Indy News Update #4 for November 4, 2011
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Joe Dombroski sent this in.


PWO Live action returns with our long-awaited Four Year Anniversary celebration! It takes place THIS Saturday evening, November 5 at the Arena in Streetsboro, Ohio, 1543 Streetsboro Plaza, 44241. Doors open at 5pm for a 6pm belltime. Tickets are $15 Preferred (Ringside) seating, $10 General Admission and are on sale now at and also at our proud sponsor Guitar Shack located on Rt. 303 in Streetsboro. You will get three solid hours of wrestling action and it WILL be a national television taping so bring your signs, be energetic and be prepared to become a TV star!

Here is the final card, featuring the potential of FOUR title matches, the first-ever PWO Lumberjack Match, a major return, a revitalization of a classic rivalry and MUCH more…

Full card as we know it…

MAIN EVENT: “Most Dominant Man” Jason Bane vs. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross
Both men went back and forth in what became a very personal altercation (as seen here – and it seemed things would turn physical then and there if not for the interruption of Marion Fontaine forcing his way into the PWO Title picture. In spite of Fontaine’s ever-present demand to hog the spotlight, Bane vs. Cross WILL take place one-on-one to headline our 4th Anniversary spectacular! But will the PWO Title be at stake? It will be if Bane survives one last test…

LUMBERJACK MATCH: PWO Champion Jason Bane defends against “Megastar” Marion Fontaine
This match was originally signed to take place last month, but with our 4th Anniversary event postponed and Bane vs. Cross already signed, this presented a problem. Fontaine continued legal threats if he didn’t receive the rematch he had earned by defeating Bane via count-out on PWO TV, promising to “fire every mindless cheap suit in the room”. Bane, who has gone on record as being a fighting champion, stepped up and agreed to meet Fontaine, feeling there’s still plenty of unfinished business there as well. Bane is irate at Fontaine gloating over the count-out win he holds over Bane, and we saw Bane in hot pursuit of the Megastar as we were going off the air following that match. Well, Bane will have his chance to get his hands on Fontaine, and with the ring surrounded by Lumberjacks there will be nowhere for Fontaine to hide, and also no way for Matt Cross to become interjected if things get out of hand once again.

PWO TAG TEAM TITLE: Champions Sons of Michigan vs. Aeroform
For months, Aeroform (Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick) have had a problem with The Sons of Michigan (“Amazing” N8 Mattson & “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone) and how the represent themselves, their mutual home-state of Michigan, and especially the PWO Tag Team division. Louis & Flip are tired of the ego, the pompousness and the cheating. A split-second mis-cue cost Aeroform the gold at Wrestlelution 4, but Aeroform worked their way back up to the top by winning a #1 contender’s match recently on television. Now, after meeting the champions in three and four way battles, Aeroform finally get a shot 2-on-2. Will they flip the script on the tag team scene or will they be forced to “hail to the victors” once more?

The PWO Return of “Big Rig” Brodie Lee
When we last saw the near 6’9″ one-man semi truck in a PWO ring, he was obliterating everyone he crossed path with in PWO alongside Marion Fontaine in an attempt to send a message to “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Nash & Aaron Draven got the better of Brodie & Fontaine at PWO Wrestlelution 4, but while we’ve heard comments from Fontaine since that match, little has been heard from Brodie, who embarked on a several-week tour of Japan shortly after Wrestlelution. Rumors from very reliable sources state Marion Fontaine is planning to have Brodie Lee within arm’s reach this Saturday night. Will Brodie be there to involve himself in Marion’s PWO Title Lumberjack Match against Jason Bane? Will he have his own agenda? Will there be hell to pay if Fontaine becomes PWO Champion? Or perhaps if he doesn’t? This may be the most unpredictable story leading into this weekend!

Special Challenge: “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano vs. “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron
It was the most infamous and violent rivalry of the early years of PWO Wrestling, however through the years of hatred, mis-trust, and anger, both Johnny Gargano and Gregory Iron have grown to develop a mutual respect for one another. This match-up was specifically requested by Greg, citing Gargano as “the toughest opponent of my career”, adding “If I’m going to fight off the entire Dead Wrestlers Society, I need to be at my best… another match with Gargano, at this stage of my career, will assure I’m ready for anything, and that Krimson and his goons will pay for putting Hobo Joe out of action.” Gargano, himself, has something to prove, as this is his first match in PWO since being pinned by Matt Cross in Wrestlelution 4’s Full Circle Three Way Dance. Can Gargano use this match as a steppingstone back to PWO Title contention or will Gregory Iron use his fallen tag partner as motivation to conquer his toughest career rival?

PWO TV TITLE MATCH: Gory vs. Brian Bender
Several weeks ago, Krimson’s evil Society claimed there would be innocent victims to make up for Krimson’s loss of his PWO Title match at Wrestlelution 4, and sadly the group wasted little time inflicting their wrath. Hobo Joe became the group’s first target, effectively ending the popular cult hero’s career indefinitely. The DWS attempted the same on Brian Bender, but was thankfully thwarted due to a charge of aid from Gregory Iron. This weekend, Bender attempts revenge as he tries to wrestle away the PWO TV Title from the stronghold of this evil movement. Can the former PWO Tag Team Champion, now in the best shape of his life after dropping over 100 pounds as documented in a recent interview on PWO TV, achieve singles gold or is Brian Bender still very much in danger of becoming the latest casualty?

“Embodiment of Evil Krimson vs. “World’s Most Huggable Wrestle” Bryan Castle
Perhaps never before have two personalities so diametrically opposed been in the ring at the same time. One is all about misery, pain, agony and destruction. The other is about fun, high-fives, smiles and hugs. Bryan Castle is not the most technically or intellectually gifted specimen in the world, but he is nearly 350 pounds and a very tough individual who has contested with some of PWO’s best. However, after Krimson & The Dead Wrestlers Society annihilated Hobo Joe, injured Gregory Iron, and attempted to also make an example out of Castle’s tag partner Brian Bender, is Castle biting off more than even he can chew by standing up for his tag team partner Bender? Will Krimson claim another victim?

“Omega” Aaron Draven vs. “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino
The thrillseeking Draven looks to continue the wave of momentum he’s been on since scoring the pinfall victory in the Wrestlelution 4 main event with Kevin Nash by his side. After being out of PWO altogether six months ago, Draven has come back with purpose, and is slowly earning his way back up the PWO ladder, silencing critics and defeating opponents. Omega has taken a nightmare of a career setback, and embarked on the dream of a lifetime. Nicki Valentino nearly pinned Tito Santana at that same Wrestlelution 4 event, however recent lack of success has sent Sex Appeal into disarray. A Valentino victory can halt the destruction of three very fragile egos. Can the fanny pack-clad Valentino get back to winning ways or can Omega’s dream turned reality continue to unfold?

Wrestlelution 4 Rematch: Bobby Shields vs. Ben Fruith
At PWO’s biggest event in history, Ben Fruith pulled off his biggest win in history, upsetting Sex Appeal’s Bobby Shields to re-gain possession of the WrestleRama trophy. Now, the two meet once again, and while the trophy is not at stake, plenty of personal pride is! Bobby Shields has stated Sex Appeal will drop a bombshell this Saturday that will alter the future direction of PWO! What could it be and does it factor into this match-up?

PLUS: All fans in attendance will have the chance to participate in a raffle to win a fully-functional electric guitar signed by Kevin Nash as depicted here:

PLUS: PWO will address rumors surrounding the addition of an authority figure to serve as the public face of PWO management. We know Aaron Maguire has petitioned heavily for the job. Is that a sign of things to come?

Also: Streetsboro’s own Dan Arkham, Corey Winters and a special surprise!!

Get your tickets NOW at, Guitar Shack on Rt. 303 or at the venue as your arrive! Do NOT miss a celebration of four years and counting of PWO Wrestling!


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