Indy News Update #1 for November 11, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent this in.

Sunday November 06 2011
TWA Pro Wrestling
St Catharines, Ontario
At TWA Powerhouse
Ring Announcer: voice from behind the curtain
Referees: Dave McCombs and Terry Sampson
Results credit: Michael Colyn for

1) In a Triple Threat Match for the TWA Hardcore Title, Co-Champions Ricky Ray and Terry Blaze faced Frankie Valentine. The match ended when Frankie pinned Terry to become the new TWA Hardcore Champion.

2) “The Former Child Star” Rhys Greenaway defeated TJ Thunder.

A message came in from the anonymous TWA Commissioner that with what happened last week at Halloween Hell in regards to the TWA North American Chmpionship, both Robbie Reckless and EZE Eric Cairnie are co-champs. More to come on this.

Joey Paradice wants a shot at the TWA Heavyweight Championship so if he wins the following match, he gets his shot at an upcoming show.

3) Joey Paradice defeats Robbie Reckless with a schoolboy roll-up when Robbie got distracted.

4) Jimmy King defeated “The Model” Tommy Powers.

5) EZE Eric Cairnie defeated “Future $” Chad Williams.

6) Robbie Reckless defeated Rip Impact with a superkick.

7) In a No Count Outs, No Disqualifications Match where the winner will face TWA Heavyweight Champion Kryss Thorn, “Sniper” Randy Vahn defeated “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang with a stunner.

Sunday November 06 2011

Stampede Wrestling
LIVE PRO WRESTLING (Ontario debut)
Barrie, Ontario

ANAF Building
RIng Announcer: Jason Sensation
Attendance: 400-450
Referees: Old School, ???
Commentators: Jessy Jones, Jian Magen, “Soulman” Ricky Johnson, Jeremy Barnoff
Event was fimed by crews from: CTV Barrie, TSN, Rogers
Results credit: Brenda Fourfingers for

Show opened with short Mind Reading exercise by Mysterion

1. Jeremy Barnoff def “Red Hot” Ryan Wood

2. Jake O’Reilly def Scotty The Body

3. Battle Royal (Winner: Mike Hart)

4. Turk Celik w/ Mysterion def Tomer Shalom w/ The Rabbi

5. Guillotine Graham (“Highlander” Robbie MacAllister) def Crazzy Steve


6. Al Snow def RJ City

7. Intergender Tag:
Justin Rego & Jodi D’Milo def Buck Gunderson & Ally

8. Harry Smith def Fit Finlay

Saturday November 05 2011

CWE – Canadian Wrestling Entertainment
Orillia, Ontario

Postponed until further notice

Sunday, October 30

NRW – New Revolution Wrestling
Devils Night Massacre
Wyebridge, Ontario

Wyebridge Community Center
Results credit: nRw Correspondent Mick Immagen for

Read Detailed Show Report Here

Quick Results:

1. The Path Of Violence Begins:
D-Man def “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang w/ Tommy Powers

2. Travis Lepage def No Limits Champion Brad Evans in a Non-Title match

3. Eric Motts & Pauly Codine def The Society (Rich Adams & Kid X)

4. Open Challenge – 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Midland Mauler Vs ???
Winner after a grueling 30 minutes, 2 falls to 1: Angelus Lestat.

5. Tommy Powers w/ Kwan Chang def Felix Fletcher

6. Career vs Career: Angelus Lestat def Brandon Summers

7. Main Event: NRW Championship
Champion Bruce Noss def Kade Kronin by submission to retain the title

Sunday October 30 2011

Toronto, Ontario

Ring Announcer: Topher Whiteman
Referees: Chris The Ref, D Morningstar
Attendance: hard to tell… 70? 80?
Results credit: Mark Forlemay for

1. “Psycho” Mike Rollins def “Rocksteady” Alex Vega

2. Tag Match: Los Angry Birds def Kobra Kai Dojo

3. Intergender Tag Match:
Baked Goods (Seleziya Sparx & Sebastian Suave) def “Surf’s Up” Johnny Wave & Mama Tsunami

4a. Brent Banks def Mr Saki

4b. Brent Banks def Joey Kings

4c. Brent Banks def Ethan Page

5. FIGHT Brand Four Way:
Alessandro Del Bruno def RJ City, Scotty O’Shea and Christopher Bishop when he pinned O’Shea

6. 2-on-1 Handicap Match:
Cody Deaner def Ashley Sixx & “Bearded Dragon” Scotty Turner
7. Super Super Red Lightning S def Scott Adams
8. MAIN EVENT: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin def “The Ronin” Josh Alexander w/ Courtney Rush

Tellin D. Truth sent this in.

We are pleased to present our 15th Episode of Talk NWA, live on blogtalkradio 1:30PM Eastern, 10:30AM Pacific, with 2011 PWI Rookie of the Year Nominee, Nick Madrid. Besides being rad, Madrid has made his way to work numerous promotions in Southern California as well as become a main stay on the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and becoming a fixture in the NWA Oregon affiliate West Coast Wrestling Connection.

This week on Talk NWA we’ll be discussing potential challengers to the NWA World Tag Team Championship, NWA WC-WC’s Survival Games IV, NWA Hollywood, Mach-1 Wrestling and the Rookie of the Year nomination from Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s for Nick Madrid. What else will be the topics for our next show? Call in and you can decided.

In association with, Talk NWA is a thirty minute live podcast for the fans of the NWA to discuss in real time, their views and opinion on the National Wrestling Alliance, along with providing the latest news and information from across the NWA.

PTW sent this in.


On Sunday 19th August 2012, Power Trip Wrestling are at The Monster Truck Nationals, at Santa Pod, with an approximate show time of 1pm. Visit for more details. Because the UK’s loudest wrestling promotion – just got a whole lot louder!

IN DEPTH PREVIEW : Power Trip Wrestling present “Keep The Faith”, Wed 30th Nov 2011, a fundraising show for the Teenage Cancer Trust, in their hometown of Luton, Bedfordshire.

In the most anticipated show of the year, in the Bedfordshire area, Power Trip Wrestling are back in their hometown, to show everyone how it’s done once more. Why bother with overpriced tickets, and the “competition”, when you can see wrestling stars and talent from all around the United Kingdom; that are all gathered together to help raise money for a great cause such as the Teenage Cancer Trust? And right here, is your exclusive in depth preview of the show that they are all talking about….

* PTW World Title Match :
‘South African Superstar’ Zizou Middoux w/’The Inked Up Icon’ P.T. Player (c) vs ‘High Stakes’ Tommy Martins

At the last PTW show, in Kettering, ‘South African Superstar’ Zizou Middoux, became the youngest wrestler in the world to hold three title belts internationally. Along with the help of his egotistical, arrogant, and somewhat evil manager, ‘The Inked Up Icon’ P.T. Player, and the youngest General Manager in professional wrestling, Drewy Staniforth; Zizou won the title; but with underhanded means, and cheating. At this point, their ego’s are at probably the highest that they have ever been, and in P.T. Player’s case, this is quite something; as his ‘ego with it’s own postcode’ is legendary. On Wednesday 30th November 2011, in Luton, though; that reality check could well be there, in the guise of former two time PTW World Champion ‘High Stakes’ Tommy Martins! This will be Zizou Middoux’s first title defence here in England, and there is a realistic chance it could be his last, as Tommy Martins is one of the most talented men in Power Trip Wrestling. Could the interference factor of P.T. Player & Drewy Staniforth be the decider? Or will it be the imposing presence of P.T.’s personal security, J-P, at ringside? Could ego’s clash and collide? Player and Middoux are well known to consider themselves brothers, and are also tag team partners; but if the going gets tough – could the pressure cause their ‘bro-mance’ to break? It’s a main event anywhere in the country, and to see it, you’re going to have to be there live!

* PTW World Tag Team Championship Rematch :
‘Teetotal’ Thomas Stevens & Mason Storm (c) vs ‘The Business’, Anton Green & Gabriel Myers!

The new PTW World Tag Team Champions, Thomas Stevens & Mason Storm, are getting ready and in training for their first defence; and it’s against their sneaky rivals, who are number one contenders to the belts; ‘The Business’ Anton Green & Gabriel Myers. Stevens & Storm are loving life having broken away from P.T. Player, and are really enjoying the support of the fans. These two are extremely heavy hitters, and turn up, and quite simply people up for fun. With Stevens at 6’3 and 240 lbs, and Storm at 6’6 and 225 lbs; who can stop them from doing that? Well, Anton Green and Gabriel Myers believe they can. With Green’s mat based approach combined with sneaky tricks behind the referee’s back, and with Myers’s sheer size, muscle, and power; this is a very interesting match up. And rather like the PTW World Title Match, this could potentially go either way as well; as the two most talented tag teams in Power Trip Wrestling lock horns once more.

* To crown the first ever PTW WildCard Champion : A 10 man ‘over the top rope’ Battle Royal!

In a match to crown the first ever PTW WildCard Champion, we have a 10 man over the top rope battle royal. The simple story behind the PTW WildCard Title? It’s going to be full of wild times and excitement, and controversy. Because the ‘wild card’, is that whoever is the champion, will be able to pick their own match stipulations, and however they choose to defend it. This is, we believe, a first ever in professional wrestling, and we’ve brought the list down to 10, of wrestlers who want to become the first champion! This includes the unexpected and very welcome comeback of Kevin Carter, and also Luton based PTW rookies CJ Gunner, and Steven Devine; who are both looking to make an impact. But the breaking news, and the big shock is, the BOSS has entered himself into the rumble, yes, ‘The Inked Up Icon’ P.T. Player is going to try to win the belt as well. P.T. is coming off of yet another tattoo (his ninth), and is certainly living up to his nickname; and has decided to throw himself into the title picture, and add some gold to go alongside his aforementioned ego. When the PTW Office asked why, he replied ‘Zizou has the PTW World Title, and in 2012, we will be going for the PTW World Tag Team Titles; so why shouldn’t I have my own title too? I’m the best damn thing this company has to offer, so it only makes sense!’.

* Triple Threat ‘Cruiserweight Chaos’ Match :
Lewy ‘Ripper’ Paradise VS Steve Omega VS Alex Young!

High flying, fast paced, excitement. Thrills, and spills. Action inside, and outside of the ring. That’s what PTW Cruiserweight Chaos matches are all about, and we’ve brought together three of the top stars in the division for this match. Lewy ‘Ripper’ Paradise is a much loved name at Power Trip Wrestling, and is often featured on Sky television, as is one of his opponents; Steve Omega, as they have had quite the feud in the Northern UK wrestling scene. Alex Young is a young star from the Midlands, who is determined to make his mark on Power Trip Wrestling, and this triple threat match will be off the charts, as all three young men look to take a victory home with them!
* Singles Match :
Wolf VS Psycho Steve!

Two of the most underrated wrestlers in PTW are going at it, in this match. Wolf has been on something of a winning streak in recent months, at Power Trip Wrestling; and is rising up the contendership ladder. Psycho Steve is a veteran of the business, and knows what it takes to win a match; something he has done on many occasions over the years. This is looking like one of the most interesting matches on the card. With Wolf being simply a savage who will attack to win, and with Psycho Steve being quite literally out of his mind; the psychological battle here is as muchly anticipated as the physical battle.

* Singles Match :
‘Essex Boi’ Danny Jonez vs Big Daddy Dom!

The former tag team partner of Anton Green, Big Daddy Dom, is back in Power Trip Wrestling. And bigger, and meaner, than ever. He is looking to make a statement on his return to PTW, by taking out the newly popular ‘Essex Boi’ Danny Jonez. Danny Jonez has embraced the support of the fans in recent time, and has gone on an online mission, on social networking websiets such as Facebook and Twitter, to state his case for a PTW Title shot of any kind. This has not sat well with P.T. Player or Drewy Staniforth, and has caused Jonez to be thrown in at the deep end, against Big Daddy Dom!

* Intergender Match :
TJ Ski vs Jordan E!

TJ Ski is a popular young cruiserweight at Power Trip Wrestling, is loved by the fans, and is full of energy and excitement. The problem with that? He’s really got under the skin of PTW’s primary female, the as featured on television programme ‘Come Dine With Me’, Jordan E. Jordan is a no frills, no fuss, straight to the point woman, who loves to beat up men for the sheer fun and humour value (to herself) of it. This is a rematch from the last PTW show in October, in Kettering, which saw Jordan E take the victory. And TJ Ski’s bravery, and determination, should not be under credited here; as many men simply will not get in the ring with Jordan E, through nothing short of fear of being embrassed by a no nonsense woman, who doesnt care what she has to do to gain a victory in the ring.


What :
Power Trip Wrestling present “Keep The Faith”

When :
Wednesday 30th November 2011

Where :
Stopsley Working Men’s Club, Luton, LU2 8HG

Why :
A fundraising show for the Teenage Cancer Trust

Times :
Doors open 7pm, Show starts 7.30pm

Tickets :
Just £5 each. Reserve tickets now by ringing 07594 304455.