Larry Goodman sent this recap in:

NWA Anarchy taped two hours of television Saturday night, as
the countdown towards Hardcore Hell 2010 continued at the NWA Arena in Cornelia, Ga.

Crowd was 155. Attendance has been trending upwards of late. Definitely some
new faces, and it seems like there are more kids. Crowd was hot at points, but
there wasn?t a lot in the way of extended chants or sustained heat.

It was a show that was heavy on talking. The good news was that it all served a
clear purpose towards building matches and progressing storylines. The great
news was the talk segments also produced the bulk of the peak moments for the

Things appear to be in good shape for the big show. It’s a good sign when three
key matches are already being promoted a month in advance.

The show ran close to three hours long. What part that played in the spotty
heat is open to question. It’s not like the crowd was super hot early and

Greg Hunter’s introduction of NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer was rudely
interrupted by a video on the WrestleVision. An evil hobo character speaking an
over-the-top Desmond Wolfe accent said he was coming to Anarchy to create a
?malevolent menagerie?. It was hard to judge because there was no audio for
most of it.

Palmer talked about saying goodbye to Kimo at the last show after he came out
on the short ened of a Loser Leaves Anarchy cage match with NWA National
Champion Phil Shatter. Proud papa Palmer showed off Griffin, now 20 months old and doing well.

The announced plan was to get the dark match in the ring early. Well, it ain?t
happening. Opening bell was 8:20.

(A) Lane Vasser beat Anthony Henry in 4:32. Vasser has
the requisite size and physique, but his clunky mechanics are nowhere near
ready for an Anarchy television. Henry deserved a better fate. It was getting
ugly and the crowd was starting to check out. Whether it be proper training or
innate instinct, Henry did a right thing, taking Vasser to the mat and keeping
him there. Vasser tried for a Crackerjack. Henry countered with a triangle choke,
and Vasser turned it into a side slam. The crowd popped a bit for Vasser’s
gutbuster slam. Vasser’s finisher was a robotic pumphandle power slam.

The best that can be said of the dark match concept is that it’s a work in

(1) Bo Newsome beat Skirra Corvis via DQ in 7:52. Bo
opened up fast and hard, scoring near falls off a senton backsplash, a spinning
back suplex and a reverse DDT on the apron. But Coruvs ducked a high crossbody
and the momentum carried Newsome to the floor. Corvus hit a top rope dive to
the outside that looked like a Thesz Press. With Newsome balanced across the
middle rope, Corvus hit a springboard splash. He’s weird AND he has cool
offense. The crowd chanted for Bo. It’s a very chant-friendly name. Bo’s flying
elbow off the middle rope left both men down. Corvus applied his bat like choke
submission (hanging his victim over the top rope in a reverse huracanrana
position) and wouldn?t let up. Slim J made the save. Good match – brash,
innovative, fast-paced action ? stuff that sets the Young Lion’s Division

Greg Hunter attempted to interview extreme narcissist, Truitt Fields as to the
motivation for turning on Ace Rockwell. This was an incredibly entertaining
segment. Fields came out flexing and looking at himself in the big screen. His
thick, jet black hair is slicked back, like Fonzie without the sideburns.
Fields ignored Hunter’s pleas for an explanation and continued to flex. Fields
finally said he didn?t owe Hunter, the people or Ace any explanation and popped
a flexed bicep in Hunter’s face. Fields is awesome as a heel. Turning him is
the single best thing the new creative team has done.

(2) NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions Wild Bunch (Billy Buck &
Chris King) beat Aaron Lee & Chris Mayne in a non-title match (4
Lee was patting himself on the back ala Barry Horowitz.
Mayne insisted that Hunter re-introduce them like the superstars they were. The
new champions got a big pop. Wild Bunch cleaned the collective clocks of Mayne
and Lee. Cruel crowd tonight. They chanted ?midget? at Lee. The heels got a
glimmer of heat on King, and it was quickly over with Buck pinning Mayne after
the champions hit their Russian legsweep/superick combo.

(3) Brodie Ray Chase beat Anthony Henry in 6:18. It was
no coincidence that Henry looked world’s better working with Chase, but so far
as the fans were concerned, his ship sailed in that lousy dark match. Chase
took umbrage to the upstart’s live wire attitude, and blasted him with a trio
of back elbows on the break. Henry didn?t take the hint, and made Chase eat a
spinkick. The match changer was a slingshot sunset flip that Chase countered
with a high back drop. Chase broke out his signature power moves. Lots of style
points here. Henry’s comeback was rock solid but the crowd wasn?t there for
him. Finish saw Henry come up empty on the frogsplash, and Chase finished him
with the Thunder Fire Powerbomb.

Jeff G. Bailey entered the ring. He’s not a well liked man in Cornelia. Bailey
said this was a requiem for a traitorous Korean. He said it didn?t have to
happen that way, and Palmer was to blame. Bailey said Shatter had the night off
to celebrate Kimo’s demise. Bailey said Shatter was the longest reigning NWA
National Champion and soon to be the best in the world, and clearly the best
wrestler on television.

The Anarchy TV Champion Caprice ?Ice? Coleman took exception to that remark.
Based on the pop, Coleman has slid past Shadow Jackson into the number one
babyface slot. Coleman was itching for a match. Bailey acted like Shatter had
nothing to prove. After all, Shatter had just ended Kimo’s career. ?And you?re
no Kimo.? Plus, Shatter had already pinned Coleman. Bailey wanted to know what
was in it for them. Coleman said he had Shatter beaten until Bailey got involved.
Coleman said he would put his title up against Shatter’s title. Bailey said he
and Shatter would have to talk it over. Coleman said Bailey sounded scared
without Shatter out there, and suggested that he didn?t even have the stroke to
make the match. Bailey got flustered and accepted. ?That was easier than I
thought,? Coleman said. Crowd popped for that line.

This segment was gold. Bailey and Coleman were both terrific. It was perfectly
believable that Coleman was able to trick Bailey into accepting the match. It
isn?t often that Bailey has a babyface so verbally skilled to play off of.
Coleman is a rare commodity ? a smart, articulate, charismatic babyface that
can talk the talk and walk the walk.

(4) Orion Bishop & Jeremy Vain beat Shadow Jackson & Marcus
Howard in 13:47.
No Shadowmania chants for the Anarchy
Heavyweight Champion tonight. Vain said he was going to show the babyface team
how it was done. You know how that goes. The babyfaces controlled the match for
the 7:30 with Vain taking all kinds of bumps. Nobody makes Jackson’s offense look better than Vain.
Howard was in most of the time, and it was more than the optimal level of
exposure for him. Bishop wasn?t going to be anybody’s patsy. He smoked Howard
with a belly to belly suplex, pounded him from the mount and hit a Vader Bomb
for a near fall. Bishop later hit a senton backsplash dropping his full weight
on Howard. That had to suck. Hot tag. Brief house cleaning by Jackson and then
right to the finish. As ref Brent Wiley was distracted by Bishop dumping Howard
out, Vain gave Jackson a low blow. Bishop speared Jackson for the pin. Bishop gave Howard a spear from hell after the match.

The heels were doubling up on Jackson when Mikal Judas hit the ring and blasted Bishop with a chairshot straight to
the skull. Bishop recovered quickly and was seeing red, to where he shoved Vain
down on the ramp. Adryan offered a terse explanation. ?Now you have no excuses
at Hardcore Hell when I kick your ass.? The pop swelled as Adryan made his exit
through the front door.


(5) Tank pinned Andrew Pendleton III in 3:42.
Pendleton went for a surprise attack. Worth a try I guess. He was getting his
ass beat regardless. Tank dumped Pendleton out, gave him five consecutive
headbutts, then a snap suplex on the hardwood floor. Back inside the ring,
Pendleton clipped Tank’s knee and used a spinning toe hold. Pendleton, however,
ended up hung in the tree of woe, and Tank jackhammered his nuts. Vile stuff.
After another dose of sick punishment, Tank put Pendelton out of his misery
with the chokebreaker. I enjoyed this match.

The Reverend’s voice cackled over the PA. The crowd reacted before Reverend
revealed himself, entering from side door favored by Devil’s Rejects. Reverend
cut a promo filled with rich imagery. The Rev was also channeling Michael Hayes
tonight. Rev said it broke his heart to see what had transpired in his family
during his absence. Rev claimed that Shaun Tempers, the man he left in charge
when Tank ?lost his smile?, was now at home stricken with grief. Rev said the
thing that separated Tank from other Rejects that left the fold, was that he
dared to return. ?You disgust me. Pack it up.? The lights went out. When they
came back on, Tank was laying in the ring holding his gut. A hammer was laying
by his side. Tank pounded the hammer on the mat.

?Merciless? Don Matthews was interviewed by Greg Hunter. Matthew was about to
reveal his true goals in Anarchy, when he was interrupted by The Entourage.
Andrew Alexander said they were scheduled to face New Wave, but Derrick Driver
wasn?t there, so it was going to be two against one. Alexander told Matthews he
could leave on his own or his giant bodyguard, Mr. Black would see to it that
he did. Matthews didn?t budge. Steven Walters came out and took Matthews as his

(6) Entourage (Andrew Alexander & Mr. Black) beat Steven
Walters & Don Matthews in 10:25.
It opened with Walters and
Black working David and Goliath spots. Matthews tagged in. Black tagged out.
Matthews was merciless on Alexander. Entourage got heat on Walters. Black
knocked Matthews off the apron to prevent a tag, then hiptossed Walters halfway
across the ring. Walter hit a jawbreaker and a lefty lariat on Alexander to set
up the hot tag. Matthews dispatched Alexander with a fallaway slam. Finally,
the monsters squared off. Matthews hit the BFK. Matthews clotheslined Black,
spilling both men over the top rope, and they continued to batter each other at
ringside. Inside the ring, Walters tried for a victory roll, and Alexander sat
down on him and used the ropes to get the pin. Match built nicely to the
confrontation between Black and Matthews. Stevens and Matthews was an offbeat
pairing that worked. That was some clunky timing hurt the finish.

(7) Slim J beat Stryknyn in 4:57. J was laying them
in, so Stryknyn spit in his face to get the advantage. I like Stryknyn’s no
frills, nasty brawling offense. J snapped off a huracanrana to start his
comeback. The mysterious manager (Enoch Tsarion) came out to observe. Slim hit
a wicked Alabama Slam and won it with the flying reverse DDT.

Postmatch, J confronted Tsarion. Corvus nailed J from behind and they beat him
down. Corvus brought a 10 foot ladder into the ring, and whacked J with it.
Corvus set the ladder up, placed J underneath, and gave him the curbstomp.
Tsarion asked J, who was unconscious at the time, to accept a ladder match for
the Young Lion’s Four-Way Title Match at Hardcore Hell. ?I?ll take you silence as a yes,? Tsarion said.
Newsome made the save for J. With Tsarion, the return of The Rev, and whoever
that guy was in the show opening video, Anarchy is now overpopulated with

(8) Caprice Coleman beat Seth Delay (with Brodie Chase) to retain
the NWA Anarchy Television Championship in 13:59.
Really good
match. The hardest I?ve seen Delay work in years. Too bad the crowd wasn?t more
fired up. Bailey and Coleman did such a stellar job of setting up the title vs.
title for Hardcore Hell, the outcome was a forgone conclusion. Fans didn?t
believe Delay had a chance. Early in the match, Coleman tossed Delay over the
top, and he took a tumbling bump into the camera stand. Ref Brent Wiley ran
over and got the mic for Coleman. Stooped the match cold. A little poetic
license there. Coleman said he wanted to see the Seth Delay of old and warned
him not to bring that clown stuff in there, or he would put his lights out. If
it wasn?t a shoot, it sure came across like one. Wiley banished Chase from
ringside. They did chain wrestling, and Coleman was giving Delay a run for his
money. Coleman nailed him right on the button with a dropkick for a one count
only. Delay took over with a twisting flying forearm. Coleman’s comebacks were
limited to an occasional shot, but he made each one count. Coleman fed off the
crowd with a flying leg drop for a near fall. They went back and forth with pin
attempts, ending with a cool scissors cradle by Coleman. They traded near
falls. The work was fine, but the crowd wasn?t feeling it much. Finish saw
Coleman drop Delay with That’s Life out of a crucifix powerbomb position.
Beatiful. Delay refused to shake Coleman’s hand.

NOTES: Being that Anarchy’s next television taping falls on Easter weekend
(April 2), Palmer promised to have a kids event before the show, perhaps an
Easter egg hunt?NWA Anarchy’s facebook page can be found here?NWA in Charlotte returns to action on April 24 at the
Metrolina Expo building with Judas vs. Kimo, Team Macktion vs. New Wave and
more?Driver missed last night’s taping due to a non-wrestling schedule
conflict?Former Anarchy/APW talent, Taco Delgado is a licensed professional
boxer as well as an MMA fighter. He has a bantamweight fight in St. Petersburg on April