Indy News Update #4 for October 12, 2011
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Smart Mark Video sent this in.

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for October 12, 2011



3XWrestling is the promotion of the month for October. All titles are offered this month for just $11.25 which is 25% off the regular price. Check out 3XWrestling and support indy wrestling. Visit their website at


IWA-MS DVD September 16 & 17, 2011 “2011 King of the Death Matches” -Bellevue, IL $30.00
Night 1:
1. BJ Whitmer vs. Bucky Collins
2. Fans Bring The Thumbtack Weapons: Pinkie Sanchez vs. Jimmy Feltcher
3. Home Run Derby: FreakShow vs. Joey Grunge
4. Pop My Cherry: Simon Sezz vs. Damian Payne
5. Caribbean Spider Web Glass Match: Mason Cutter vs. Devin Cutter
6. TLC 4 Corners Of Pain: Rory Mondo vs. Reed Bentley
7. Hardcore Aerial Assualt: Devon Moore vs. Markus Crane
8. Barbwire Board, Taipei & Sandpaper Kickpads: Matt Tremont vs. Masada
9. Fans Bring The Weapons: Drake Younger vs. Neil Diamond

Night 2:
1. Bucky Collins vs. Markus Crane
2. Neil Diamond Cutter, Devin Cutter & Joey Grunge vs. Reid Bentley, Jimmy Feltcher & Damian Payne
3. BJ Whitmer vs. Masada
4. 4 Corners Of Hell: Devon Moore vs. Pinkie Sanchez
5. World Series Of Glass: Drake Younger vs. Mason Cutter
6. Death Becomes Us: Simon Sezz vs. Rory Mondo
7. Fans Bring The Weapons: Matt Tremont vs. FreakShow
8. No Rope Barbwire, 250 Light Tubes, Tables & Ladder Match: Drake Younger vs. Devon Moore vs. Simon Sezz vs. Matt Tremont

Drake Younger DVD “From a Psycho Shooter to The Golden Boy: The Drake Younger Story” Volume 3 $20.00
This 3 disc release features 100+ minute interview and 15 of Drake Younger’s best matches.
1. Interview Part 3
2. 4 Corners Of Fun Match: Drake Younger vs. Christian Faith – HWA 7/31/09
3. Drake Younger vs. Shiima Xion – AIW 8/28/09
4. Lighttube Bundles & Thumbtack Kick Pads Death Match: Drake Younger vs. Jimmy Havoc – wXw 10/4/09
5. Ladder, No Rope Barbwire, Light Tube Bundles: Drake Younger vs. Yuko Miyamoto – IWA East Coast 11/7/09
6. Drake Younger vs. B-Boy – CZW 1/30/10
7. Pain In The Glass Death Match: wXw 3/13/10
8. Drake Younger vs. Prince Mustafa Ali – IWA-MS 2/19/10
9. Drake Younger vs. Masada – CZW 3/27/10
10. Fans Bring the Weapons Match: Drake Younger vs. Chase Mccoy – ICW 3/26/10
11. Drake Younger vs. Troy Walters – ICW 4/22/10
12. Drake Younger vs. SABU – IWA-MS 4/23/10
13. Anything Goes: Drake Younger vs. Jon Moxley – CZW 8/7/10
14. Drake Younger vs. Bryan Danielson – IPW 8/21/10
15. TLC Match: Drake Younger vs. Scotty Vortekz – IPW 9/18/10
16. Drake Younger vs. El Generico – wXw 12/4/10

Drake Younger DVD “From a Psycho Shooter to The Golden Boy: The Drake Younger Story” Volume 2 $20.00
This 3 disc release features 100+ minute interview and 15 of Drake Younger’s best matches.
1. Interview Part 2
2. Drake Younger & Scotty Vortekz vs. Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. The Iron Saints – Elite Pro 8/3/07
3. Drake Younger vs. Brodie Lee – Chikara 6/15/08
4. Barbed Wire Madness: Drake Younger vs. Scotty Vortekz vs. Dustin Lee – IWA-MS 6/2008
5. Drake Younger vs. Sami Callihan – IWA-MS 7/6/08
6. Drake Younger vs. Bad Bones – wXw 7/26/08
7. Drake Younger vs. Vin Gerard – Chikara 8/10/08
8. Drake Younger vs. Jake Crist – IPW 9/6/08
9. Drake Younger vs. Michael Elgin – IWA-MS 9/27/08
10. Drake Younger vs. Sami Callihan vs. Claudio Castagnoli – IWA-MS 9/28/08
11. Fans Bring The Weapons: Drake Younger vs. Danny Havoc vs. Brain Damage – CZW 10/11/08
12. Drake Younger vs. Dingo – IWA-MS 11/15/08
13. 200 Carpet Strips Match: Drake Younger vs. Ryuji Ito – IWA East Coast 11/29/08
14. Ladders & Scaffold Match: Drake Younger vs. Devon Moore – CZW 1/10/09
15. No Rope Barbed Wire: Drake Younger vs. Eddie Kingston – CZW 2/14/09
16. Drake Younger vs. Shingo – wXw 3/8/09

DVLH DVD “Danny Havoc & Drake Younger Go To Japan” $15.00
In April of 2011, four independent wrestlers representing Combat Zone Wrestling of Philadelphia went on a 3-week tour of Japan, in partnership with popular hardcore promotion Big Japan Wrestling. For 3 of these individuals, it was their first time in the Land of the Rising Sun, and for all 4 this tour was a dream come true. Japan is often seen as the “Promised Land” for independent wrestlers, and their first tour was what they had each been working toward for years. As part of an agreement with DVLH founder Luke Hadley, one performer—Danny Havoc—took along a flip-camera to record their inaugural visit. What resulted was roughly two hours of random, out-of-context film clips that fascinatingly and amusingly capture their time overseas. Danny Havoc, Drake Younger, the BLK JEEZ, and CZW Owner, DJ Hyde, wrestle, drink, act touristy, vandalize, drink, offer insightful social commentary, karaoke, and drink their way across the width and breadth of Japan, only one week after a devastating tsunami and the resulting Fukushima Daichi Nuclear disaster ravaged the small island nation. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an independent wrestler on tour in a foreign country (which, obviously, you have), DVLH presents “Danny Havoc and Drake Younger go to Japan” as your insightful guide.

Dreamwave DVD September 10, 2011 “Good as Gold” – Lasalle, IL $15.00
1. Barry Ryte vs. Houston
2. Marshe Rocket vs. Nick Brubaker
3. Fit Finlay vs. Mason Beck
4. Acid vs. Austin Roberts
5. 30 Man Good As Gold Rumble (over 70 minutes long)

DreamWave DVD June 10, 2011 “Celebrate LaSalle” – LaSalle, IL $15.00
1. Austin Roberts vs. Dan The Man
2. Dan Lawrence vs. Ninja Bill
3. Mr. 450 vs. Ace Martino
4. Nick Brubaker vs. Bucky Collins
5. Acid vs. Justice Jones
6. TLC Match: Zero Gravity vs. The Beck Family

wXw DVD August 13, 2011 “Broken Rulz XI” – Oberhausen, Germany $15.00
1. Darin Corbin vs. Karsten Beck
2. 2Face vs. Bernd Föhr vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Willie Mack
3. Drew Gulak vs. Freddy Stahl
4. Emil Sitoci & Johnny Moss vs. Sumerian Death Squad
5. Arik Cannon vs. Kim Ray
6. Jaysin Strife vs. Marty Scurll
7. Fit Finlay vs. Jon Ryan
8. Big van Walter vs. Axeman

ACW DVD July 17, 2011 “From Innocence to Insanity 5” – Austin, TX $15.00
1. Street Fight: The Legion of Shroom vs. Killah Kash & Berry Breeze 2. JT LaMotta vs. Mat Fitchett vs. Franco D’Angelo vs. James Claxton vs. Jason Silver vs. Ricky Romida
3. Jessica James vs. Gary Jay
4. Darin Childs vs. Evan Gelistico
5. Angel Blue vs. Athena vs. Lillie Mae vs. Amanda Fox
6. Matthew Palmer vs. Pierre Abernathy vs. Masada
7. Jaykus Plisken vs. Davey Vega
8. Team Children of Pain vs Team Vexx
9. Rachel Summerlyn vs. Scot Summers
10. ACH vs Chris Hero

10/14 – IWC – Milwaukee, WI
10/29 – Chikara – Reading, PA
10/30 – Chikara – Williamsport, PA
11/4 – IWA-MS – Bellevue, IL
11/5 – DreamWave – LaSalle, IL
11/8 – IWA East Coast – Nitro, WV
11/12 – Chikara – Easton, PA
11/13 – Chikara – Philadelphia, PA
11/18 – IWC – Milwaukee, WI
11/18 – WIF! – Fountain Hill, PA
11/19 – W IF! – Moosic, PA
11/19 – IWC – Milwaukee, WI
12/2 – IWA-MS – Bellevue, IL
12/2 – JoshiMania – Philadelphia, PA
12/3 – JoshiMania – Everett, MA
12/3 – DreamWave – LaSalle, IL
12/4 – JoshiMania – Manhattan, NY


Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy sent this in.

10.12.11 Bell Gardens, CA – Santino Bros Wrestling is still on its natural high from this past weekend. The city of Huntington Park held its annual festival and invited to SBW to participate in its festivities. Smack dab in the middle of intersection Pacific & Gage, we held our show. The crowds flooded to the intersection, with the sun blazing down and the Superstars of Santino Bros gave it their all! We saw old fans and made alot of new ones. Good times were had by all!

The office is proud to announce its upcoming showcases for the month of November! On November 5, 2011 and November 24, 2011 – card to be announced and in celebration of Thanksgiving, we will hold a special showcase…elimination style rules, were the wrestler must survive to the end. More details coming soon for both shows….stay tuned!

Santino Bros Showcases were created to feature our up and coming students to get them ready for the indy circuit. If you are interested in being booked on our showcase, contact This is for current workers trying to get some experience and to train in a live show atmosphere.

Also, in recognition of the “giving” part of this yummy holiday, we have a special enrollment price of $11. Yes only $11 will pay for your downpayment and includes the 1st session! Thats a savings of over $130!!! All you have to do is sign up on 11/11/11 for this special introductory price! your 2nd session on will be only $25 per session, available in pay to train or monthly payments.

Lucha Girls Wrestling is also moving forward and going strong! We have pro style and fantasy style wrestlers to fulfill every wrestling fantasy! Don’t be afraid to book your dream match or be in the match yourself! We have a full equipped wrestling gym to host these bouts and for Lucha Girls to train. For more information or to live your dream goto or contact