Indy News Update #1 for October 28, 2011
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AWE sent this in.

Garrison impressed with Saturn in return

AWE President Rick Garrison was ringside for Perry Saturn’s return to professional wrestling after a nine-year absence – and left impressed with what he saw.

“The time on the streets certainly made him a lot tougher,” said Garrison of Saturn, who earned a clean pinfall victory over C.W. Anderson at the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view.

AWE signed Saturn to a one-match contract for Night of Legends. Garrison admitted the move to bring Saturn in was a “gamble.” Saturn had been at the top of the wrestling business in the late 1990s and into the early 2000s when he was sent to the sidelines with a knee injury in 2002. A longer-than-expected rehab stint proved to be emotionally challenging for Saturn, who fell into drug use and abuse and saw his life spiral out of control to a point where he was homeless for a time.

Garrison had initially opposed adding Saturn to the card for Night of Legends given his recent track record of personal problems.

“He was a drunkard, he was a drug addict. My God, he ate garbage out of cans, for God’s sake,” Garrison said from his perch as a guest commentator at the announce table during Saturn’s match at Night of Legends.

As the match went on, Garrison’s attitude toward Saturn changed. Color commentator Dirty Dutch Mantell tried to goad Garrison into commenting on Saturn’s future if he were to lose the match against Anderson, but Garrison didn’t take the bait.

When it was all over, Garrison said he would be in touch with Saturn’s representatives with a contract offer.

“We’ve been watching him for a couple of months. He’s getting in shape. He looks good,” Garrison said.