Indy News Update #1 for November 17, 2011
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Brady Hicks sent this in.

This week, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Brady Hicks, DJ, and Kevin McElvaney are joined IN THE ROOM live on WEXP 1600 Philly and by special guest Joe Zanolle, the booker for the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA), as the company gears up for its K-Cup tag tournament this Saturday, November 19th in Newark, Delaware. All that, plus, the original ITR gang talks Survivor Series (including predictions), Raw, answers a lot of listener feedback, and gets more than a little goofy with impressions and water flowing. Be watering, people, BE WATERING. Plus, the search for the next co-host of IN THE ROOM heats up, and the nominees for the 2011 Who’s Slammy Awards are officially unveiled. Check it out!

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Thanks for supporting the IN THE ROOM on WEXP 1600 Philly and To leave a message for the show, you can e-mail us at or call (206) 337-1031. And while you’re at the site, be sure to check out great interviews with AJ Styles (8/9/10), Kurt Angle (10/8/10), Sunny (3/21/11), Don West (12/13/10), Serena Deeb (11/8/10), Madison Rayne (6/8/10), and Kevin Thorn (10/25/10).

Brady Hicks has been writing about wrestling for more than 15 years, for Web sites, newspapers, and magazines. He is a contributing writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated and is also the host of his acclaimed weekly podcast – IN THE ROOM.