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Are you a professional wrestler, male or female, looking to work in a friendly and fun locker room enviroment? Where what you do is taken seriously, but never yourself? Are you looking for opportunity that others haven’t given you, and feel you just need that break? Well, now is the time to contact Power Trip Wrestling with your CV and preferably DVD footage; and see where your wrestling career can take you. PTW were featured on Sky Digital and BBC2 in 2009, despite no affiliation with any television station; and are always thinking outside of the box! Email us at the PTW Office, at : , and we’ll be in touch with a guaranteed reply!


Are you a promoter looking for new talent to bring into your promotion, to shake and freshen things up? Then look no further than Power Trip Wrestling’s roster. All of our champions, and more, are available for booking in 2010; and we all bring something different.

From PTW World Champion, Irish star Conor Hurley, who has wrestled many former WWE names; to PTW Cruiserweight Champion D-Mon, to PTW British Champion (and the only man in the company who has ever held all the PTW singles championships) G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’, to the UK & Europe’s only disabled wrestler ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge, to profoundly deaf wrestling star Sean Midnight; and the always controversial manager ‘The Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth; all these and more of PTW’s stars are available for booking. Power Trip Wrestling thrive and pride themselves on being accessible, and easy to work with; and now is your chance to find out. Contact us at : , for more details and questions.

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