Indy News Update #1 for October 31, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent these notes in.

Saturday October 29 2011
CCW – Classic Championship Wrestling
Tillsonburg, Ontario
Tillsonburg Legion
Belltime: 7pm
Referees: D. Morningstar, Casey Hale
Attendance: 200+ Jam Packed Standing Room Only
Results credit: Chris Crucifix

There was a seat reserved in the front row, and a picture on it in memory of Big Money Mike

1. Superhero Match
Incredible Hulk (Mr.Atlantis) def. Batman (Freakshow) after a powerslam

2. Movie Monsters Collide
Freddy (Adam Jacobs) vs. Jason (“Killer” Alan Coulter) went to a double countout

3. Monster Mash
Frankenstein (Sgt. Dickson) def. Zipper after a stomp to the gut

4. Cartoon 80’s Ladies Match
“Princess of Power” She-Ra (Leah Von Dutch) def. Evilyn after a moonsault

INTERMISSION- There was a costume contest for the many children in attendance

5. Skull on A Pole Match- Derek Wylde said Halloween is for children, he hates Halloween, he destroyed Spears’ costume, and he refuses to compete in this kind of match as people should have more respect for themselves and the wrestling business
“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde def. Shawn Spears after ref D.Morningstar went down and Wylde smashed Spears with the skull.

6. CCW Ladies Championship
Cherry Bomb (c) retained over Ianna Titus (dressed as Lil’ Bo Peep)

7. CCW Heavyweight Championship Casket Match
Daemon Reznor (c) w/Evilyn retained over “Mr. DDT” Cody Deaner after Evilyn emerged from the casket and threw a fireball in Deaner’s face.

A Few Notes:
-The crowd/children really loved Frankenstein beacuse of his portrayal, and all the lil’ girls dressed up as fairies and princesses came up to hug She-Ra.
-Place went nuts when Deaner hit both Reznor & Evilyn with a double DDT.
-Batman tried to use handcuffs, silly string, and powder but the Hulk’s power was too much.
-Lil’ Bo Peep lost her sheep, and the match after trying to use her sheppherd’s cane several times
-Fun show, lots of families & children in attendance
-Purist wrestling match was Spears/Wylde.
-Reznor & Evilyn said they are now ETERNAL

Saturday October 22 2011

CWA – Canadian Wrestling Action
Cornwall, Ontario
Murphys Inn
Attendance: 75-80

Last Year’s winner SeXXXy Eddy was given a by to the Finals
Winners of the 3 First Round matches advanced to the Semi-Final 3-Way Match
1. KOTR 1st Round: MTH Mr. Talented Himself def Mike Hart

2. KOTR 1st Round:
“The Rage” Randy Berry def Ruffy Silverstein

3. KOTR 1st Round:
Canadian Justice def Cutthroat

4. KOTR Semi-Final; 3-Way Match: “The Rage” Randy Berry def Canadian Justice and MTH

5. CWA Heavyweight Championship:
Defending champion “The Prophet” Jeremy Barnoff def Frank Couture to retain the title

6. KOTR Final:
“The Rage” Randy Berry def SeXXXy Eddy to become the CWA 2011 King of the Ring

MTH and Frank Couture joined Berry in beating on Eddy after the match. Canadian Justice & Jeremy Barnoff came to his aid. Because of this attack and V.I.P. members constantly interfering in each other’s matches during the show, CWA officials ordered them to wrestle a 6 Man Tag Match to settle scores ignited earlier.

7. SeXXXy Eddy, Canadian Justice, Prophet def V.I.P. – MTH, “The Rage” Randy Berry & Frank Couture

Sunday October 23 2011

TWA Pro Wrestling
TWA Adrenaline
St Catherines, Ontario
At TWA Powerhouse
Ring Announcer: Cassandra Serrani
Referees: Dave McCombs and Terry Sampson
Results credit: Michael Colyn for

1) The debuting team of Power and Fame (“The Former Child Star” Rhys Greenaway & Joey Allen) defeated Ricky Ray & Tommy Powers when Rhys pinned Tommy.

2) In a non-title match, TWA Heavyweight Champion Kryss Thorn lost to EZE Eric Cairnie via a disqualification.

Since last weeks match between “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang & Tomer Shalom ended in a draw and both we announced as #1 contenders for the TWA Heavyweight Championship, Kryss Thorn announced that there can only be 1 number 1 contender unless each beat their opponent tonight.

3) Spartan defeated Tomer Shalom due to help from Kwan Chang. (Tomer is now not a #1 contender)

4) Ruin defeated the TWA North American Champion, Robbie Reckless by disqualification.

5) “The Prince of Darkness” TJ Thunder defeated “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang do to interferance from Tomer Shalom. (Kwan is now not a #1 contender)

The night ended with the fans wondering who will now face TWA Heavyweight Champion Kryss Thorn at TWA Halloween Hell this Sunday, October 30th.