This week’s Slam Downloads; Sheamus, McIntyre

Slam Downloads sent this in.

This week, we have added more matches to Slam Downloads – with more to come over the weekend!!
Here are details of the matches added this week so far :

Go Shiozaki vs. Pierre Marceau vs. Vic Viper (w/Domino on Commentary) (3-Way #1 Contender’s Match)

Stu Sanders (aka Wade Barrett) & Pierre Marceau vs. Man Man Manson & Vic Viper (w/Sheamus on Commentary)

Drew Galloway (c) (aka Drew McIntyre) vs. Domino (IWW International Heavyweight Title Match) (w/Mad Man Manson on Commentary)

Sheamus O’Shaunessy (c) vs. Vampiro (IWW International Heavyweight Title Match)

Daizee Haze vs Skye

Ms.Chif vs. “Jezebel” Eden Black

“Jezebel” Eden Black & Ms.Chif vs. Jetta & Cheerleader Melissa

“Jezebel” Eden Black vs. Lacey

“Jezebel” Eden Black (c) vs. Portia Perez (w/Jetta) (RQW Women’s Title Match)

“Jezebel” Eden Black (c) vs. Allison Danger (RQW Women’s Title Match)

Matches coming over the next week includes : AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Doug Williams, Ms.Chif, Wesna, Cheerleader Melissa, Jade, “Jezebel” Eden Black & Amazing Kong.

Keep checking daily for updates and new matches made available to download exclusively!

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