Slam Downloads sent this in.

Slam Downloads Weekly Update

Matches made available this past week for download:

Ms.Chif vs. Wesna

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Wesna (c) vs. Cheerleader Melissa – RQW Women’s Title Match

“Jezebel” Eden Black vs. Jade

Amazing Kong vs. “Jezebel” Eden Black

Doug Williams vs. Darren Burridge – World Of Sport Rules Match

New matches this coming week (18/11/11 to 24/11/11) include :

Chris Sabin, Darren Burridge, Kelly Adams, Ms.Chif, Cheerleader Melissa, “Jezebel” Eden Black, Wesna, Amazing Kong, Jetta, Sweet Saraya, CIMA, Vic Viper, Nigel McGuinness, Bam Katraz, Tracey Smothers, El Generico, Luptin Matsutani, Mad Man Manson and Colt Cabana!