Indy News Update #1 for September 30, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent these recaps in.

Sunday September 25 2011
GWN – Great White North Championship Wrestling
Hamilton, Ontario
Ukrainian Cultural Center of Hamilton
Belltime: 1:45
Referees: David Gilbert Clarke & Bryan Renda
Attendance: 120-100
Results credit: Chris Crucifix

GWN Commonwealth Title Tournament Matches
– “Wildfire” Tommy Burch def. Maddog Emery to advance
– DangerBoy def. Baron Mikel Lutz w/Igor via DQ to advance

GWN Tag Team Title Match
KILLDOZER w/Igor def. Aftershock (c) to become new tag champs

House of Igor Celebration is interrupted by Team Donovan which was Donovan Jack O’Shea, Tommy Burch, and new rookie that DJ O’Shea was training an Italian kid named Rocky “Bam Bam” Giovanni to plug the main event.


GWN Commonwealth Title Finals
“Wildfire” Tommy Burch def. Dangerboy to become the new champion

GWN Heavyweight Championship Match
2/3 Falls, No DQ, No Countout, 5 Rounds with 1 min rest periods between rounds
“Lucky Charms” Donovan Jack O’Shea (corner men were Giovanni & Burch) def. “Silverback” Shawn Brown (c) (cornermen were Igor & Lutz) to become the new Heavyweight Champion after Brown had retained the title when the falls were tied at the end of 5 rounds. After both men agreed to a final sixth round to end the match like “men” Donovan won.


Saturday September 24 2011
NGW Next Generation Wrestling
Welland, Ontario
Holy Trinity Church
Ring Announcer: Matthew Terry
Referees: Dave McCombs and Jesse Ryckman
Results credit: Michael Colyn for

1) In a first round match in the NGW Championship Tournament, Retro Rex defeated Troy Buchannan.

2) In a first round match in the NGW Championship Tournament, Rip Impact defeated “The King of KO’s” Joey Kings.

3) “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang defeated EZE Eric Cairnie.

4) In a first round match in the NGW Championship Tournament, “The Hit” Ashley Sixx defeated “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea.

5) In a first round match in the NGW Championship Tournament, Crazzy Steve defeated Robbie Reckless.

6) “Sniper” Randy Vahn defeated “The Prince of Darkness” TJ Thunder.

7) In a 3-way tag team elimination match to be the 1st NGW Tag Team Champions, The teams were Canadian Extreme, Hollywood Hunks and Kobra Kai Dojo.

1. Jace (Kobra Kai Dojo) was eliminated by “Custom Made” Marcus Ryan (Hollywood Hunks)
2. “Custom Made” Marcus Ryan (Hollywood Hunks) was eliminated by CK Sexx (Canadian Extreme)
3. “The Stunner” Sean Riker (Hollywood Hunks) was eliminated by Kobra Kai (Kobra Kai Dojo)
4. CK Sexx (Canadian Extreme) was eliminated by Kobra Kai (Kobra Kai Dojo)
5. Kobra Kai (Kobra Kai Dojo) was eliminated by Kryss Thorn (Canadian Extreme)

Kryss Thorn wins the match and Canadian Extreme are the NGW Tag Team Champions but on a side note, there were no tag team titles presented to them.


Friday September 23 2011
The Meaford Express, The Leeky Canoe and The Bull
MPW – Maximum Pro Wrestling
Meaford, Ontario
Meaford Curling Club
Attendence 125
Refs “Old School” Eddington James, Kerry Frasier
Results credit John L. Sullivan

-Show opened with Jessy Jones insulting the crowd.

-Andrew Davis def Jake O’Reilly with a Schoolboy Roll-up (15 mins)

-Anthony Darko w/O’Reilly def Scotty the Body. (15 mins) Post match saw the Piss Beaters beat down The Body

-Highlander Robbie vs El Tornado ended in a DQ when The Piss Beaters interfered again. Andrew Davis & Scotty The Body hit the ring and the challenge was made for a tag team match

-Courtney Rush def Garbriella Vanderpool w/Jessy Jones via Spear. (10 mins)

-Team Robbie: Highlander Robbie, Andrew Davis, Scotty the Body, & El Sombra def Team City: Jake City, RJ City, Tornado City, & Darko City (all men wore RJ’s tights) w/ Jessy Jones. (12 mins)

-Crazzy Steve def Michael Elgin via jumping DDT (15 mins)