Indy News Update #1 for December 11, 2011
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ECWA Pro Wrestling sent this in.

Make sure you watch, DVR, TiVo (whatever!) East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) Star AHTU this Sunday night, Dec 11th at 11PM EST on VH-1’s “Why Am I Still Single” episode 109!

Watch the preview here:

Rocky Jimenez sent this in.

December 17th looms in the air for NWA Amarillo, as we bring you Season’s Beatings: The Two Ring Battle Brawl! Tension has filled NWA Amarillo, as PWF and ACW have one last match where the winner takes it all home!

In the past, the Battle Brawl has named many top contenders for the NWA Amarillo Heavyweight Championship, but this year is different. The fights that have escalated between PWF and ACW has gotten out of hand. Not even a cage match, where many of history’s famous feuds have ended, could not contain the rivaling factions. Now, the Battle Brawl will not only name the Number One Contender to “Prince” Al Farat’s NWA Amarillo Heavyweight Championship, but the winner will gain complete control of NWA Amarillo. Can PWF pull one out for the home team? Will ACW make the “Black and Yellow Movement” a permanent? Or will someone from out of the blue shine over us all?

It is no secret that PWF and ACW has had it’s rivalry. They have even gone so far as having two different ring announcers. “The Voice of ACW” Ryan Ray and the man simply known as The Sarge have traded shots in the past, but now it has lead to one degrading match: The Cow Pie Match! The two voices of NWA Amarillo will square off. It’s anything goes, and the loser is the man who is dumped into a vat of… well, manure! The winner becomes the permanent voice of NWA Amarillo, and the loser will smell as he heads off to the unemployment line! Can The Sarge take an early victory for PWF, or will The Voice continue to bellow in The WrestlePlex?

Nathan Briggs may not look like a Juniorweight, but he is the NWA Amarillo Juniorweight Champion. Unlike a past champion, though, he has taken on every challenger he has been faced with, without a single complaint. But now he has to face a Hooligan known as Austin Riley. Austin has been on an amazing winning streak since coming back to NWA Amarillo and his ACW members. Nathan’s no push-over, but Austin can take anyone, of any division, to their limits and break them! Will Nate retain his Juniorweight Championship, or will Austin Riley continue his dominance in NWA Amarillo?

All of this and so much more is slotted for Season’s Beatings! Comeout on December 17th, live at The WrestlePlex at 2650 Dumas Drive, right across the highway from Wonderland Park! Tickets are only $10 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under. Kids under 5 and ALL military and veterans are FREE (with Military ID or VA Card)! Doors open at 7PM and the action starts at 7:30!

***Card is Subject to Change***