Indy News Update #2 for October 29, 2011
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William James sent this in.

Brawling for Breast Cancer was a pro wrestling event put on by local Oregon promotion Blue Collar Wrestling, with all benefits going to Sara’s Project which is a breast cancer research foundation.


Before the matches, Tony Stetson cut a promo mid ring about Brawling for Breast Cancer and why the event meant so much to him, recognizing a couple breast cancer survivors in the projects. BCW World Champion Keith Atkins comes to the ring with Lonestar and runs down Tony as well as the Bend, Oregon crowd, which leads to Tony promising Lonestar he’s got a couple surprises for him.

1. Triple Threat Match:
Dancin’ Tommy Celcious Def. Sexy Chino & LTP
During the match Wonderfully Superstars attacked LTP, leaving Celcious to pin Chino

2. Sarah’s Project Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
Latino Blanco Def. Chef, Steve Rush, American Warrior, Vincent Black, Amun Sorrow, Hoss TuLL, and Krazy Redneck, last eliminating American Warrior. Latino won a plaque that he gave to a breast cancer survivor that attended the event.

3. Tag Team Match:
Wonderfully Superstars (JT Evans and Zack Winters) and Tex Thompson/Native Assassin went to a Double Count out after they began brawling on the outside of the ring.

4. Television Championship Match:
Big V Def. Joe Wylde to retain the T.V Championship.
After his loss Joe Wylde cut a shoot promo on Tex Thompson and the independent scene (groan…)

5. BCW Tag Team Championship Match
The Westside Connection (Buddy Highway and Badd Blood) def Media Mayhem (Brad Landen and Adan Reyes) to retain the BCW tag Titles. Following this, Wonderfully Superstars struck again, injuring Buddy Highway’s knee. Then they wanted to cash in their tag title shot, with Badd Blood being told he had to find a partner or surrender the belts. That lead to Badd Blood choosing his former tag team partner LTP to defend the belts with him, reviving their old team for one night only….

6. RATED 2G (Badd Blood & LTP) defeat Wonderfully Superstars To retain The Tag Titles via a cutter by Badd Blood then a 730 Legdrop by LTP on J.T Evans for the pin.

7. BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Keith Atkins W/White Collar Inc. Def Rusty Murkin to retain BCW Championship after Keith struck Rusty Merkin with a foreign object (looked like a pen from my vantage point)

8. Main Event:
Texas Bull Rope Match
Special Guest Referee: Tex Thompson (one of Tony Stetson’s surprises..)
Mr. Attitude Tony Stetson def. Lonestar w/White Collar Inc (Tommy Celcious, JT Evans, Zack Winters, BCW World Champion Keith Atkins) after Tony announces that Lonestar’s rival Tex Thompson is the referee, he has to overcome multiple interferences by White Collar Inc., followed by Rusty Merkin, The Westside Connection and LTP coming down to even the sides for Tony. Near the end of the match, Tony Stetson took an unreal dive to the floor wiping his allies and his enemies all out, and Badd Blood and LTP severely damaged JT Evans’ knee with a steel chair attack.

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