Indy News Update #4 for November 13, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent this in.

Friday November 11 2011
SCW – Squared Circle Wrestling
Milton, Ontario
Seniors Acivity Centre
Referees: Lil’ Jimmy
Results credit:

1) Sebastian Suave def. “Rocksteady” Alex Vega with a little help from Seleziya Sparx

2) Marcus “The Great” Marquez def. Kalvin Kriss with help from Seleziya Sparx

Following the match, The Empire beat down a helpless Kalvin Kriss untill Alex Vega & Xandra Bale ran out to make the save.

Vega, Kriss & Bale challenged the Empire to a 6-Person Tag Team Match for later on in the show.

3) The K.G.B. def. The Fist Pumpers in a Handicap Match

4) O.P. Kross upset RJ City with a quick roll-up

5) “Rocksteady” Alex Vega, Kalvin Kriss & Xandra Bale def. The Empire following a stereo splash by Kriss & Vega.

Pepper Parks revealed that Kris Chambers was forced to pull-out of his semi-finals tournament match due to transportation problems. Since Chambers couldn’t compete, Pepper Parks announced that he has moved onto the finals.

Since Pepper was at the event he decided to challenge anybody to a match. The K.G.B. gladly accepted and went toe-to-toe with the American native.

6) Pepper Parks def. The K.G.B. following a spin-out Fishermans Suplex

7) Michael Elgin def. Brent Banks to advance to the Premier Championship Finals.
Both men fought each other untill complete exhaustion. In the end, Michael Elgin managed to put away The All-Starter with a top rope sit-out Powerbomb.