Bradley Grover sent this in:

Big Time Wrestling TV
Taped: Various nights in 2009
Aired December 25/26, 2009 on WZMY-TV(MyTV New England)
Hosts:Steve Sparta and A.J. Mitrano
Ring announcers:Steve Sparta, Mel Simons and name unknown
Announcers:Major Devereaux, Steve Sparta and A.J. Mitrano
Referees:Holyoke Joe, Joe B., Sal Gilliberto and Ric Flair

-As announced last week, tonight’s show is the 2009 BTW year in review.
-We start with a look back at the BTW heavyweight title situation from earlier this year involving Justin Credible and “Hurricane” John Walters, ending with Ric Flair counting Credible’s pin on Walters in a March title match after Holyoke Joe and Sal Gilliberto were accidentally knocked out.
-We then go to May 2009 with the end of the 2-out-of-3 falls match between Total Eclipse and the French Connection with Total Eclipse winning the BTW tag team titles in the 3rd fall, followed by last month’s French Connection loss to the DelFonzo Brothers in the tag team gauntlet which resulted in the attack on Roberto Rush by Antoine Roy and Loird Wendell Weatherbee.
-Ads(Ticket Dugout, BTW fundraising, Pro Fitness Plus, BYW in Webster, MA on Jan. 2, 2009, East Shore Athletic Club)
-Next up is a clip from Piper’s Pit in Quincy, MA
-We then see the saga of former BTW wrestler Malice, from his firing after a loss to Rick Fuller in May to being exposed as Lonestar after pinning Walters last month, resulting in the decision in the match being reversed.
-Ads(Sky Lounge and Bistro, East Shore Athletic Club, Ticket Dugout, Superstar Pro Wrestling School, BTW in Webster)
-BTW stars tell what they want for Christmas.
-As they close the show, Mitrano gives Spart an autographed picture of himself and Sparta gives Mitrano a box of dry pasta.

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