Indy News Update #4 for November 14, 2011
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Wrestleview’s own Jason Namako sent this report in.

CHIKARA “High Noon” iPPV Results Asylum Arena Philadelphia, PA 11/13/2011 by Jason Namako

Pre-Show a Go-Go Match: Jigsaw defeated “The Generic Luchador” El Generico by pinfall with a Top Rope double stomp.

1. For the 3rd point to gain a Campeon de Parejas Title Shot: The Colony(Fire & Soldier Ant) defeated The Young Bucks(Matt & Nick Jackson) by pinfall when Fire Ant pinned Matt Jackson with a rollup.

2. BDK vs. former BDK: “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey defeated Jacob Hammermeier of the BDK by pinfall with the Royal Butterfly.

During the match, the crowd chanted “Happy Birthday” at Del Rey, whose birthday is today.

Promo package was shown highlighting the debut of a new character for CHIKARA’s next “season”, entitled Mr. Football.

Osyrian Portal comes out and Amasis takes the mic and says that the future of the Osyrian Portal is that there is none. Amasis says that due to the serious car accident he was in back in April, he has been told by doctors to retire. Amasis says that he didn’t want this to be a sad time, he wanted people to remember the highlights of the Osyrian Portal and how they were once the best tag team in the world. Amasis says he wants the Arena to do what they do best, and he and Ophidian begin clapping and dancing to the applause of the fans, until Ophidian spits something in Amasis’ eyes and attacks him, turning heel. Ophidian beats the crap of Amasis and puts him in a Camel Clutch, until referees and officials come in to pull him off. Amasis is hurt while Ophidian stalks around the ring. He then comes back in the ring and unmasks Amasis, which is considered a major heel thing in CHIKARA. Ophidian leaves with Amasis’ mask and says, “Amasis, Problem solved.”

3. Grudge Match, BDK vs. Colony: Green Ant of the Colony defeated Tursas of the BDK by submission with a new submission that he learned from Mike Quackenbush.


4. King of Trios 2011 Re-Match: Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana defeated Archibald Peck w/Veronica & the Colt Cabunny by pinfall when the Cabunny turned on Peck and knocked him out with Peck’s baton, leading to the victory.

After the match, Cabana taught the Cabunny how to dance.

Promo was shown highlighting next month’s Joshimania weekend.

5. One Final Time: Icarus of F.I.S.T. defeated Greg Iron by pinfall with the Picture Perfect DDT after kicking Iron low while the referee was distracted.

After the match, Icarus grabbed a belt and began whipping Iron until Gran Akuma ran in from the crowd to make the save. Akuma came in behind Icarus, and went to hit Icarus with a kick, but Icarus moved and Akuma hit Iron by accident. Icarus ran to the back, while Akuma was angry that he accidentally hit Iron.

6. No Disqualification Single Jeopardy Lucha de Apuestas(Stipulations) Tag Team Grudge Match: The Spectral Envoy(Hallowicked & UltraMantis Black) defeated The BDK(Ares & Tim Donst) by pinfall when Black pinned Ares with the Praying Mantis Bomb through 2 chairs set up.

Due to the Lucha De Apuestas stipulations set before the match, Ares has to give up the Eye of Tyr(A prized artifact of Black’s) back to him. If Donst was pinned, he would have had his head shaved. Had Black or Hallowicked been pinned, they would have been forced to unmask.

7. Main Event in the finals of the 12 Large Summit to crown the 1st ever Grand Champion of CHIKARA: “The War King” Eddie Kingston w/ “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer defeated “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush to become the 1st champion after several Backfists to the Future.

After the match, Kingston was crying in the ring as he was announced as the first champion. Larry Sweeney(who the tournament was named after)’s brother and best friend came out to present Kingston with the championship belt. The fans chanted for Sweeney. Kingston embraced them both and held the belt to the air. He looked up and said, “I love you.”

Tommy Dreamer strapped the title around Kingston’s waist. The wrestlers began to enter the ring as Kingston took the mic. He said that what you just saw live and on iPPV, was the best wrestling product out there today. He said that he dares anyone from New York City or that piece of crap from Florida to come here. He said he didn’t care if you are CM Punk, AJ Styles, Triple H or John Cena, “look into my eyes. You ain’t beating me.” Kingston said that he didn’t care who else runs this building, “no one, no one touches CHIKARA.”

A number of other wrestlers entered the ring and embraced Kingston. A CHIKARA chant broke out as the iPPV went off the air.