Indy News Update #4 for November 20, 2011
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CHIKARA sent this in.

CHIKARA welcomes Ayako Hamada to December’s JoshiMania tour!

Philadelphia, Boston and Manhattan are in for a rare treat the first weekend of December – as 12 stars of joshi team-up with the CHIKARA gang to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza called JoshiMania!
The final new participant to join this event is former star of ARSION and even TNA, Ayako Hamada! Alongside such legendary figures as Manami Toyota, Aja Kong and Mayumi Ozaki, Hamada headlines this one-of-a-kind event, inspired by Itsuki Yamazaki of the famed Jumping Bomb Angels!

Take a look at the marquee matches for each night of JoshiMania:

Aja Kong [Oz Academy] vs. Sara Del Rey [CHIKARA]

Ayako Hamada vs. Aja Kong

Sara Del Rey vs. Ayako Hamada

The full list of lethal ladies joining us from Japan:

-Manami Toyota
-Aja Kong [Oz Academy]
-Mayumi Ozaki [Oz Academy]
-Ayako Hamada
-Mio Shirai
-Kaori Yoneyama [JWP]
-Toshie Uematsu [WAVE]
-Cherry [Union]
-Gami [WAVE]
-Tsubasa Kuragaki [JWP]
-Sawako Shimono [Osaka Joshi]
-Hanako Nakamori [JWP]

Also on Friday, December 2nd, we are proud to offer the chance to train with Meiko Satomura of Sendai Girls Pro-Wrestling and her assistant trainer in our ring in Philadelphia! Not only will selected wrestlers spend 90 minutes in the ring with Satomura, but they will also be observed by the acting presidents of several joshi organizations.

This is a tremendous opportunity, not just to learn first-hand from the most respected female trainer active in Japan today, but to also impress the heads of several joshi organizations as well! The cost for this training seminar is $120.00 for selected candidates. To be considered for this, please email your information/wrestling resume to us at:

For more information on all things JoshiMania:

Come see our next 3 live events:

December 2 – 3 – 4, 2011
Friday – Saturday – Sunday
Philadelphia, PA – Everett, MA – Manhattan, NY
Tickets on sale now!

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Dory Funk sent this in.

!BANG! TV Report – Dory Funk Jr. Brings Wrestling Clinic to Nashville, Tennessee

From Bert Prentice on Facebook
WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling icon, Dory Funk Jr. will be holding a very rare wrestling seminar / minicamp this Wednesday night Nov 23 at 6pm in Nashville, Tn. All area wrestlers need to REALLY think about attending this seminar. What an incredible opportunity. Send me a message on Facebook if you are serious and want more information.

From Coach Dory Funk Jr. – “I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with young wrestlers working toward a career in professional wrestling. Our time together will be a challenging and enjoyable experience and you will leave with a greater knowledge of “This Great Sport” Professional Wrestling.”
In the “Glory Days,” Thanksgiving was the best night or the year for professional wrestling.

From Bert Prentice on Facebook

Thanksgiving is Going to be something special. That night the biggest southern style rasslin show Nashville has hosted in many moons featuring “The King” Jerry Lawler and NWA icon Dory Funk Jr., Chase Stevens vs. Shane Williams and the Nashville debut of Funking Conservatory Wrestling’s Claudia “The Claw” Reiff and Hollywood Heather. Doug Gilbert, Brian Christopher, Matt Boyce and more more. NWA Arena, 1056 E Trinity Ln

Also traveling from Funking Conservatory Wrestling in Ocala, Florida to Nashville, Johnny Magnum, Cory “Wild” Weston, Blain Rage, Jayson Falcone and Andra Smith and more.

Funking Conservatory Wrestling Athletes are looking forward to the opportunity to appear as a part of Dory Funk Jr.’s Wrestling Clainc on Wednesday. On Thursday they will stuff their Turkey down real good and be ready to kick some *ss Thanksgiving Night.

For more information on the Dory Funk Jr. Wrestling Clinic and Thanksgiving Night Professional Wrestling in Nashville, Tennessee go to facebook and contact Bert Prentice.

If you would like to become a professional wrestler and appear on !BANG! TV – Call now 352-895-4658 or visit