. You read that right. Young nipped up. Young bumped big and claimed his arm was being broken. Young went to the eyes. Stevens busted out a headscissors take over and a high dropkick. Adams fanned Young with his towel. Stevens lit him up at ringside. Back inside, Young begged for a TO. They cut to a shot of Roxy in her short black dress. Adams looked like a midget standing next to her. Roxy tripped up Stevens, and Young took full advantage of the opening. Bac from commercial break to find Adams choking Stevens with his towel. Roxy dug her thumbnails into Chase’s throat. Sweet. Young used the spikes of Stevens’ jacket to dig into his flesh. Stevens was in a world of hurt. Enough was enough. Stevens had Young seriously rocked. Young kicked out of Stevens’ scissors kick. Stevens ducked the first kick but Young nailed him with a follow through spin kick. Cover. NO! Stevens kicked out. Adams tried to interfere but Stevens was ready for it. Stevens then slipped out of Young’s spinebuster and hit the DFA. Adams was despondent.

WINNER: Stevens in 9:45 with the DFA.

Leah Hulan was in a low cut (does she have anything in her wardrobe that isn’t?); aqua blue dress for the Grumpy’s Bail Jumper of the Week segment. Joseph Glenn Glover was the man on the lam…”and wrestling fans I NEED HIM NOW! C’mon out of the trailer, Glen. Let’s get you turned in. Do the right thing. We know you’re an old biker guy, and we’ve got a lot of respect for that. So we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

5 months ago…Kash pinned Michaels with a roll up and handful of tights. 6 weeks ago…Kash pinned Michaels with the Dead Level in the finals of the SAW Title Tournament with Reno Riggins reluctantly making three count after two refs were knocked out. Kash is 2-0 vs. Michaels. Will the.third time be the charm?

As Michaels awaited the arrival of the champion, Graham compared and contrasted their careers. Both men 20 year veterans. Kash – a three time SAW champion and a former holder of multiple major world titles. Michaels — nada.

2 – SAW International Title Match: Champion KID KASH vs. CHRIS MICHAELS

Graham admitted that he still had Kash’s heinous activity (stealing SAW’s TV footage and equipment) stuck in his craw. Michaels ducked a wild haymaker, and Kash tried to act nonchalant about it. Kash got into it with the fans in the first row. Michaels tricked Michaels into letting his guard down. Michaels reversed the momentum with two DEEP arm drags. Kash bailed, picked up a chair and got in Bonnie Baldwin’s face, a scary sight for sure.

[commercial break]

Kash glowered at the fans. Chain wrestling reversals culminated with Kash splatting his nose on a drop toe hold. Kash retreated to lick his wounds. On the next break, Kash delivered two knee lifts to the gut. Kash got pissed when that wasn’t enough to secure the pin. Kash applied a rear choke. Michaels hooked the rope with his foot. Michaels made a comeback that had the champ on jelly legs. Michaels got two with a power drive suplex. Kash begged off and delivered a low blow. Kash then dropped a knee to the nuts for good measure.

[commercial break]

Kash applied an arm scissors submission at ring center. Kash was able to inch his way to the ropes. Kash zeroed in on the arm. Kash chomped on Michaels’ arm. Michaels bit Kash’s arm. Kash thumbed Michaels in the eye, bit him again and punted him in the nuts. Kash taunted the fans, then slammed Michaels for a near fall. Michaels paid dearly for a sunset flip hope spot.

[commercial break]

Kash continued to cut Michaels off with tactics that were pure filth. Kash went for a small package. He got a two count but Michaels reversed it for a two count of his own. Kash went after the arm again. Michaels retaliated by biting KASH on the wrist. Kash took a break to “get in the fans of our faces”. A mat scramble ensued. Kash got a heel hook. Michaels reversed into a cloverleaf. Kash reversed that and Michaels grabbed the ropes. Michaels couldn’t put full weight on the knee, but his fists were working just fine. Michaels put Kash on the deck but couldn’t follow up. Kash was bleeding from the nose as he made the cover. Michaels got an arm under the ropes. Kash took a charging Micahels down with a double leg and pinned him with his feet on the ropes. Herron handed the belt to Kash. Lo and behold, Reno Riggins saw what happened and ordered a restart. Kash was infuriated. Michaels nailed Kash with a superkick. 1-2-3. New champion! Herron raised Michaels’ hand. The celebration was just getting started when Riggins called for another restart because Kash’s arm was under the ropes. Sad but true according to Graham. While Herron was busy conferring with Reno, Kash clocked Michaels with the belt. Kash covered and Herron turned around just in time to make the three count.

WINNER: Kash retains the SAW International Championship with a belt shot in 20:40.

Kash was standing over Michaels’ lifeless body with blood streaming from his nostrils as they cut away to the replay.

Graham threw it back to the ring where Kash and Reno were in a verbal confrontation. Kash gloated about being the one and only three time SAW International Champion — “Me, not you!” Kash warned Reno that his overblown emotion could get him sent to the hospital. Reno said he was not intimidated. Reno challenged Kash to meet him in the ring at Stadium Inn on August 14, and if he couldn’t get the job done, then SAW would belong to Kash. “I’m not the wrestler I used to be, but I won’t need to be that to whip your ass.”

Afterthoughts: Some similarities to last week’s show – the focus was wrestling with just two matches, and both were given ample of time. Once again, the opener surprised by being technically better. However, the main event had a certain gut churning appeal that comes with the territory when Kash is involved. Stevens and Young worked a smooth match. Everything looked good and was well timed. The finish deftly played off Charles’ incompetence last week, as the alleged teacher fared no better than the student. Hot crowd, too. An explanation for the disappearance of Young’s muscle suit will be forthcoming….I like Kash vs. Michaels more on a second viewing. They worked a physical match. If you can get past Kash’s overdone fan baiting, his matches have an atypically realistic feel that’s usually lacking in pro wrestling. It wasn’t anything special for athleticism, but it was a pleasure to see so many of the the little things that matter done well. And the finish told a great story. Poor Reno. The anguish of it all. Not to mention Michaels’ heartache. As much as he hates Kash, Reno’s overriding sense of fairness compelled him to restart the match. Not sure where they can go with Michaels’ title quest after three consecutive losses to Kash, though. Also not sure if Reno’s putting the company on the line will hold up as a stipulation, or if Reno just got carried away with the moment as he sometime does. At the risk of beating a dead horse, the vibe at the Stadium Inn doesn’t lend itself to dramatic title matches. This show had a subtle appeal that grew on me. Thumbs up.

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AWE sent this in.

AWE announces card for Night of Legends PPV
A main event featuring Kevin Nash and The Rock-n-Roll Express and an opener pitting Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer in a one-on-one matchup for the first time ever will highlight the Awesome Wrestling Entertainment Night of Legends pay-per-view.

The Oct. 15 show will be broadcast on InDemand, DirecTV, AT&T, Verizon and Bell TV beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific. It will also be broadcast on Internet pay-per-view at and

In the main event, Kevin Nash and a mystery partner will take on The Rock-n-Roll Express – Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson. The matchup between Nash and Morton has been anticipated for several years. Morton has given several shoot interviews, the first dating back 10 years, trying to pick a fight with the 7’1″, 300-pounder over perceived slights from their WCW days.

The match featuring Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk will pit student against teacher. The Dreamer-Funk matchup will be their first-ever one-on-one matchup. The two had been booked for a match in ECW back in the late 1990s, but the match never happened.

Also on the card
– Perry Saturn vs. C.W. Anderson. Saturn returns to the ring after a nine-year absence.

– “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Mohammad Akbar. Duggan, Old Glory and his trusty 2×4 in tow, looks to silence Akbar, a young heel on the rise.

– Fit Finlay vs. Alex Silva with Buddy Landel. The WCW and WWE veteran looks to teach Silva, a 20-year-old being talked about as a future AWE champion, a few lessons as he works his way up the ladder.

– Jamin Olivencia vs. Sonjay Dutt. The two have had a running rivalry in AWE, with each scoring controversial pinfalls over the other in recent weeks.

For more information on the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view, including a full list of legends appearing for pre-event autograph signings and dark matches, go to
Akbar reacts to announced matchup with Duggan

Mohammad Akbar
So you’re Mohammad Akbar. You have issues with the way Muslim-Americans are treated in general, and how you as a Muslim-American are used by your employers at Awesome Wrestling Entertainment in particular.

The phone rings. Mohammad, congratulations, you’re on the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view on Oct. 15.

Yeah. We’ve got you up against “Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

“Who would the powers-that-be have in mind for Mohammad Akbar? None other than an infidel who has made a name for himself and has made a living for 30 years carrying a flag with blind patriotism,” Akbar said in an interview with the AWE website to discuss the scheduled match.

Akbar was almost speechless at the outset of the interview after learning who his opponent would be.

“‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan, when I get my hands on you, sir, I will be undoing 30 years of damage you have inflicted on my people,” Akbar said.

Olivencia matched with Dutt on PPV

Sonjay Jamin
Jamin Olivencia has scored a series of controversial pinfall victories over Sonjay Dutt.

Dutt has issues with the cheat-to-win mentality of Olivencia, and he’s happy to have a shot at redemption at the Oct. 15 AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view.

“And this time, we’re on the biggest stage of them all. We’re on pay-per-view. And Jamin, I’m going to pin you 1-2-3, and I’m going to show everybody in pay-per-view land why Sonjay Dutt is awesome,” Dutt said.

The ever-confident Olivencia responded with some “bad news” for Dutt.

“Jamin Olivencia is going to walk in there and beat you again like I did the time before. Whether you agree with it or you don’t, Sonjay, here’s the truth. I’m better than you, I’m better-looking than you, and every time I walk in the room, Jamin Olivencia, I change the atmosphere,” Olivencia said.