Indy News Update #1 for November 16, 2011
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Wrestling is Fun sent this in.

When was the last time you were excited for a wrestling show? When was the last time you had FUN at a wrestling show? Well now you can with Wrestling is Fun! Come join us for our debut show on November 18th in Fountain Hill, PA.

Debuts Are Fun!
@ Dragon Head
November 18, 2011
1205 Broadway
Fountain Hill, PA 18015
Doors open = 7:00PM
Belltime = 7:30PM
Featuring Five Exciting Matches!
The Colony (Green Ant and Soldier Ant) vs. The Batiri
Jigsaw vs. STIGMA
Ultramantis Black &Crossbones vs. The New Sensations
Kobald vs. Ophidian
Johnny Ego vs. Dasher Hatfield
Plus The Debut of Mr. Touchdown and Los Ice Creams are in Action!

Official Website: