Indy News Update #1 for November 30, 2011
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AWE sent this in.

Olivencia dishes on Dutt, talks about foray into acting

Jamin Olivencia

It didn’t surprise Jamin Olivencia to see scores of AWE fans refer to his match with Sonjay Dutt at the Night of Legends pay-per-view as the match of the night.

“Match of the night? Absolutely. Whenever I’m involved in anything, it’s going to be match of the night,” said Olivencia, who scored another controversial pinfall victory over Dutt at the pay-per-view, flooring Dutt with his O Drop finisher after disabling “The Original Playa from the Himalaya” with a low blow.

Controversy or not, Olivencia declared in an interview with the Voice of AWE, Chris Graham, that he’s done with Dutt and ready to move on to bigger and better things. Among those bigger and better things – a role in an off-Broadway production that could be his big break in the acting world.

“Now you can expect to see Jamin Olivencia not only in professional wrestling, but also acting. Why not, right? It’s something I’m good at,” said Olivencia, who of course still has big plans with his day job.

His Night of Legends performance has had fans buzzing about what might be next up for Olivencia.
He’s been working his way up the ladder in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he appears regularly on TV. Night of Legends was actually Olivencia’s pay-per-view debut. That he took the opportunity given him and seized it is something he will always remember.

“It’s electric, it’s energy, it’s everything that we as performers strive for. When we got into this business, we got in with the hopes of being the best that we could be, and drawing that type of energy toward you, gravitating toward you. What Sonjay and I were able to do, that’s what makes it so special. That’s what makes us so addicted to the type of business that we’re in, just that energy,” Olivencia said.

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