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SHIMMER Vol. 41 & 42 DVD Taping Results 10/1/2011 Berwyn, IL by Jason Namako

Here are the results from the 1st set of SHIMMER Tapings today from Berwyn, IL, according to Steven from www.diva-dirt.com, who was live at the tapings that will be on Volumes 41-42 for future DVD release.

Vol. 41

Match Number One: Nikki Roxx defeated Kellie Skater by pinfall with a rollup.

Video is shown of Kana arriving to the building. When Sara Del Rey tries to shake her hand, Kana blows her off.

Match Number Two: Mercedes Martinez defeated Davina Rose by pinfall with the Fisherman’s Buster.

Video is shown of Neveah turning heel at the AAW show last night.

Match Number Three: Hailey Hatred defeated Kalamity by pinfall with a Running Powerbomb. After the match, the two embrace, only to be attacked and laid out by Mena Libra & Melanie Cruise.

Another video is shown of Kana, this time in the Eagles Club. Cheerleader Melissa tries to introduce herself, but like Del Rey, Kana blows her off.

Match Number Four: Sara Del Rey defeated Yumi Ohka by pinfall with the Royal Butterfly.

Amber Gertner introduces in a surprise return, former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion & TNA Knockouts Champion Ashley Lane aka Madison Rayne, in her 1st SHIMMER apperance in over 2 years. Lane says she has a problem with the actions of Neveah from the night before. Neveah then comes out and says that Lane turned her back on SHIMMER to go to TNA and that she was always the better wrestler of their tag team. Before a fight break out, referees and security come in and seperate the two.

Match Number Five: Kana defeated Mia Yim by submission with a variation of a rear naked choke.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor Dan Murphy presents SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles with a plaque for Eagles’s #1 placing in the 2011 PWI Female 50. Madison announces that she will be facing Serena in the main event. Serena comes out and congratulates Eagles, but tells her to focus on their match tonight. Serena says she was been through a lot, but has never lost her desire to win the SHIMMER title, and promises to win the title tonight.

SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa come out and say that they will be taking the night off because they have nothing to prove. Referee Bryce Remsburg comes out and says the champs do have to defend their titles tonight. Hamada & Kurihara come out to begin this title match, even though Haze & Nakagawa are not dressed to wrestle.

Match Number Six for the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles: Ayako Hamada & Ayumi Kurihara defeated Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa(c) by pinfall to win the titles after Kurihara pinned Nakagawa after 2 exploder suplexes.

Match Number Seven: Neveah defeated Ashley Lane aka Madison Rayne by pinfall after a German Suplex. After the match, Sassy Stephanie comes out to celebrate the win with Neveah.
Daizee Haze comes out and goes on a tirade about losing the titles and quits SHIMMER.

Match Number Eight: Cheerleader Melissa defeated Britani Knight by pinfall with the Air Raid Crash. After the match, Saraya Knight comes out and yells at Britani for losing and chases her to the back.

Match Number Nine: Portia Perez defeated Jessie McKay by pinfall after distracting the referee by bringing a steel chair into the ring, and then hitting McKay with a chain wrapped right hand. After the match, Portia cuts a promo saying she hopes that Serena wins the title so she can get the 1st title shot and beat Serena for it.

Match Number Ten in a “British Rounds” Match: Saraya Knight w/Britani Knight defeated Allison Danger w/Leva Bates 2 falls to 1 after 4 rounds. Britani says that Rebecca Knox is not here tonight because she broke a nail after being attacked by Danger. Danger comes out and challenges Saraya to said “British Rounds” match. Danger won the 1st round with a rollup. No winner in the 2nd round. Saraya wins the 3rd round by using the ropes and also wins the 4th and final round to win the match.

Match Number Eleven: Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Nicole Matthews by pinfall.

Main Event for the SHIMMER Title: Madison Eagles(c) defeated Serena Deeb by pinfall to retain the title with the Hellbound(Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker).


Vol. 42

Video is shown of Sara Del Rey, who says that she will defeat Kana like a rookie and she will rule the day she ignored the “Queen of Wrestling”.

Match Number One: Mercedes Martinez defeated Leva Bates, who was dressed as Cyclops from X-Men, by pinfall with the Fisherman’s Buster.

Match Number Two: Mena Libra & Melanie Cruise defetaed Hailey Hatred & Kalamity by pinfall when Libra pinned Kalamity with a bridging Samoan Drop.

Match Number Three in a 4 Corner Survival: Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Kellie Skater, Lufisto & MsChif by pinfall after pinning MsChif.

Match Number Four: Yumi Ohka defeated Courtney Rush by pinfall after a sit-out tree slam.

Match Number Five: Portia Perez defeated Davina Rose by submission with a Crossface. Before the match began, Portia calls out Serena to watch her protege lose to her, and Serena comes out to cheer on Davina from ringside. After the match, Portia refuses to release the hold and Serena comes in to make the save, but then Nicole Matthews runs in to help Portia. Serena then challenges Matthews to a match later in the night, which Matthews accepts.

Match Number Six: Neveah & Sassy Stephanie defeated Ariel & Nikki Roxx by pinfall.

Match Number Seven: Cheerleader Melissa defeated Christina Von Eerie by pinfall with the Kudo Driver.

Match Number Eight in a Triple Threat Match: Athena defeated Mia Yim & Jessie McKay by pinfall after she pinned Yim with the O-Face.

Match Number Nine: Nicole Matthews defeated Serena Deeb by pinfall with the Roll of the Dice after Portia Perez distracts Serena. After the match, Davina Rose comes out to check on Serena and then a fight breaks out between all 4 women, which brings security and officials to break all 4 up. Serena then challenges Portia to a No Holds Barred match for Vol. 43, which will be taped tomorrow.

Match Number Ten for the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles: Ayako Hamada & Ayumi Kurihara(c) defeated The Knight Dynasty(Britani & Saraya) by pinfall to retain the titles when Hamada pinned Britani. After the match, Saraya once again yells at Britani for the loss and tells her that it better not happen again or she won’t be wanted by “them”.
Match Number Eleven: Kana defeated Sara Del Rey by submission.

Main Event for the SHIMMER Title: Madison Eagles(c) defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto by pinfall to the retain the title with the Hellbound.