Ring of Honor on HDNet Recap
March 15, 2010
The Arena in Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of WrestleView.com

**ANNOUNCEMENT: ROH ON HDNET WILL NOT BE SHOWN FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS! HDNet will be broadcasting games for the College Basketball Invitational in its place (the third-tier postseason tournament in college basketball). So it looks like I will be taking a two week vacation. The next ROH show I will recap is after the Big Bang on April 5th, so I will provide some predictions later**

Readers? your patience are rewarded once again! You are now entering the most ?Googled? ROH recap on the World Wide Web (and many thanks to all of you for reading). Now, let’s get back to ?The only hour of the week dedicated to professional wrestling?. This is Ring of Honor on HDNet!

We start the show with clips from Jim Cornette’s announcement from last week. Cornette announced that at The Big Bang on April 3, 2010 in Charlotte it will be Tyler Black defending the ROH World Title against Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. I won?t go into too much detail, but Strong was not overly happy with that decision.

Kidd Russell, your theme is playing! It’s the ROCK REMIX! Check it out on YouTube, it is enjoyable.

Tonight, the viewers are treated to TWO ROH Television Championship Tournament matches. Colt Cabana will battle Eddie Edwards to start the show. The main event will be Davey Richards vs. Delirious.

Bobby Cruise (known as ?The Voice of ROH?) intros us to the tournament matches! Rayna is next to Cruise holding up the ROH TV Title in an awful looking blue dress (I think it was some guy spray painted her dress before the show).

Let’s embark in some honorable wrestling, shall we.

ROH TV Title Tournament (First Round)

Match #1: Colt ?Boom Boom? Cabana (Seeded 3rd) vs. Eddie Edwards (Seeded 6th) (w/Shane Hagadorn)

Shane Hagadorn is out wearing in a sleeveless sweater vest. Now I am not known for fashion, but someone put some sleeves on that guy.

Edwards got a streamer. Cabana got a stream as well. Cabana toyed around with the lady with the spray-painted blue dress. And the Code of Honor was administered.

Both men started to circle around each other to begin the contest. Cabana blocked an attack and then took Edwards down from the wrist. Edwards broke the hold with a boot and a couple of punches. Edwards then used elbow strikes to take down Cabana. Edwards then attacked Cabana with punches at the corner. Edwards then ran off the ropes into a shoulder tackle by Cabana. Cabana then went off the ropes and when he saw Edwards lie down, Cabana rolled up Edwards to a two count by the referee. Cabana then applied a headlock on Edwards. Edwards broke the hold after a few seconds, and elbowed Cabana on the mat. Edwards then went off the ropes and kicked Cabana hard while he was in the seated position. Edwards then kicked Cabana twice more and then headbutted his opponent. Cabana finally blocked additional offense, and then hit Edwards with the back body drop.

Colt then lost focus and ran out of the ring to meet an uninvited Steve Corino. Corino is at the entrance ramp. Cabana then ran back into the ring and hit some pretty hard punches on Edwards. Cabana then used a head scissor takedown on Edwards. Cabana then went out of the ring once again and asked if Corino wanted to fight. Corino walked away. Edwards tried to attack from behind, but Colt brought the action back into the ring.

Cabana then executed a roll-up sunset flip, but Edwards broke out of it instantly and kicked Cabana a few times to the left leg. Edwards then hit the leg screw on Cabana. After Edwards put Cabana in a submission hold addressed at the leg, Cabana broke the hold as went to a corner. Cabana then delivered a few punches and boots at the corner. Edwards attempted offense, but Cabana countered the offense with a kick to the head and executed a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Colt then used a submission hold that I called an Inverted Clutch. Edwards broke the hold, but Cabana rolled up Edwards with his legs for a two count by the ref in charge. Cabana then booted Edwards, and then failed to hit the Colt .45. Edwards escaped the Colt .45 with an Enzugiri. Edwards then double stomped Cabana’s back to the corner, then covered Cabana only to get a count of two by the referee.

Edwards continued to stomp on Cabana. Edwards then applied the clutch hold, only for Cabana to break the hold. Edwards quickly attacked Cabana thanks in part to an elbow from the top rope. Edwards covered, but once again Cabana kicked out at two. Edwards once again double stomped the back of Cabana. Edwards then worked on the back of Cabana for a while. Edwards then picked up Cabana and hit the Backbreaker. Edwards then applied the abdominal stretch and wore down the mid-area of Cabana. Cabana managed to escape the hold with a hip toss. Edwards quickly got his momentum back with a clothesline to Cabana. Edwards covered Cabana, but Cabana kicked out at two.

Edwards then followed the cover up with a bear hug. Cabana tried to grab the ropes, but was kept grounded by Edwards. Cabana’s shoulders were down for a couple seconds after that. The referee asked if Cabana wanted to give up. Cabana shouted NO! Cabana then applied a headlock and used palm strikes to break the hold. Cabana then took down Edwards with punches, elbows, and a running clothesline. Cabana then continued the basic, yet effective offense once again. After Cabana delivered some chops, Edwards gave Cabana a boot to get some space around the ring. Edwards then went off the ropes, but was met with The Flying A$$hole (that is truly what it is called) by Cabana! Edwards was then thrown to a corner and delivered The Flying A$$hole on the corner. Then Cabana ran out of the ring once more and chased Corino. Corino then ran into the ring with Cabana following him. Edwards quickly grabbed onto Cabana’s leg and?

Finish: Eddie Edwards applied his finishing submission hold that is simply known as the Half-Crab. Colt Cabana quickly tapped out of the hold and Edwards will go on to the Semifinals of the TV Title Tournament.

Winner by Submission: Eddie Edwards
Grade: B-

The viewers then saw some clips from December’s Final Battle. The Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero) returned after a three year hiatus and attacked the Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions The Briscoe Brothers. So, at ROH’s Big Bang, it will be The Briscoes vs. The Kings of Wrestling for the ROH Tag Team Titles.

Kyle Durden was backstage with Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe. Durden asked about their opponents for Big Bang in this segment. Mark and Jay talked about how they beat The Kings before. Jay said that ?the more further south you are the more @ss-kicking there will be? and called Castagnoli a bald son of a b!tch. The Briscoes then called Hero a ?goofy son of a b!tch?! Jay then screamed ?Man Up? and both men left the area. Durden had that ?what are they talking about? look. I had the same.

We then cut to the studio where Mike Hogewood said that the match will be special. Dave Prazak talked about the ROH World Title Match at Big Bang. Hogewood did his best impression of Captain Obvious and said that Roderick Strong is not happy about it.

We then saw a taped promo by Roderick Strong. Strong wanted to get what was his and is sick of being cheated. He said that both Austin Aries and Tyler Black used him. Strong said that Black was a lot like him, but Black always second guessed himself. Strong said that Black lied to him and called him ?worse than Aries?. Strong concluded by saying that he will leave the ring after Big Bang and claims what is rightfully his. That is the ROH World Title.

Jim Cornette is now in the middle of the ROH ring. Cornette wanted the fans to welcome his newest member on the ROH roster. Cornette said that he was banned from a major wrestling promotion recently and got out of a long-term deal with a wrestling promotion (which was TNA). Cornette welcomed?SHAWN DAIVARI!!

Daivari entered the ring in his stereotyped gimmick from WWE and TNA. Cornette asked Daivari his goals in Ring of Honor. Daivari introduced himself and then excused himself. He then chucked his previous in-ring attire from his upper body and head. Chants of ?USA? then were shouted in The Arena. Cornette then told Daivari that the fans have the right to express themselves. Daivari told the cameraman to get a shot at his face. Daivari said that he was not a Shiek nor a terrorist. Daivari said that he ?is a professional wrestler?. The reason that he left the other promotion (TNA, but was not spoken in the promo) was because he had the money in his account. Daivari said that he had the money because he earned it thanks in part to ten years as a wrestler and five of them on primetime television. Daivari said that he never missed a show and made a living. Daivari said the reason was because he was the best in wrestling. He then ripped on the crowd and said that they probably get welfare checks, which generated some serious heat. Daivari said that he would never take a bailout from the United States because he was more American than anyone in the crowd and watching at home! Daivari then introduced himself again and the crowd chanted ?USA? once again. Cornette told Daivari to be his own man. Daivari said that he was going to be himself and no one would stop him. With that Daivari walked back to the entrance ramp and into the locker room. In my views, that was a great promo!

Later: Davey Richards vs. Delirious.

Big Bang: Strong vs. Aries vs. Black for the ROH World Title

We then watched a taped promo by Austin Aries. Aries said he was not the strongest out of his opponents, but he will be the smartest in that ring. Aries said that Black and Strong have animosity. Aries also said that Strong had a strong history. Aries knows that no one would like him, but said that anything can happen in the ring. Aries said at the end of the night, the people will say that Aries is going to be the ROH World Champion for the third time!

Another Big Bang Promo

No Intros on the wrestlers mean a bad match. I thought so, but I was wrong here. Let’s go to this match that I typed a few words about.

Match #2: Kyle O?Reily vs. Tony Kozina

No ring introduction for these two wrestlers. The Code of Honor was administered.

O?Reily began the match with a hold. Kozina then applied a headlock. O?Reily followed suit. O?Reily then took down Kozina and covered for a one count. O?Reily then kicked Kozina. Then both men escaped kicks from the other. Both men then faced off for a second.

Both wrestlers then did a Greco-Roman knucklelock. Kozina then applied a headlock. The hold was broken, and then Kozina hit the shoulder tackle on O?Reily. O?Reily responded with a sloppy heel kick, and then followed it up with a Spinning Butterfly DDT. O?Reily covered Kozina, but Kozina kicked out at two. O?Reily ran a bit, but Kozina got him face first on the turnbuckle. Kozina then drilled O?Reily in the stomach with his shoulder. Kozina then set up and hit the front suplex from the top rope. Kozina then hit a nice dropkick on O?Reily while O?Reily was on the ropes. Kozina covered O?Reily, but O?Reily kicked out at two. Kozina then set up O?Reily to the corner and delivered a chop. Kozina then whipped O?Reily off the corner and then snapped his neck off the top rope.

Then Kozina continued the offense and hit a perfect head scissors takedown that sent O?Reily over the top rope! It was perfect! Kozina then walked around smiling at his recent offense. Kozina then hit the crossbody with O?Reily was back in the ring, but O?Reily rolled Kozina over and scored a two count from the referee in charge. O?Reily then used the European Uppercut on Kozina and followed it up with a kick. Kozina went off the ropes and O?Reily continued to kick him. O?Reily then caught Kozina with a dropkick to the back. O?Reily covered Kozina, but Kozina kicked out at two.

O?Reily then hit a running forearm off the corner. Kozina countered O?Reily’s next move with a punch. O?Reily then punched and booted Kozina, but Kozina did not go down. O?Reily was about to set up something else, but Kozina did a face flop right at the middle of the ring! O?Reily then covered Kozina for a two count. Kozina then escaped and regained momentum as he drilled O?Reily in the stomach. Kozina then delivered an impressive Springboard Bulldog. Kozina then hit a Rolling Snap Mare on O?Reily and covered him for a two count. O?Reily then kicked Kozina. O?Reily then did a running forearm and dropkick combination at the corner. O?Reily then prepared to do a Tornado DT, but?

Finish: Tony Kozina rolled up Kyle O?Reily for the 1??2??WAIT! Kyle O?Reily rolled on Tony Kozina and got the Three Count! O?Reily got his first victory on HDNet!

Winner by pinfall: Kyle O?Reily
Grade: C+ (leaned toward a B-)

Ugh, another Big Bang Main Event Promo. Yawn as I type this at 1:20AM on a Sunday early morning.

The viewers then heard Tyler Black’s take on his upcoming title defense at Big Bang. Black said that weaknesses would be a difficult subject. He said that Austin Aries and Roderick Strong are intense, but Strong totally lost his mind. Black admitted that he and Aries do not see eye-to-eye since Aries lost the ROH World Title. Black said that he trusted Strong and he did his best to have a one-on-one title match with him. Black said that at Big Bang it will be his first successful ROH World Title defense. Black said this will be a start of a long title reign.


ROH TV Title Tournament (1st Round)

Match #3: Davey Richards (Seeded 4th) (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. Delirious (Seeded 5th)(w/Daizee Haze)

Richards was welcomed with streamers. Delirious was welcomed with streamers as well. However, Delirious found a green streamer and started to eat it. The Code of Honor was NOT administered.

The bell rung and as always Delirious went off and started to scream in the face of Richards.

Richards began the contest with a waistlock hold on Delirious. Delirious then reversed the lock into a headlock. Richards then applied the body scissors hold. Delirious got out of the hold and now both men are circling around the ring. Richard then twisted Delirious? arm, then executed a snap mare and turned it into a chinlock. Delirious broke the hold. Delirious then held the arm of Richards. Richards then broke the hold and both men are at different corners. Good back and forth action so far.

Both wrestlers then did a collar-to-elbow tie-up. Delirious gained the advantage with a headlock. Delirious then dropped Richards overhead and followed that up with three back sentons (a couple of them were not crisp). Richards is now at the corner. Delirious then rammed his shoulder into Richards’s stomach. Both men then exchanged forearm shots, but Delirious responded first with a headlock. Richards pushed him off and missed a kick. Delirious rolled up Richards and covered for a two count.

Richards quickly got back up and did the arm/leg lock on Delirious. Richards then locked the arm in another submission hold, but Delirious barely got his foot on the rope and the hold was broken. Richards continued to attack the shoulder of Delirious with elbow strikes. Richard the set up and executed a hammerlock back suplex and covered Delirious. After a kickout at 2, the match continued. Richards continued the momentum, with more attacks to Delirious? left shoulder. Delirious then broke another hold by Richards, but it did not help that right after the break Richards used a wheel kick to stun Delirious. Richards then hit a quick snap suplex and followed it up with a solid missile dropkick to Delirious. Richards went around taunting the crowd a good bit, and then covered Delirious. Still, Delirious kicked out at two.

Richards then applied the armbar on Delirious? shoulder. Richards then broke the hold and stomped on Delirious? injured body part. Delirious then hang onto the ropes. Richards then used leg strikes on the shoulder and covered Delirious once again for a two count. Richards then addressed that injured arm again with a very painful knucklelock. Delirious then broke that hold and both men exchanged punches. Richards then hit a heel kick, but Delirious recovered quickly and punched Richards off the ropes (while selling the injured arm may I add).

Delirious then set up and destroyed Richards with a Panic Attack, which send Richards outside. Delirious tried to attack from outside the ring, but Richards effectively ran back into the ring. Richards then went off the ropes, but Delirious countered it with a forearm. Delirious then dumped Richards over the ropes. Delirious then went to the top buckle and delivered a perfectly good Suicide Flip Dive! Delirious wanted Richards to get up and now they are back in the ring. Delirious went up top again and hit a leaping lariat. Delirious then covered Richards, but Richards kicked out at two.

Both men are back up on their feet and exchanged punches once more. Davey then ran to the ropes to set up a Handspring Enzugiri, but Delirious countered the move with a headbutt to the chest of Richards mid-move. Delirious then set up and hit a Spinning Neckbreaker (to mainstream fans more like Cody Rhodes ?Cross Rhodes? finisher). Delirious covered, but Richards kicked out at two. Shane Hagadorn was finally coaching Richards a bit (it’s about time he did something). Delirious was about to apply the Cobra Stretch, but Richards broke the hold when he drilled Delirious to the corner. Richard then came running at Delirious, but was met with a boot. Richards then grabbed Delirious by the leg and hit a leg strike to the chest of Delirious. Richards then applied a waistlock, but Delirious broke the hold. Delirious then went off the top ropes, but Richards hit Delirious with a series of kicks.

Richards then held the waist again. Delirious got elbows in to break the hold, but Richards then executed a Bridging Cradle Suplex with a Bridge Pin, but Delirious kicked out at two once again. Richards then applied another hold, this time a body scissors/hammerlock hold. Delirious broke the hold by getting a hold of the ropes. Richards then used a couple of leg strikes, but after an attempted third strike Delirious grabbed hold of Richards? leg and slapped him around. Richards then kicked Delirious, but Delirious met Richards with a clothesline. Delirious then tried to hit the Bizarro Driver, but instead settled for Chemical Imbalance. Delirious then covered Richards, but Richards kicked out at two.

Delirious then went to the top, but Richards caught him up top and both brawl at the top turnbuckle. Delirious dropped Richards with three headbutts, but Richards got right back up and hit the Alarm Clock as Delirious was in the air. Richards now was running like a mad man. With Delirious at the corner, Richards hit a running forearm and followed that up with running double knees at the corner. Richards then executed the High-and-Tight Back Suplex and covered. After Delirious kicked out at two, Delirious caught a hold of an unexpected Richards and applied the Cobra Stretch. Richards rolled over Delirious and the ref saw Delirious? shoulders down. Still, Delirious got his shoulder up at two.

Delirious then broke the hold and ran at Richards, but instead ran into the corner ring post! Richards then hit another Missile Dropkick and then hit the Tombstone Piledriver. Richards then applied the Kimura (his signature hold) on Delirious. Delirious rolled over and got a cover. The ref counted two when Richards got his shoulder up, but then this happened?

Finish: Davey Richards held onto the Kimura and kept it locked. Delirious tapped out when Davey Richards applied more pressure to the tender shoulder area. Richards moves on to battle Kenny King at a later date.

Winner by Submission: Davey Richards
Grade: B

After the match, Daizee Haze looked over Delirious and made sure he was alright. Richards smiled as he looked at the ROH Television Title.

The viewers then saw some video packages to end the show. First there was a Big Bang Promo. Then there was the video promo from Black, Aries, and Strong right before the 8th Anniversary show. Following those clips was Tyler Black’s epic victory over Austin Aries to become the ROH World Champion for the first time.

Following that was the post-match segments. Black was celebrating his victory when all of the sudden Cornette snapped at Black. Aries was discouraged, but said he needed only one rematch. Strong was yelling at ROH President Cary Silkin. Then another video package was aired from last week when Cornette announced the main event for Big Bang. Then there was the highlights from Strong vs. Black from weeks? past. After the match, Strong argued with Black.

To end the show, the viewers saw a replay of the video promos of Black, Strong, and Aries that I mentioned before.

Quick Results

#6 Eddie Edwards defeated #3 Colt Cabana by submission to advance in the ROH TV Title Tournament
Kyle O?Reily defeated Tony Kozina by pinfall.
#4 Davey Richards defeated #5 Delirious by submission to advance in the ROH TV Title Tournament

Mike Hogewood’s Porpoise was safe. I guess Sara McLaughlin complained about slapping imaginary whales. No slapping the poor porpoise tonight.

Overall Thoughts

I understand that the Ring of Honor was promoting their show on April 4th, but I thought it was way too excessive because they really only focused on three guys fighting for the ROH World Title. I mean, I read the card and it looks pretty solid for it being six matches. Yet, it is all about Tyler Black, Roderick Strong, and Austin Aries.

Then I looked at Ring of Honor’s website and it totally made sense as to why they did this. HDNet pre-empted ROH on HDNet for the next two weeks and ROH did their best to promote their show, but I thought it just really too much of the same thing.

So, let’s get to the show. I found it to be kind of average for some reason. The show did not transition well, even though the matches were better than last week’s and the promos were a bit better. Too much buildup for Big Bang will lower this overall grade.

Shawn Daivari, you made a great choice joining Ring of Honor. I think they will utilize you to your best and it will be fantastic. I am glad they got rid of his previous gimmicks quickly. He cut a great Independent American gimmick and made a great case by works and not actions. Daivari, welcome to ROH! I can?t wait until I recap your matches on here.

As for the matches, I expected Davey Richards to come up on top here. Now, I don?t know if he will win the TV Title or not. However, he was not bad in his showing against Delirious. I really was impressed with the pace of the match. It looked like it was an even-paced battle until Richards made Delirious top out. For once, Richards told a story in the ring and was not too spotty. Overall, I enjoyed the main event.

I was real surprised that Colt Cabana did not win this match. However, given the fact that Corino and Steen are against him I should not be too surprised. I was happy to see that this match stayed in the ring. It suited both their styles well and it was a good opening match. It told a story in the right and out, so I can?t complain about that one.

Kudos to ROH for giving us an impressive light heavyweight match between two relatively unknowns. Kyle O?Reily appeared once I believe in a losing effort to Chris Hero. Tony Kozina was a goofy jobber. Tonight, both men proved to a television audience that they are more than just enhancement talent. This was the biggest surprise match in 2010 as I thought it was very entertaining because the result was going to be unpredictable no matter who won. I read that Kozina trained a lot of wrestlers, and I can see why. Kozina’s offense is controlled. His pace was smooth. The only thing against him is size, and that is a shame. O?Reily was spotty, but again it was not obvious. He needs a bit more work, but he could be a mid-card face on this roster. Anywhere else, he may not get that chance yet.

The Briscoes had a promo as well. They are great wrestlers, but someone needs to be a speech coach to them. Gold Star to anyone who comprehended what the Briscoes said in that promo.

The rest of the show was highlights of the main event. I would have been fine if it was a couple here and there. But it took up way too much TV time for my liking.

So, overall I thought the matches were good, but not great. All told a story and that is what I look for in wrestling. Daivari cut a GREAT promo in which I could say was one of the best of the year so far. It was a good show, but not clearly as good in a constructed format like last week.

Overall Grade: B-

Mister V’s Pick Three of the Night

Wrestler of the Night: Davey Richards

Richards was not in his usual ?kamikaze? mode. He sold his offense and actually told a great story in the ring with his facial reactions. I credit Delirious for a lot of this because usually wrestlers that face Richards wants to take it everywhere. Richards showed to me at least that he can handle wrestling in the ring and at times sell the offense.

Disappointment of the Night: The attire of Hagadorn and Rayna.

Shane Hagadorn should not show his arms?ever! As for Rayna. I find her to be a beautiful woman, but what was she thinking wearing that dress? It looked asked fans to spray paint it. Had it been a solid blue, I would be fine with it.

Surprise of the Night: (tie) Shawn Daivari and O?Reily vs. Kozina.

I knew Daivari can wrestle well, as well as talk. Now he has a fresh start in ROH and cut a promo that he is an American and not the gimmicks that he played in WWE and TNA. I think those gimmicks may have hindered him. Now he is playing a rich American. Hmm?.could this be a spot on some faction known as The Embassy?

O?Reily and Kozina surprised me because I did not expect anything to happen here. I thought it was going to be quick, but was surprised it went over seven minutes. I don?t need to explain why I was surprised about this anymore, as I overall found it refreshing that you don?t need star power to put on a good match.

Well, that does it for me tonight. I wish you all a pleasant week and I thank you for reading this recap. Take care everyone!!
Picks for Ring of Honor’s Big Bang
There are going to be matches that I know the wrestlers and ones that I am not too sure on, but I will give you my best take on each of them.

Currently, only six matches are booked (I expect more, but I will only pick from this).

Credit: ROHWrestling.com

ROH World Title Triple Threat Match
Tyler Black defends vs. Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong

Pick: BLACK. I still don?t think that Black should be the face of a company, but I think he will come out on top here. Aries and Strong are the better workers, but I think ROH is not done with Black’s reign. I expect that the next ROH Champion right now will be Davey Richards.

World Tag Team Title Match
Jay & Mark Briscoe (if still champions) defend vs. The Kings of Wrestling with Shane Hagadorn

Pick: BRISCOES. I don?t see Jay and Mark losing these belts anytime soon. I would not be surprised if The Kings win this one, but I am still going with the Briscoes to overcome the odds and get the victory.

Pick 6 Series Match
(5) Kenny King vs. Davey Richards

Pick. RICHARDS. I am a huge fan of Kenny King, but Richards signed an exclusive deal with ROH a few months ago in which he was promised (rumor of course) a title run. This will be a good match if King is consistent. However, Richards will defeat Aries? prot?g? and claim a spot in the Pick 6 Contenders? List.

Grudge Tag Team Match
Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana

Pick: STEEN and CORINO. This will be a great revenge match for all of them. They have built up this since December and hopefully this will be a fight. I think Steen will pin Generico after Corino does some cheap shots on both of their opponents.

Lucha Super Estrella
Blue Demon Jr. & Misterioso vs. Super Parka & Solar

Pick: BLUE DEMON JR. AND MISTERIOSO. Blue Demon, Jr. recently lost his NWA World Heavyweight Championship to ROH Booker Adam Pearce. I say that Pearce throws him a bone and gives his nemesis a victory in what could be a solid performance.

Lucha Estrellas
Cassandro el Exotico vs. Magno

Pick: MAGNO. I am not really familiar with them so I went with a name that was close to ?Mango?.

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Thanks for reading and I will be back with another ?From the Desk of Mr. V? on Thursday.
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