Indy News #2: Recaps for APEX, SCW and PCW

Indy News Update #2 for September 30, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent these recaps in.

Saturday September 24 2011
Pro Wrestling A.P.E.X.
Casselman, Ontario
JR Brisson Complex
Attendance 78
Results credit: APEX RADIO

“Bonecrusher” Nelson World Debut!!!
The first contest of the night was a hard hitting affair with Derric Hamilton being awarded the victory after Bonecrusher refused to relinquish the arm submission after Hamilton had tapped out. Nelson brought a myriad of takedowns and submission holds mixed with, well, bone crushing strikes and chops. Hamilton was fighting for his life and did a decent job until the experience of Nelson took over. Nelson worked on the arm for the entire match finally causing Derric to succumb to the pain. He then took the Mic and disowned his family name and said the Vachons were a nothing. He then proclaimed he would make Derric respectable and dragged the semiconscious Hamilton to the back.

Cecil Nyx Open Contract Challenge
“The Afterparty” Cecil Nyx Open Challenge was answered by The “PET” of the Batiri, Kobald. In this action packed match Cecil Displayed a wide variety of rarely used suplexes and high flying maneuvers. Even after numerous shots of his “Lucha Juice” which turned out to be tequila, Kobald got the win with a Cradle Bridge suplex.

“The Steel Warrior” Yves Drouin vs. ? ? ? ? ?
“The Happiest Strongman in the World” Yves Drouin defeated his mystery opponent Frank “The Beast” Bradley with an amazing Gorilla Slam. Even after digging into his bag for every dirty trick imaginable, Frank eventually fell to the super human strength of Drouin.

As Yves was shaking hands and greeting fans after the match, the next match began. Payne “The Hellraiser” Made his way to the ring and zeroed right in on Yves. A confrontation ensued with Payne taking exception to his mask being called “Nice” They were separated by security and Payne went into the ring

Crimson X vs. Payne
Payne “The Hellraiser” , in what could only be described as a slaughter, demolished Crimson X. After three package piledrivers, Payne mercifully allowed Crimson X to be taken out of the ring. He then roughed up Mike Maniacal during an interview saying if he didn’t get Yves Drouin in the ring he would “Drop every fan on their heads”

Jena Mya vs. Jodi D’Milo
In the first ever Ladies match in A.P.E.X. history, “The Work Of Art” Jodi D’Milo defeated “The Sweetest Sin” Jena Mya in her Canadian Debut with a power bomb followed by an assist with her feet on the ropes. Mya had outwrestled her opponent for most of the match but Jodi’s Brawling saved the match for her. With an assist, as I said, from the ropes.

Jae Rukin vs. VSK
In what many are calling the runner up for match of the night, The Debuting VSK wrestled Ottawa Favorite Jae Rukin to a twenty minute draw. Both men were extremely evenly matched and were countering each others holds and moves almost every time. There was some confusion at the end of the match that threw both men off their game when the timekeeper dropped the hammer accidentally and rang the bell. By the time both men figured out what was going on they just started to get back into the match and the time limit had expired. With emotion and adrenaline getting the best of them, both men shoved back and forth and then began fighting again until cooler heads prevailed. Both men have requested a rematch. Their request is pending.

Tag Team Showdown
The Incredible Hunks vs. “The Dark Army” The Batiri
In the fan voted Match of the night, Deeno and Cheeky “The Incredible Hunks” defeated Obaryion and Kodama “The Batiri” after Kobald got tied up with the referee and Cheeky exploded the clipboard he had brought his “Petiton” of unsafe working environment on the head of the Batiri gaining the 3 and avoiding “Being Exterminated”.

Acclaim Pro Wrestling Inter-Provincial Title
(C) Tyler Logan Vs The Rush
In the Acclaim Pro Wrestling Inter Provincial Championship showcase match Tyler Logan with an already injured knee, retained his title, defeating The Rush in what had to be the hardest hitting match of the night with a roll up after Rush’s temper got the better of him and he continued arguing with the referee over what he thought should have been a three count. Rush dominated the match with straight up power and manhandled the champion until the experience of Logan allowed him to capitalize on it and gain the win.

C*4 Heavyweight Title Match
(C)Stupefied vs. Micheal Von Payton “MVP”
The main event for the C*4 Heavyweight Title was a barn burner for sure. “Player Dos” Stupefied defeated Michael Von Payton “MVP” Fans were shocked when they thought they had witnessed a title change until the referee noticed that the champion’s foot was on the ropes and restarted the match. This match went back and forth until Stup was able to get the Dragon Sleeper on MVP forcing him to tap out.


Sunday September 25 2011
SCW – Squared Circle Wrestling
Peterborough, Ontario
Ring Announcer: Arda Ocal
Referee: Lil’ Jimmy Draven

Preshow) Seleziya Sparx def. Jewells

1.) Brent Banks def. Ashley Sixx to advance in the Premier Championship Tournament

2.) Fist Pumpers def. Alex Vega & Mr. Saki following multiple tag team moves.

3.) Tyson Dux def. Josh Alexander in an intense hard hitting battle

4.) Gym Rats 2.0 def. The Empire by DQ when Seleziya Sparx interfered following a Double Piledriver. The Empire retain their Tag Team Championships due to the match ending in a DQ.

Following the match, The Empire beat their opponents down with the Tag Team Championships and a steal chain.

5.) Johnny Wave def. Shawn Daivari in a huge upset.

Afterwards, Kevin Steen attacked the hometown hero, Johnny Wave, and helped Shawn Diavari beat him down untill Michael Elgin made the save.

6.) Michael Elgin def. Kevin Steen to advance in the Premier Championship Tournament. Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin have tied their series of matches in SCW, 1-1.


Saturday September 24 2011
PWA – Pure Wrestling Association
BODYSLAMMING TORNADOES – Tornado Relief Fundraiser
Goderich, Ontario
Boston Pizza

September 24th, 2011 the Pure Wrestling Association held an hour and a half wrestling event at the Goderich Honda in Goderich, Ontario. This event was a benefit for the Tornado Relief Fund; set up by the United Way to help repair the town and the homes and businesses in it after it was hit by a F3 Tornado on August 21st. $1000 dollars and counting came thru the doors, and because of that the government and province will increase the amount three times to make the event worth $3000 to the Tornado Relief Fund for Goderich.

Ontario Title Tournament Match
Derek Platinum defeated Eddie Osbourne with a boston crab.
– The top rope snapped in this match sending Osbourne to the outside.

Joey Allen came out and talked about who he was and why he would be the new Ontario Champion today.

– The bottom rope became the top rope

Ontario Title Tournament Match
Joey Allen defeated Sabrina Kyle with a Liontamer.

Pure Violence Championship
“HardKore Hick” Jeff Black w/ Joey Hallam defeated Jessy Jones to become the Champion
– Jessy Jones and Joey both ended up thru tables in this match

Colin Douglas defeated Moondog Buddy

Ontario Championship
Joey Allen defeated Derek Platinum when he struck him in the face with the ring wrench while the referee was distracted trying to keep Derek back while Joey got back into the ring. Joey Allen is now a 3 time Ontario Champion.
– Derek Platinum had the fans singing the Canadian National Anthem a few minutes into the match. This sent Joey Allen into a freenzy and was definately a 1st in the PWA