Indy News Update #1 for November 2, 2011
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Brandon Tolle sent this in.

Insanity Pro Wrestling

!!! LIVE !!!

Saturday November 5, 2011

The Community Center
1337 S Shelby St
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Doors Open 1:30 PM
Bell Time 2:00 PM

General Admission Tickets – $15.00
Kids 10 and Under $7.00

“The Golden Boy” Drake Younger vs Scotty Vortekz

Champion “CDM” Sami Callihan vs BJ Whitmer

Champion Ricochet vs AR Fox

*** Tag Team Tourmoil ***
DNA (Doug Charlez & Aaron Xtreme) vs Young Studs (Bobby Beverly & Eric Ryan) vs Kentucky Buffet (Alex Castle & Matt Cage)

*** Special Attraction ***
Sugar Dunkerton vs “The Warfare” Jeremy Hadley


Jesse Emerson


Dave Crist

Jake Crist

Plus More !!!

(card subject to change)

Then later that night, CZW presents Deja VU in Indy at 7PM. Here’s the updated card…

CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title Match – Barbed Wire Madness

CZW World Heavyweight Champion Devon Moore has issued an open challenge to anyone in Indianapolis on November 5th to defend his title against. Moore may be the Prince of Philly, but how will he fare in the Hoosier state?

A tournament to name the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title #1 contender will begin at ‘Deja Vu’ on November 5, the three-way dance finals to take place in Philadelphia at ‘Night of Infamy X’ on November 12, with the victor having a match for the title at ‘Cage of Death XIII’ on December 3 against the winner of Cole/Callihan!

In first round action:
AR Fox vs. the debuting Uhaa Nation
The Latin Dragon vs. Ryan McBride
Jon Gresham vs. Drew Gulak

CZW owner D.J. HYDE will go one-on-one with SAMI CALLIHAN with an Ultraviolent stipulation TBA!


– read the full story

SCOTTY VORTEKZ & DRAKE YOUNGER return to CZW for the first time since theri epic battle at Tangled Web 4!

We have an exclusive deal for those who plan to travel to Indianapolis from November 4th through November 6th. The Baymont Inn and Suites in Greenwood, Indiana, the Official Hotel of CZW in Indianapolis has allotted a number of rooms for fans of the Combat Zone at the LOW price of $49 plus tax which includes FREE parking, FREE complimentary breakfast, and FREE usage of the hotel’s pool… But that is not all, as the stars of Combat Zone Wrestling will also be staying in the same hotel that weekend and you will have the chance to hang out with your favorite CZW Stars! For complete information please call 317-865-0100 or visit

More matches and info coming soon!

Tickets are priced at $20 for Front row and $10 for general admission. Click here to purchase CZW tickets online or buy them at the door before the show. Doors open at 7:00PM.

NWS sent this in.

NWS Internet News Update For Week Of 10/31: New NWS Cruiserweight Champion, Halloween Mayhem On The Jersey Shore, Former WWE Star Marty Janetty Coming To NWS, And More
Hello NWS fans! This is your weekly update on what’s happened, what is happening now, and what is going to happen soon in the nation’s leading family-friendly pro wrestling promotion, National Wrestling Superstars.

Upcoming Shows This Weekend

Friday night November 4th, NWS returns to Middletown, NJ’s Thorne Middle School (70 Murphy Road in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown, just off Main Street, minutes from the Parkway and Routes 35 & 36) with a 7:45pm bell time.
He’s been one-half of one of the most famous tag-teams in pro wrestling history… held tag-team championships in ECW, WWE, and TNA/Impact Wrestling where he is still a TV superstar… and knows, more than anyone, what to do when the audience clamors “We want tables!” He’s the one and only Devon Dudley, and he will be part of a huge “We Want Tables!” tag-team match as he teams up with his old friend and popular Jersey Shore wrestler The Atomic Dog against his arch-nemesis of late Steve “Monsta” Mack and his partner, the star of the National Georgraphic Channel pro wrestling special “Slammed!”, Danny Inferno.
Former NWA wrestling legend Ox Baker, the originator of the “Heart Punch”, will be making a special appearance in Middletown to meet and greet the fans, along with The World Famous TV Wrestling Clown.
There will also be an encounter of truly epic proportions, as The (Original) Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu) will battle fellow countrymen The (New) Nigerian Nightmares (La-Fu & Bo-Bo). That makes for nearly a ton of humanity in the ring (like we said, epic proportions), and we can only hope that this wrestling ring can support the impact.
Joining them will be plenty of other regional and local pro mat talent from around the Bayshore area, such as NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion and 2011 J-Cup winner “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans, The 2 Rude Dudes (“Rampage” Rogers & “Corrupted” Corey Havoc), former Jersey Shore Jocks members Mike Dennis and Chris D’Andrea, Damian Darling, “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie, Michael Reigns, B.F. Saluka, Chill Will, and more, including Middletown South’s Nikki Canatore, and Thorne Middle School’s own Assistant Principal Pete Smith as a special guest manager.
Tickets are only $20 for ringside seats and $18 for bleacher seats.
Tickets for this weekend’s shows are available by calling (732) 888-1704. Remaining seats, if any, are available at the door one hour before bell time.
Results From Last Weekend

NWS returned to Long Branch, NJ’s brand-new Bucky James Community Center on Friday night October 28th for their annual “Halloween Mayhem” show. And the area fans definitely gave NWS the “Treat”, as they packed the house, many wearing their favorite Halloween costumes to see their favorite stars, and (certainly after the main event) did not go home disappointed.
The opening contest was an NWS Tag-Team Title match pitting the new champions Team Casanovas (“The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & Damian Darling), who were managed by The Don, against the formidable duo of The Famous TV Wrestling Clown and NWS Heavyweight Champion Ray Ray Marz. Oceans and Damian could do little with the more experienced and unorthodox Clown, so they ended up isolating Marz in their corner for several minutes. But Marz eventually powered out and tagged back The Clown who cleaned house. The Clown hit a Stone-Cold Stunner on Oceans (after blocking a Pedigree attempt by Oceans), but Damian interrupted the pin attempt. While the referee was tossing Damian out of the ring, The Don snuck in and knocked out The Clown with his pooi cue stick, and rolled Oceans on top of The Clown. The referee turned around and counted the 1-2-3 cover for Oceans.
Winners… and still NWS Tag-Team Champions: Team Casanova
The second contest was announced as a “Jungle Fever” Match between The New Nigerian Nightmares (Bo-Bo & Do-Do), with their manager Queen Ieater, against The Original Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu), with their manager Princess Jamima. The stipulation was that the winning team would go home with both ladies as their prize. Before the match started, the four Nightmares competed in a “sing-off”of sorts, as the audience members got to choose whose pre-match war chant was better. The audience overwhelmingly chose Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu’s singing, which angered Bo-Bo & Do-Do, and the match was on. The Original Nightmares dominated their New counterparts for most of the match; Sna-Fu was double-teamed for a few minutes, but after Bo-Bo missed a moonsault attempt from the top rope, Ma-Fu was tagged in and that was all she wrote. Bo-Bo was eventually crushed by a splash to the back while being held up on the middle rope, and Do-Do was flattened when Ma-Fu superplexed Sna-Fu off the top rope right on top of him, and was easily pinned 1-2-3.
Winners: The New Nigerian Nightmares
After the match, Bo-Bo and Do-Do observed Nigerian tradition and acknowledged Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu as the better team. Queen Ieater was initially reluctant to follow through on her stipulationto leave with Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu , but kept her word. But after some tribal dancing with Ma-Fu, her relectance seemed to disappear, and they all danced their way to the back.
The third contest was a six-man tag-team match, with the team of Bobby Youngblood & “Mr. Varsity” Jeff Noyze & Dylan Dollars (making his NWS debut) against the trio of “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm & The Illegal Outer Space Alien & Neko The Monkey Man. At first glance, the team of Youngblood and Noyze and Dollars had the obvious size advantage and looked to make easy work of their opposition, but Fehrm and his team used their speed to keep their bigger opponents at bay. Youngblood and Noyze were constantly on Dollars’ case for not being “ruthless” enough. About ten minutes into the match, The Alien and Youngblood were brawling outside the ring, and Noyze was pummeling Neko inside the ring. Neko ducked out of the way of an Avalanche and hit a flying drop kick on Noyze. Fehrm went for a flying cross-body, but was easily caught by Noyze. But Neko was up and hit a drop kick to the back of Fehrm, which put Noyze on the mat with Fehrm on top of him, and both he and Neko covered Noyze for the 1-2-3.
Winners: “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm & The Illegal Outer Space Alien & Neko The Monkey Man
Dylan Dollars, who had been trying to help Youngblood elude The Alien, returned to the ring to try and help Noyze, who was still stunned at losing and lashed out at Dollars, pummeling him to the mat. Youngblood returned to the ring to join Noyze in beating down Dollars, along with Nicky Oceans and Damian Darling. Dollars was rescued from the four-on-one beatdown by The Famous Wrestling Clown, Ray Ray Marz, The Atomic Dog, and former ECW star The Zombie, who ran out from the back and chased the attackers away.
After a short intermission, NWS held a Halloween Costume Contest and awarded prizes to the children and adults with the best costumes (as judged by two members of the show’s sponsoring organization).
The next match was another tag-team attraction, with The Two Rude Dudes (NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & Rampage Rogers), who were managed by The Don, against the duo of The Atomic Dog & former ECW star The Zombie. After Havoc and Rogers finally got into the ring after much reluctance, they double-teamed The Dog for several minutes, but The Dog perservered and hit a flying spin-kick on Havoc and tagged in The Zombie, who beat both opponents’ brains out. Havoc stopped Zombie’s momentum with a knee to the gut, and Rogers, at The Don’s direction, brought in a “Wet Floor” sign and handed it to Havoc. While Rogers distracted the referee, Havoc swung the sign at Zombie, but missed and was kicked in the gut by Zombie, who seized the sign and leveled Havoc with it. The referee turned around as Zombie covered Havoc and got the 1-2-3.
Winners: The Atomic Dog & The Zombie
The Main Event of the evening was a Triple-Threat Ladder Match for the vacant NWS Cruiserweight Title, where the belt was suspended high above the ring, and the competitor who could place a ladder in the ring and climb to retrieve it before the others would be the winner. The three contenders were current NWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd, Marcus Streets (making his NWS debut), and former Cruiserweight Champion “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie. The Kidd was initially the target of double-teaming by Smoothie and Streets, but that alliance faded instantly as Streets hit Smoothie with a spink kick that was aimed at The Kidd. Streets was the first to bring the ladder into play in the ring, but his first attempt to retrieve the belt was stopped as The Kidd knocked the ladder (and Streets) over with a flying dropkick from the top rope. Smoothie took out both The Kidd and Streets with shots with the ladder and brawled with both of them until The Kidd took Smoothie down with a DDT. Streets and The Kidd fought each other, and Streets brought the ladder back into the ring and used it to take out The Kidd. Smoothie then attacked Streets and suplexed him directly onto the ladder laying on the mat. Smoothie tried to climb the ladder to get the belt, but The Kidd back-suplexed him off the ladder to the mat. The Kidd then went up the ladder and got almost to the top, but then Streets climbed up after him and side-suplexed The Kidd all the way down from the top of the ladder to the mat. As Streets made his climb attempt, Smoothie came up underneath him and stopped him with a low blow, then powerbombed him from the ladder to the mat. As Smoothie tried to climb the ladder, The Kidd smashed him face-first into the ladder, then placed the ladder on the mat and side-suplexed Streets onto it. The Kidd went after Smoothie in the corner, but Smoothie ducked out of the way, and as The Kidd was staggered in the corner, Smoothie placed the ladder in the opposite corner and Irish-Whipped The Kidd right into it. As Smoothie went after Streets, Streets low-blow’ed him (returning the favor from earlier), slammed him, placed the ladder on top of him, and then leaped from the top rope with a flying splash right onto the ladder with Smoothie underneath it! As the crowd gasped in shock, Streets placed the ladder in the center of the ring and began to climb towards the belt, but The Kidd stopped him and back-suplexed him back to the mat. The Kidd and Smoothie both started climbing up opposite sides of the ladder, and when they met at the top, they began exchanging right hands, with The Kidd eventually dominating and knocking Smoothie off the ladder. But before The Kidd could get the belt, Smoothie tipped the ladder over, sending The Kidd crashing into the corner. Smoothie picked up the ladder and swung it around, knocking down both The Kidd and Streets. The three brawled back and forth. Streets propped the ladder in a corner and pitched The Kidd into it, but when he attempted to crush The Kidd with an avalanche, The Kidd moved out of the way and Streets hit nothing but ladder. Smoothie kicked Streets out of the ring, slammed The Kidd, then set up the ladder, climbed it, and delivered a Leg Drop Across The Delaware all the way from the top of the ladder! With Smoothie and The Kidd both stunned from the move, Streets tried to climb the ladder and retrieve the belt, but The Kidd pulled him off and pitched him into the ladder, and then threw both Smoothie and Streets out of the ring, and pullled a second ladder into the ring. The Kidd threw the first ladder out of the ring towards Streets, and then leaped over the top rope towards Streets, but Streets picked up the ladder and hit The Kidd with it as he came over the top rope, knocking him out cold on the floor. Back in the ring, Smoothie set up the second ladder and began his climb towards the belt, but Streets set up the original ladder right next to it and began to climb as well. Streets and Smoothie exhanged punches as they climbed, but Smoothie prevailed and knocked Streets off his ladder, then climbed all the way to the top and retrieved the belt!
Winner… and *NEW* NWS Cruiserweight Champion: “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie
All three extremely battered and bruised competitors (including The Kidd who had a front tooth knocked out) received a standing ovation, many in the audience agreeing that this was a Match Of The Year candidate.
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Other Upcoming Shows

Friday night November 18th, NWS returns to the Kearny, NJ High School Gym (336 Devon Street, just off Kearny Avenue, minutes from Routes 280 and 21) with a 7:45pm bell time.
NWS will not only make wrestling history that night, but horror movie history as well… because in the recent tradition of horror movie monster confrontations such as “Freddie Versus Jason” and “Alien Versus Predator”, NWS will go one better with a confrontation that can only be called “Brains Versus Worms”… as the brain-eating one-time ECW star The Zombie will face off the former WWE worm-eating TV star The Boogieman.
And not just one, but *TWO* huge main events are in store for the fans that night, as the fans will also witness the star of National Geographic Channel’s pro wrestling documentary “Slammed!”, Danny Inferno, go one-on-one with another TV star… but this opponent was a hardcore icon star of ECW and WCW TV, the dangerous Crowbar.
There will also be appearances by other regional and local pro mat stars including The World Famous TV Wrestling Clown, NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion and 2011 J-Cup winner “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans, “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto, The 2 Rude Dudes (NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & “Rampage” Rogers), and much more.
Tickets are only $20 for ringside seats and $18 for bleacher seats.
Saturday night November 19th, NWS returns to Edison, NJ’s St. Matthews Parish Gym (81 Seymour Avenue, just off Plainfield Avenue between Routes 1 and 27) with a 7:35pm bell time.
And the main event in store for the fans is another “screening” of their horror movie confrontation, as the brain-eating one-time ECW star The Zombie will face off the former WWE worm-eating TV star The Boogieman.
There will also be appearances by other regional and local pro mat stars including NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion and 2011 J-Cup winner “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans, “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto, The 2 Rude Dudes (NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & “Rampage” Rogers), plus Edison High School’s own pro wrestler Fast Eddie Franken and St. Matthews’ Darren Venture.
Tickets are only $18 for reserved ringside seats and $16 for bleacher seats.
Tickets for all upcoming shows are available by calling the NWS box office at (732) 888-1704. All major charge cards are accepted, and group rates are available for groups of ten or more.
Keep reading this publication, as more details will be announced in the coming weeks.
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