Indy News Update #3 for November 8, 2011
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Canadian All-Pro Wrestling sent this in.

Canadian All-Pro Wrestling debuted in Calgary, Canada with an action-packed card saturday, November 5th that featured former TNA star “Hotshot” Johnny Devine!

The show started with “The All American” Steve Rivers coming out to the ring wih his knee taped up. He proclaimed he was too injured to face “Hotshot” Johnny Devine in the main event, but had a substitution for him: The convict known as Slammer. Devine came to the ring and basically called “shenanigans” on Steve Rivers and promised to “hand Slammer his a**.”

In the first match, Mike Briggs defeated “Pistol” Pete Wilson in a very entertaining, high-flying match. The victory came after a super-kick to Wilson’s jaw.

After the contest, Pete Wilson attacked Mike Briggs from behind in a cowardly, brutal beat-down, but the “Asian Assassin” Kato came out to make the save, chasing Wilson out of the ring. The fans in attendance wonder exactly why Wilson turned on Mike Briggs, but CAW officials are hoping to get that questioned answered at the next show.

The second match of the night was a tag team match between “Brothers in Blood” Steven Styles and Damien versus Kesihi Matsunaga and Ra am Dante. Matsunaga and Dante, a tag team literally thrown together at the last moment, performed admirably together, but were not able to overcome the brutal, dominating and double-teaming assault by the Brothers in Blood, who wound up winning the match with a double power-bomb to Matsunaga, practically driving him through the canvas.

In a surprise, the third match of the night featured a “miraculously-healed” Steve Rivers, who made his way to the ring and procalaimed himself well enough to have a match. But since Johnny Devine was now scheduled to fight Slammer, he (Rivers) had to face a different opponent. Out of the back came Sydney Steele to face the big American liar! The match kicked off with Rivers throwing his jacket over Steele’s face, cheap-shotting him, then clamining that the Canadian “tried to steal his jacket”!

This match-up was definitely a mis-match, with Steele more of a middle-weight and Rivers definitely a heavyweight. However, Sydney Steele aquitted himself quite well in this match, actually gaining the upper hand on several occasions. The match ended with Steele coming off the top rope for a high-risk move that resulted in rivers catching him in mid-air to slap the crossface on. After the bell rang, Rivers refused to break the hold… Until Johnny Devine ran into the ring. Coward that he is, Rivers immediately broke the hold and fled the ring, apparently once-again injured, as he limped off. Devine told Rivers he wasn’t fooling anyone and promised that he would catch up to him sooner or later, stating Rivers could not duck him forever.

The semi main event for the night featured the “Asian Assassin” Kato facing off against the big man from Atlantic City New Jersey, Barricade. Kato’s trademark entrance – a flip over the top rope into the ring – seemed to be marred possibly by Barricade shaking the top rope to put Kato off balance. An entertaining and fast-paced match was marred halfway through when “Pistol” Pete Wilson came running out of the back and attacked Kato. This was possibly in retaliation for Kato coming out to make the save for Mike Briggs, who co-incedentally came out from the back to even the odds. The interim commissioner for the evening turned this into an impromptu tag team match which deteriorated into a melee, eventually ending in a count-out victory when Wilson and Barricade both left the ring. Not satisfied, the interim commissioner booked a contest between these ad-hoc teams at the next show in a Lumberjack match!

The main event of the evening featured former TNA Star “Hotshot” Johnny Devine taking on the convict Slammer in a very entertaining, and at times amusing, thanks to the antics of Devine, match that went back and forth for the majority of the contest. Somewhat surprisingly, Slammer actually gave almost as good as he got in this mach which was closer than it may be expected to have been. In the end however, the “Devine One” secured the victory after a stylized overhead fishermans’ suplex. The victory celebration was short-lived when a man in an American flag mask came out and attacked Devine post-match. the masked man (obviously Steve Rivers in disguise) fled the scene however when devine turned the attack around. The show ended wih Devine demanding a match against Steve Rivers at Canadian All-Pro Wrestling‘s next community hall show on December 18th!

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