Indy News Update #1 for November 7, 2011
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NWS Internet News Update For Week Of 11/07:

“Tag-O-Mania” In Middletown Including New Champions Crowned, December Shows Announced With First NWS Appearance Of Former WWE Star Marty Janetty, And More
Hello NWS fans! This is your weekly update on what’s happened, what is happening now, and what is going to happen soon in the nation’s leading family-friendly pro wrestling promotion, National Wrestling Superstars.

Upcoming Shows This Weekend

No shows this weekend. NWS returns with a double-show weekend November 18th & 19th (see below).
Results From Last Weekend

NWS returned to Middletwon, NJ’s Thorne Middle School Gym on Friday night November 4th for another episode of “Tag-O-Mania”, a night of all tag-team matches, which meant the fans get double their money’s worth every match. And many fans certainly did, as a bigger-than-expected Friday night crowd filled the ringside area and spilled into the bleachers, cheering on their favorites.
With Johnny Falco filling in as Acting Commissioner, while Gino Moore was on a well-needed self-imposed sabbatical, “Dazzling” Dave Adams was introduced as ring announcer for the evening.
Before the pre-show announcements were even completed, real estate investment tycoon and NWS manager Barnabus P. Tightwad came to the ring with Steve “Monsta” Mack and “Mr. National Geographic” Danny Inferno. Inferno referred to the National Geographic Channel’s pro wrestling special “Slammed” (which will be re-aired on November 22nd) as “The Danny Inferno Show”, but was corrected by Acting Commissioner Falco. After heaping abuse on the Middletown fans and Falco, Mack and Inferno promised to destroy The Atomic Dog and former ECW & WWE and current TNA Impact star Devon Dudley. The crowd berated the two so much that even when Danny Inferno tossed his “National Geographic Channel” hat to a member of the crowd as a gesture of friendship, they tossed it back to him. The trio finally left as the crowd cheered their departure.
The opening tag-team contest pitted “Outlaw” Shane O’Brien & luchador Manuel Manny Moore against Jersey Shore Jocks member Mike Dennis & The World Famous TV Wrestling Clown with young rookie referee Ryan Mills (son of long-time referee Big Bill Mills) making his NWS debut. Outlaw and Manny tried to intimidate Ryan early on, but he stood his ground. The Clown used his experience and unpredictable antics to befuddle his oppoents at the start, but when Mike Dennis tagged in, Outlaw and Manny double-teamed Dennis in their corner for several minutes, until Dennis reversed a lariat from Outlaw and tagged in The Clown who cleaned house on both opponents. As all four men battled in the ring, The Clown was thrown out, and in the ensuing confusion which overwhelmed the rookie referee, Manny floored Mike Dennis with a low blow, O’Brien leveled Dennis with a lariat, and Manny rolled him up for the 1-2-3 pin. (Dennis’ foot was actually held in the ropes by Manny, but Ryan did not see it.)
Winners: “Outlaw” Shane O’Brien & Manuel Manny Moore.
The second tag-team match had The Soul Assassin & “Retro Rocker” Rikki Roxx going up against The Illegal Outer Space Alien & America’s Patriotic Hero, who was making a rare NWS appearance in place of the sickly former NWS legend Ox Baker. The Patriotic Hero was in NWS rings looking for the Bagdhad Bullies, whom he heard recently resurfaced at a show in PA., but his opponents were none other the Soul Assassin & The Retro Rocker, which irratated the Patriotic Hero who was in no mood for any Tom-foolery. Alien & American Patriotic Hero out-sized their opponents and pressed that advantage, but when The Alien fell outside the ring, he was double-teamed by Roxx and The Assassin for several minutes, but Alien eventually powered out of an armbar submission by Roxx and tagged in The American Patriotic Hero, who had the large crowd chanting “U.S.A… U.S.A.!” throughout the bout, who cleaned house. Alien and American Patriotic Hero threw Roxx and Assassin into each other, and took down Assassin with a “Hart Attack” style clothesline, and covered him for the 1-2-3.
Winners: The Illegal Outer Space Alien & The American Patriot Hero.
The next match was a six-man tag-team affair, with the team of Michael Reigns & Shock & the newly-crowned NWS Cruiserweight Champion “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie, managed by Barnabus P. Tightwad, going up against the trio of Big B.F. Saluka & Jumbo Joe Gunns & Chill Will, who were managed by Middletown’s Nikki Cantore. The match was a six-person brawl from the start. Smoothie worked over the smaller and inexperienced Chill Will at the start, but Will was able to survive and tag in Jumbo, and he and Saluka brawled with the other two big men Shock and Reigns for the next several minutes, with Reigns’ and Shock’s long-standing emnity preventing them from working together against their opponents. Eventually Shock got his hands on Chill Will again, and he and his teammates tried to triple-team him. But when Smoothie missed a leg drop from the top rope, Chill Will tagged in Jumbo, who impaled Smoothie groin-first on the top rope, and planted him into the mat with a crucifix slam. Nikki Cantore took out Barnabus, and Jumbo and Saluka then assisted Chill Will in hitting a moonsault from the top rope onto Smoothie, and Chill Will covered him for the 1-2-3.
Winners: Big B.F. Saluka & Jumbo Joe Gunns & Chill Will.
Shock seized the microphone and complained to Acting Commissioner Falco that he was furious at having been thrown in tag-team matches with Michael Reigns, instead of being given the one-on-one match with Reigns to settle their score once and for all. Reigns took the microphone and said that even though he never liked Shock either, he agreed with Shock that NWS management needs to make the match. Falco said that he would give them their wish when NWS returns to the Bayshore area in February, at St. Joe’s Church Gym in Keyport, and that this would be a No-Disqualification Match.
An irate J.D. Smoothie took the microphone and vented his anger at having just won the Cruiserweight Title, and being pinned tonight by the rookie newcomer Chill Will. He challenged Chill Will to a one-on-one matchup at the February Keyport show, and Falco made the match.
The next match was a “Jungle Fever” Match between The New Nigerian Nightmares (Bo-Bo & Do-Do), with Queen I-Eater in their corner, against The Original Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu), with Princess Jamima & Congo Mazy in their corner. Bo-Bo & Do-Do were still smarting from their loss to Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu a week earlier in Long Branch, and attacked them during their pre-match war dance, impressing the crowd by bodyslamming them both to the mat. Bo-Bo and Do-Do worked over Sna-Fu for several minutes, until Sna-Fu took down Bo-Bo with a powerbomb and tagged in Ma-Fu. Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu crushed Bo-Bo in the corner with a double avalanche, squashed Do-Do with an elevated splash across his back, then finished off Bo-Bo by Sna-Fu superplexing Ma-Fu off the top rope right onto Bo-Bo, who was covered for the easy 1-2-3.
Winners: The Original Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu).
After the match, Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu, along with Princess Jamima & Congo Mazy, celebrated their victory by leading a Begian Congo Conga Line dance with the fans around the ring, with Queen I-Eater joining in.
During intermission, Devon Dudley & The American Patriotic Hero posed for photographs in and around the ring, with the fans forming long lines to get the photo opportunities.
The next match was an NWS Tag-Team Title defense, with the newly-crowned champions Team Casanovas, Damian Darling & “The Love Machine Nicky Oceans, managed by Barnabus P. Tightwad, taking on number-one contenders The 2 Rude Dudes, “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & Rampage Rogers. Being from the Middletown area, Havoc and Rampage were clearly the crowd favorites, and asserted their size advantage early. But Oceans and Damian showed why they were the champions, and isolated Rogers in their corner and worked him over, then Havoc got the same treatment. But when Oceans missed a springboard moonsault, Havoc tagged in a fresh Rogers, who took down both opponents. In an attempt to save his team, Barnabus tossed in a metal bowl to Oceans, who used it to knock out referee Big Bill Mills. Havoc attempted to take Oceans out with a crucifix slam, but Oceans fought out of it and reversed it into an attempt of his Boom-Boom-Pow finisher. But Havoc fought out of that as well, and with Rogers’ help, powerbombed Oceans from the top rope into the mat, and Ryan Mills ran out from the back to take over his father’s referee position, and counted the 1-2-3 pin for Havoc (redeeming himself after his mistake earlier).
Winners… and *NEW* NWS Tag-Team Champions: The 2 Rude Dudes, “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & Rampage Rogers.
The Main Event of the eveing was next, a two-out-of-three-falls “We Want Tables” Tag-Team Match, as “Mr. National Geographic” Danny Inferno & Steve “Monsta” Mack took on the duo of The Atomic Dog & former WWE and ECW and current TNA Impact star Devon Dudley. The four started a no-holds-barred brawl before the bell even rang. Devon and Monsta Mack brawled to the floor and all over the Thorne School Gym, hitting each other with chairs, tables, and water bottles. After they returned to the ring, Inferno drew Devon out to the floor and leveled him. While Atomic Dog was working over his arch-rival Monsta Mack in the corner, Inferno dragged a table into the ring, and Monsta Mack low-blowed Atomic Dog and powerbombed him through the table, giving his team a 1-0 table falls lead. Mack and Inferno dragged two more tables into the ring, determined to finish off their opponents. Devon returned to the ring and cleaned house on both Mack and Inferno, and eventually tossed Inferno out of the ring. Meanwhile, Mack set up a table in one corner, and he and Atomic Dog brawled in the corner trying to toss each other into it. Mack tried to head-butt The Dog, but only hurt himself against The Dog’s rock-hard head, and The Dog was able to powerslam the woozy Mack into the table to tie the match at 1-1 table falls each. Inferno returned to the ring and tried to smash The Dog’s head through the third table, but The Dog fought out of it, and he and Devon 3-D’ed Inferno into the table to win the deciding table fall.
Winners (Two Table Falls To One): The Atomic Dog & Devon Dudley.
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Other Upcoming Shows

Friday night November 18th, NWS returns to the Kearny, NJ High School Gym (336 Devon Street, just off Kearny Avenue, minutes from Routes 280 and 21) with a 7:45pm bell time.
NWS has a great track record of making history in the ring for their fans, and that night in Kearny will be no exception, as the fans will witness not just one, but *TWO* huge main events.
In one match, the star of National Geographic Channel’s pro wrestling documentary “Slammed!”, international star Danny Inferno will tangle one-on-one with a former ECW and WCW TV hardcore icon, the one and only Crowbar.
And if that’s not enough right there, the other half of the main event will see a horror monster confrontation of epic proportions… in the recent tradition of “Freddie Versus Jason” and “Alien Versus Predator”, NWS presents “Brains Versus Worms”… as the brain-eating one-time ECW star The Zombie will face off the former WWE worm-eating TV star The Boogieman.
There will also be appearances by other regional and local pro mat stars including The World Famous TV Wrestling Clown, NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion and 2011 J-Cup winner “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans, NWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd, “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto, The 2 Rude Dudes (NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & “Rampage” Rogers), former NWS Tag-Team Champions Mike Dennis and Chris D’Andrea, and much more.
Tickets are only $20 for ringside seats and $18 for bleacher seats.
Saturday night November 19th, NWS returns to Edison, NJ’s St. Matthews Parish Gym (81 Seymour Avenue, just off Plainfield Avenue between Routes 1 and 27) with a 7:35pm bell time.
And the main event in store for the fans is another “screening” of their horror movie confrontation, as the brain-eating one-time ECW star The Zombie will face off the former WWE worm-eating TV star The Boogieman.
There will also be appearances by other regional and local pro mat stars including NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion and 2011 J-Cup winner “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans, NWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd, “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto, The 2 Rude Dudes (NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & “Rampage” Rogers), “Retro Rocker” Rikki Roxx, Leon Saint Giovanni, plus Edison High School’s own pro wrestler Fast Eddie Franken and St. Matthews’ Darren Venture.
Tickets are only $18 for reserved ringside seats and $16 for bleacher seats.
Friday night December 2nd, NWS returns to the Kenilworth, NJ Veterans Center (33 South 21st Street, just off The Boulevard, minutes from the Parkway) with a 7:45pm bell time.
Headlining this long-awaited return to the Union/Kenilworth area will be former WWE Intercontinental and Tag-Team Champion, one-half of the world-famous “Rockers” tag-team, the one and only Marty Janetty.
And at a venue honoring those who served in combat for our country, the fans will see true combat in the ring, as northeast veteran big man Steve “Monsta” Mack, with his manager “Low Life” Louis Ramos, will take on former ECW hardcore original “gangsta” New Jack in a “First Blood” Match.
There will also be an Eight-Man Battle Royal that night, and appearances by plenty of other top stars from the pro circuit.
Tickets are only $19 for adults and $17 for kids and seniors.
Saturday night December 3rd, NWS makes its debut appearance at Parlin, NJ’s St. Bernadette’s Church Lourdes Parish Center (20 Villanova Road, just off Ernston Road, minutes from Routes 9, 35, and the Parkway), with a 7:35pm bell time.
Headlining this debut appearance in Parlin will be former WWE Intercontinental and Tag-Team Champion, one-half of the world-famous “Rockers” tag-team, the one and only Marty Janetty.
But that’s only the tip of the iceberg… this will also be one of NWS’ “Steel Cage Mania” shows, where not just one, but *TWO* matches will be contested within a fifteen-foot-high steel cage. One such match will involve another TV wrestling veteran, former ECW hardcore original “gangsta” New Jack.
Tickets are only $20 for adults and $18 for kids and seniors.
Tickets for all upcoming shows are available by calling the NWS box office at (732) 888-1704. All major charge cards are accepted, and group rates are available for groups of ten or more.

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