Larry Goodman sent this report in:

The NWA Anarchy crew had their work cut out for them at December 19 television taping in Cornelia, Georgia.

With Season’s Beatings just two weeks away, there was much to be done. The key storyline directions were in motion. However, no specific matches had been announced, leaving it the entire show to be set up in one night, which is not usually the way things have been done here.

Quite a good bit of action for a set up show. Nobody was slacking off. Rowdy Friends and Hate Junkie had a great brawl to blow off their feud. The wrestling was consistently good. There were a few questionable things about the booking, especially leaving it all to the final taping to set up the big show. Some of that may be attributable to recent changes in the booking committee. With that said, I think the booking has minimal impact on the discouragingly low attendance numbers lately.

There were 90 fans at the NWA Arena, virtually identical to two week ago, and a bet 90% of them were the same people.

Due to the absence of John Johnson, Andrew Alexander joined Greg Hunter in the booth on color commentary.

(1) Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton III) beat Anthony Henry & Corey Hollis to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Championship in 5:45. Uneventful match. Disinterested crowd. Talent pinned Henry after the champions hit him with the Bail Out.

Talent said they wanted competition. Ace Rockwell and Truitt Fields appeared on the ramp. They took time to strip off a layer of clothes before hitting the ring. Talent & Money failed in an attempt to brain the babys with the belts. Rockwell and Fields hit their finishers to the leave the champions laying. Straightforward and very well done.

Hunter announced Rockwell & Fields vs. Talent & Money for the tag team titles on January 2.

Hunter diverted our attention to WrestleVision for a pretaped interview with Todd Sexton. Hunter asked Sexton about his recent attitude change. Sexton attributed all the past nastiness with the Young Lion’s to his desire to get attention. Sexton said he was 31, beat up and broke down, and it was time to call it quits, so his final match was going to be at Season’s Beating with Jeremy Vain, a scumbag, but the best wrestler in Anarchy and a man he had gone to war with over the years. Hunter pointed out that a win over Vain would earn Sexton a shot at the Anarchy Heavyweight Title. Sexton said it was tempting, but regardless of the outcome, he was retiring at Season’s Beatings.

(2) Melissa Coates pinned Crystal Rose with the Facelift at 5:40. The surprise appearance by Coates got a strong pop. This was a female version of David and Goliath. Cool match. Coates was all power moves. She used a vicious choke toss into the turnbuckles, a pumphandle backbreaker and a gorilla press drop. Rose drew on her MMA background. She tried for a Kimura and an armbar. The psychology was right. With the massive size difference, submission was Rose’s best shot at winning. Likely the best Coates has looked in an Anarchy ring.

(3) Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn) defeated Rowdy Friends (Don Matthews & Jessco Blue) in a Falls Count Anywhere Match (12:36). A barnburner of a brawl. These dudes like it stiff. Guys were getting potatoed right and left. Hate Junkies head for the hills. The camera picked up the action in the locker room, where the Rowdies were beating the bejeezus out of the Junkies. Matthews slammed the bathroom door on Only’s head. Blue stuck Stryknyn’s head in the toilet. Back in the arena, Only gave Matthews a belly to belly on the ramp. It was 2 against Blue, but he made the comeback against the odds. Blue sent Only flying into the announcer’s booth. Matthews slammed Only’s head into the raised ?boot? of a kid in the front row. Hilarious. Blue was throwing these ridiculous soup bone punches. Stryknyn got busted open hardway above the eyebrow. At 280 easy, Matthews hit a swanton bomb on Only for a near fall. Damn. Didn?t know he had that
move in his arsenal. Only did his first dive ever, a flip from the top turnbuckle that wiped out the other three. Only then jumped off the top of the announcer’s booth and kabonged Blue with a chair. Matthews gave Only a brutal fallaway onto the ramp, and Stryknyn had to break up the pin. Jason Blackman showed up out nowhere and clubbed Matthews with a nightstick. Inside the ring, Junkies hit stereo running kicks on Blue for the pin. Matthews was busted open and had to be helped by security. Wow. This totally exceeded my expectations.

(4) The Entourage (Jay Clinton & Mr. Black) defeated Hayden Young & J-Rod in 6:26. Young & J-Rod were having a field day with the hapless Clinton. They took turns with dropkicks. When Clinton tried one, J-Rod hung him out to dry and kicked him in the face. Black abruptly halted the fun with a sidewalk slam on Young. Clinton capitalized on the situation. He infringed on Iceberg’s cannonball splash. J-Rod took the hot tag, cut off Black’s interference and hit this awesome flying knee on Clinton. Young followed with the frogsplash. But ref Ken Wallace has his blinders firmly in place, as Black gave J-Rod the choke bomb and pulled Young out of the ring. Clinton pinned J-Rod.

Alexander entered the ring and challenged Young, J-Rod and New Wave to a match against all four members of Entourage at Season’s Beatings. No mic time for the babyfaces, who were left standing on the ramp with their thumbs up their butts. Alexander said Hunter was overpaid, and left him on his own for the remainder of the hour.

(5) NWA National Champion Phil Shatter (with Jeff G. Bailey) beat BJ Hancock via submission in 7:26. Nothing awful, but not good either. Hancock is not without ability, and he has better than average size, but this was overexposure. It went on far too long with Shatter giving Hancock far too much. Fans were chanting for Kimo early. At one point, Shatter connected with a killer back elbow for a near fall. Hancock got a bunch of near falls on the champion. What’s up with that? Hancock’s big near fall came off a glancing blow with a missile dropkick. Shatter was setting up for the PTSD, but Bailey ordered him to lock in Kimo’s Information Extractor. For TV, it can be fixed with editing, but it did Shatter or the title no favors with the live crowd.

Bailey got on the mic. This was gold. He claimed unsafe work environment had prompted him to hire private security. His jabroni security force marched into the ring — Jason Blackman, Aaron Lee, Antoine Jordan and Wicked Nemesis (making his Anarchy debut). Bailey said Kimo had embarrassed the Elite by turning his back on the family. He allowed that Palmer had twisted Kimo’s brain, but like a child disappointing his father, what Kimo needed was discipline.

Shatter made you the wrestler you are, just as I made you the man that you were.

Bailey said unlike Dan Wilson, he was immune to Palmer’s bullying. NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer and Kimo came out to the entrance pop of the night. Kimo destroyed Bailey’s lame security force. He shattered Lee with the PTSD. Palmer clubbed Jordan with the axhandle. Palmer said the payback had already started and in fact, that made twice. Palmer said Kimo was a free man and a bad ass. Palmer said he was no wrestler. He was bunkhouse brawler, and that’s what they were going to do at Season’s Beating. It would be Palmer & Kimo vs. Shatter AND BAILEY at Season’s Beatings. Palmer promised to make Bailey bleed buckets. Just an awesome segment all the way around. It feels rushed to directly involve Bailey in the first meeting between Kimo and Shatter, but they needed something big.

Before the second hour, Palmer came out with Kimo. He promised to give the fans a great show at Season’s Beatings and told them Anarchy needed their support. Palmer was preaching to the choir. Wilds horses couldn?t drag these people away. The key question is how many others will show up on January 2.

The second TV hour opened with a stellar inring promo by Caprice Coleman. Coleman said he had come back better, not the same. He wasn?t worried about Devil’s Rejects. He rejected the devil a long time ago. He said Tempers lacked leadership mentality. Coleman said he was going to put Tempers to sleep to win the title he never lost, and they would be calling the former champion ?The Sleeper? Shaun Tempers. It was clever. It was truth. And it got no pop. I have no idea what that was about. Tempers came out with Tank. His promo was good enough to hang with Coleman, and that’s saying something. Tempers said Coleman was going to be celebrating New Year’s with a broken neck. While this was going on, Tank was standing by the turnbuckle minding his own business. Tempers started looking around for back up. He turned towards Coleman, who faked a punch, and Tempers went down. Coleman laughed. Tank was making fun of Tempers all the way to the back, but
Tempers was oblivious. Tank’s character is working.

On the WrestleVision, we saw a Personality Profile segment on Adrian Hawkins. Riveting this was not. Hawkins was projecting negative charisma as a babyface. Hawkins said that despite his success under the mask as El Veterano IV, he wasn?t being true to himself. Hawkins guaranteed to beat Skirra Corvus for the Young Lion’s Title at Season’s Beatings.

(6) Adryan Hawkins beat Azrael in 6:46. Hawkins? physique has filled out to where he has a legit pro wrestler build. My doubts about his babyface potential notwithstanding, Hawkins got a good pop coming out and chants during the match. Azrael did a cool move where he used one leg to step on Hawkins foot, and used the other leg to deliver strikes to the knee. Azrael worked over the knee. They traded chops. Azrael went down. Hawkins fired up. Hawkins botched a nip up, but sold it like his knee went out. Hawkins scored the pin with Extreme Makeover (Killswitch).

Postmatch, Corvus attacked Hawkins and gave him the curbstomp.

(7) Seth Delay (with Brodie Chase) defeated Billy Buck (with Chris King) in 5:11. Buck was getting the better of it, until he focused his attention on Chase, and Delay sent him out of the ring with a dropkick from the blind side. Crowd got behind Buck. Chase grabbed Buck’s leg to short-circuit his comeback. Out came Delay’s knucks and out went Buck’s lights.

Afterwards, Chase hit the Thunder Fire Powerbomb on King. Delay was about to do more damage with the knucks when Mikal Judas hit the ring and pie-faced him. Judas pummeled Chase went after a panic-stricken Delay, but Chase cut him off with knee to the back. Ken Wallace called for the bell to start the next match.

(8) Brodie Chase defeated Mikal Judas in 8:38. Chase pressed the advantage with a combo neckbreaker. Crowd hot for Judas. Chase cut off of a rally with a stunner. The beating continued with Delay taunting Judas. Chase hit a pumphandle neckbreaker and kept snuffing out comebacks. Judas used an upkick. I?ll say it again. He’s amazingly agile for a guy that stands 6-7. Judas made the full-fledged comeback. As Judas set up for El Crucifijo, Delay entered the ring. Judas goozle tossed Delay into the buckles, but before he could move on for the kill. Chase hit him the back with the knucks, then put him down with a shot to the face. Judas is Teflon as a babyface. Good thing, because that’s two losses in a row they?ve pinned on him.

Postmatch, Chase whipped Judas once with his belt. Judas stood right up and goozled Delay again. Chase used the belt to strangle Judas. Delay started pounded Judas with the knucks. This had acompelling edge of violence to it. Slim J and Bo Newsome made the save. ?I?m taking MY place,? said Chase.

(9) Jeremy Vain & Orion Bishop beat Shadow Jackson & Todd Sexton when Bishop pinned NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Jackson at 12:01. Vain was taking a beating early. Bishop turned the tide by knocking Jackson out of the ring and smoking Sexton with an F5. The heels punished Jackson. Vain and Jackson working together is like glass. There was a great sequence where Jackson started no selling and bringing the crowd up, and Vain maniacally turned up the intensity to shut it down. Vain hit the DDT, but Sexton reentered the match with a save and a superkick. Sexton took the tag and locked Vain in the sharpshooter. Fan were chanting for the tap like they really thought it could happen. The heels took over on Sexton. Bishop planted him with a belly to belly suplex, and Jackson had to make the save. Hot tag to Jackson. He hit the 1031 and was in major shock when Bishop kicked out. That does not happen. Finish saw Jackson bump into Vain, who was on the
apron half out of it, and had no idea. It was enough to throw Jackson off, and allow Bishop to hit the F5. Fine match.

Vain said he was going to send Sexton home with his tail tucked between his legs. ?Remember the name, you bald headed jerk, because nobody’s going to remember yours.? To me, the babyfaces came off weak not getting the last word.

NOTES: The full card for January 2 Season’s Beating is as follows: Kimo & Palmer vs. Shatter & Bailey, Tempers vs. Coleman for the TV Title, Jackson defends the Anarchy Heavyweight Title against Bishop, Talent & Money vs. Rockwell & Fields for the tag titles, Corvus vs. Hawkins for Young Lion’s Championship, Sexton wrestles his final match against Vain, Entourage vs. New Wave & Young & J-Rod, and a tag team elimination match: Chase & Delay & Posey vs. Judas & Slim J & Newsome?Among the notables backstage was Jaden Vain, weighing in at well under 100 pounds.

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