Indy News Update #3 for September 30, 2011
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Javier Gonzalez sent this in.

CONTROVERSY IN PUERTO RICO ‘TRUE STORY NO FAKE’: IWA Tag Team Champions Dennis Rivera and Noel Rodriguez crowned WWC Tag Team Champions and took the titles of the company

“Owners of Malice” Dennis and Noel Rodriguez, participated on Saturday September 24th in the event of the WWC Black September, where they managed to beat the Fugitive Linx Niche and then champions of the World Council (WWC). Malicious wonthe game in the middle of the ring, once gave him the WWC beltsout quickly from the arena in Caguas.

Today Dennis and Noel are the world champions a couple of theIWA. The management of the WWC claim they stole the headlines, but the couple (Dennis and Noel) indicates that they were won in the same half of the ring.

The champions say that if you have to go to all the companies where there are abuses on the part of management to the fighterswill do so. They also commented that the promoters of IWA andWWC have to join and leave the egos and glory aside to work and bring a better product to the fans who pay a ticket every week. The first person to get to the WWC television it was Savio Vega, and later the WWC wrestlers invaded in the event of the IWA SummerAttitude, but after all was these movements dots. All this movementare doing to bring the fans the much anticipated clash betweencompanies.

Will there be a clash of companies do after this?


The time when crowned WWC Tag Team champions and take the titles

Exclusive interview with Dennis and Noel Rodriguez which explains why the did

Steven Ashe sent this in.

Saturday September 24 2011
Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation
Squared Circle Wrestling
2011 TigerFest
Brampton, Ontario
Chinguacousy Park
Results credit: Mark Forbrent for

– Alex Vega, Preston Myles & Abraham Action Jackson def Robbie McAllister, Boris Brezhenv & Tomer Shalom when Vega hit a top rope crossbody on Shalom

– Kiyoshi def Brent B after using the mist behind the ref’s back.

– Seleziya Sparx def Gabriella Vanderpool with a Spear

– Mohammed Hassan (Farhan Faruqui) vs. Tyson Dux – result unknown

– SCW Tag Team Championship:
Bushwacker Luke & Tatanka def The Empire (Sebastian Suave & Marcus Marquez) using a Samoan Drop + Battering Ram combo to Marquez to win the Tag Titles however, it didn’t stop there…
Immediately following the match, The Empire disputed the legality of the title change, citing the original contract was for a non-title match and this defense wasn’t sanctioned by SCW management and therefore not a legal title switch. An impartial adjudicator agreed and gave the victory (and winner’s purse) to Tatanka & Luke but returned the titles to The Empire.

– Tiger Ali Singh & Shawn Davairi def Kane & Darkko w/ ???

Joe Dombrowski sent this in.

PWO: Uncensored Footage of Matt Cross/Jason Bane Confrontation

After what many called an unfair and disappointing tenure on the “Tough Enough” reality series, Matt Cross returned home to PWO Wrestling with something to prove to every critic, cynic, and viewer who judged Matt solely on how he was portrayed on the program.

Matt achieved step one of this goal when he pinned Johnny Gargano, a goal he had attempted for two years, in the “Full Circle Three Way Dance” at the PWO Wrestlelution 4 iPPV.

Matt was not about to stop there, as he next set his sights on the PWO Title, currently worn by PWO’s “Most Dominant Man” Jason Bane. However, when Cross made the official challenge, he was met with more questions and more criticism.

This footage is uncensored. Viewer discretion is advised.

Watch this heated exchange right here –


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