Indy News Update #3 for October 4, 2011
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Rock-n-Roll Express: Do it to me one more time?

Ricky Morton has seen it before. Kevin Nash comes in, immediately becomes the main-event guy and sucks all the air out of the company.

“Kevin Nash, you know the history between me and you. And what is all that about? You coming in someplace, invading it, taking all the money, shutting the place down and running off to somewhere else,” said Morton, whose long-running beef with Nash dates back to their days in WCW.

From Morton’s perspective, his tenure in WCW came to an end because of Nash and his New World Order faction taking over the top spot from WCW long-timers like The Rock-n-Roll Express.
That’s what he and Robert Gibson are fighting for at the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view on Oct. 15.

“You see, buddy, right here, we stand for the AWE. And one thing I’m not going to let you do is do it to me one more time,” Morton said.


Jamin: Call me, Kevin Nash

Jamin Olivencia
OK, it’s a bit of a stretch, but …

“The biggest player in the game will be there,” said Jamin Olivencia, appearing to get off the phone with Kevin Nash.

Nash, of course, is looking for a partner for the main event of the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view on Oct. 15.

Right now, the identity of the partner who will team with Nash against The Rock-n-Roll Express is a mystery.

Mystery solved?


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