Indy News Update #2 for November 11, 2011
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Smart Mark Video sent this in.

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for November 10, 2011



Chikara DVD October 30, 2011 “Maiden Flight Of The Great Condor” – Williamsport, PA $15.00
1. Kodama vs. Ophidian
2. Archibald Peck vs. Marion Fontaine
3. The Batiri (Kobald & Obariyon) vs. 3.0 (Shane Matthews & Scott Parker vs. The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant)
4. Eddie Edwards vs. Jigsaw
5. Tim Donst vs. Green Ant
6. Vin Gerard vs. Eddie Kingston [BLOCK B}
7. The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Sugar Dunkerton vs. F.I.S.T. [Campeonatos de Parejas]
8. Tursas vs. Sara Del Rey
9. Die Bruderschaft (Jakob Hammermeier & Delirious) vs. Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked)

AAW DVD October 28, 2011 “War is Coming” – Merrionette Park, IL $15.00
1. Dan Lawrence, Samuray Del Sol & Zero Gravity vs. The CLASH
2. Mena Libra vs. MsChif
3. The Awesome Threesome vs. Gregory Iron & Christian Faith
4. Mason Beck vs. Michael Elgin
5. Street Fight: Keith Walker, Jesse Emerson & N8 Mattson vs. Marion Fontaine, Darin Corbin & Danny Daniels
6. Irish Airborne vs. Josh Raymond & Christian Able
7. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross vs. Shane Hollister
8. Dog Collar Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Arik Cannon
9. Silas Young vs. Rhino

AAW DVD September 30, 2011 “Defining Moment” – Berwyn, IL $15.00
1. The Clash & Keith Walker vs. Zero Gravity & Samuray Del Sol
2. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jesse Emerson
3. Gregory Iron vs. Ashley Sixx vs. Eric Ryan vs. Bobby Beverly
4. Michael Elgin vs. Arik Cannon
5. Madison Eagles, Sassy Stephanie & Mena Libra vs. MsChif, Navaeh & Jessie McKay
6. Mason Beck vs. Louis Lyndon
7. Awesome Threesome vs. Irish Airborne vs. NorthStache Express
8. Shane Hollister vs. Alex Shelley
9. Silas Young vs. Colt Cabana

Beyond Wrestling DVD October 2, 2011 “Back In Flesh” – Cleveland, OH $15.00
1. #KOA (Aaron Epic, Pinkie Sanchez, Sugar Dunkerton) vs. Submission Squad (Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico)
2. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) vs. Sex Bob-ombs (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett)
3. Dave Cole vs. Jack Verville
4. WWA4 All Stars (Uhaa Nation & Stitch Sypher) vs. Team TREMENDOUS (Dan Barry & Ken Scampi) vs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Darius Carter & TJ Marconi) vs. Jollyville .-its (Russ Myers & T-Money)
5. Round Robin Challenge: Johnny Gargano vs. Jonny Mangue w/ The Pitboss
6. Chase Burnett vs. Jarek 1:20 vs. KJ Crush vs. Maserati Rick
7. Round Robin Challenge: Davey Richards vs. Johnny Gargano
8. Tony Kozina vs. Nick Talent
9. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Mark Angel
10. AR Fox vs. RD Evans
11. Round Robin Challenge: Davey Richards vs. Jonny Mangue

Beyond Wrestling DVD July 23, 2011 “About Time” – Danbury, CT $15.00
1. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)
2. Leon St. Giovanni w/ Jon Harder vs. “The Juice” JT Dunn
3. Aaron Epic vs. Amber
4. Academy of Anatomy (Nick Talent & Mark Angel) vs. Team TREMENDOUS (Dan Barry & Ken Scampi) vs. D.U.I. (Anthony Stone & William Thorne) vs. Connecticut Superstars (Dave Cole & J-Busta)
5. RD Evans vs. Jarek 1:20
6. Throwbacks (Sugar Dunkerton & Dasher Hatfield) vs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Darius Carter & TJ Marconi)
7. Cockstrong Carnival – Participants Include: Cecil Nyx, Tuck Hanson, GLAAD Badd, Veda Scott, Stan Styles, Addy Star, Steve “Turtle” Weiner, Josh Thor, Fredo Majors
8. Mat Fitchett vs. Jonny Mangue
9. Team Cockstrong (Johnny Cockstrong, Corvis Fear, Chase Burnett, Zane Silver) vs. Team Vega (Davey Vega, Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico)

DreamWave DVD October 1, 2011 “No Escape” – LaSalle, IN $15.00
1. Steel Cage Match w/ Special Guest Referee: Mick Foley – Greg Glover vs. Bryan Nelson
2. Nick Brubaker vs. Shane Hollister
3. Waylon & DTM vs. Mason Beck & Cousin Bobby
4. Zero Gravity vs. Pride
5. Mr. 450 vs. Steve Boz vs. Ace Martino
6. Gregory Iron vs. Dan Lawrence
7. Marshe Rocket vs. Yabo The Clown
8. Austin Roberts vs. Ninja Bill

IWA East Coast DVD September 20, 2011 “Are You Ready?” – Nitro, WV $15.00
1. Mickie Knuckles vs. Jay Bly
2. Bulldozer vs. Matt Conard
3. Zac Vincent vs. Viper
4. Facade vs. Adam Cole vs. Ophidian vs. Jason Gory vs. Alex Colon
5. Jason Kincaid vs. Vance Desmond
6. Mad Man Pondo, 2 Tuff Tony & X-Pac vs. Trik Nasty, TJ Phillips & Aaron Draven
7. Sami Callihan vs. Necro Butcher

PWO DVD September 17, 2011 “Zero Hour” – Streetsboro, OH $15.00
1. Nicki Valentino vs. Dan Arkham
2. Hobo Joe vs. Kirst
3. Bobby Shields vs. Aaron Draven
4. Krimson vs. Brian Bender
5. Ninja Elite Squad (Michael Facade, Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) vs. Sex Appeal (Bobby Shields, Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino)
6. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross vs. Marion Fontaine
7. Jason Gory vs. Gregory Iron
8. Sons Of Michigan (N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone) vs. Ben Fruith & Corey Winters
9. Jason Bane vs. The Winner of Cross vs. Fontaine

wXw DVD August 14, 2011 “Surprise” – Oberhausen, Germany $15.00
1. Jonathan Gresham vs. Marty Scurll
2. Aaron Insane, Chris Rush & Sasa Keel vs. 2 Face Bernd Fohr & Earl
3. Axeman vs. Drew Gulak
4. Emil Sitoci vs. Karsten Beck
5. Johnny Moss & Jon Ryan vs. Freddy Stahl & Kim Ray
6. 2 Face vs. Jaysin Strife
7. Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin vs. Sumerian Death Squad
8. Fit Finlay vs. Big Van Walter

Chaotic Wrestling DVD June 24, 2011 “Breaking Point 2011” – Woburn, MA $15.00
1. Mikaze & Taka Suzuki vs. Republique
2. Chase Del Monte vs. Bryan Logan
3. Contenders Gauntlet Match
4. Sean Burke vs. Daniel Warner
5. Max Bauer vs. Alex Arion
6. Brian Milonas vs. Handsome Johnny vs. Brian Fury

11/12 – Chikara – Easton, PA
11/13 – Chikara – Philadelphia, PA
11/18 – ICW – Milwaukee, WI
11/18 – WIF! – Fountain Hill, PA
11/19 – WIF! – Moosic, PA
11/19 – ICW – Milwaukee, WI
11/25 – AIW – Cleveland, OH
12/2 – IWA-MS – Bellevue, IL
12/2 – JoshiMania – Philadelphia, PA
12/3 – JoshiMania – Everett, MA
12/4 – JoshiMania – Manhattan, NY
12/17 – AIW – Cleveland, OH


Bradley Grover sent this in.

BREAKING NEWS: “The Innovator of Violence” TOMMY DREAMER returns to Chaotic Wrestling on December 2nd in Lowell and December 3rd in Littleton! has just learned that a very special guest will be in attendance when Chaotic Wrestling is back at the Polish American Veterans Club in Lowell, Massachusetts AND for our second event at the Littleton Opera House in Littleton, New Hampshire. TOMMY DREAMER will return to the Chaotic ring for the first time in five years on the weekend of December 2nd and 3rd! Dreamer’s first appearance in CW came as special guest referee for a “Psycho’s Rules” match at BREAKING POINT 2006. This time, however, we can confirm that Dreamer WILL BE competing in the squared circle!

Dreamer is a Hardcore Hall of Famer and one of the originators of the extreme style of wrestling – earning him the nickname “The Innovator of Violence”. What will happen when the Yonkers, New York native enters the ring in Lowell and Littleton? Who will step up and face him? Reserve your seats now for Lowell on Friday, December 2nd and Littleton on Saturday, December 3rd to witness Tommy Dreamer’s Chaotic Wrestling return first-hand!