Verizon Fios to drop Sinclair stations carrying ROH

Ring of Honor issued the following message on Facebook today:


If you are a Verizon FIOS subscriber who loves Ring of Honor, you need to take action NOW to make sure you will be able to continue to watch all of ROH’s great wrestling action.

We believe that FIOS will stop carrying television stations carrying Ring of Honor after December 31st. Although we have tried very hard to get a deal done with Verizon, Verizon is refusing to pay what we believe is a fair rate for the right to carry our stations. Verizon FIOS apparently thinks that its subscribers won’t care if they no longer carry our great programming – apparently they aren’t wrestling fans! – and perhaps the only thing that will change their mind is hearing from their customers.

We know you are a wrestling fan and if you are also a FIOS subscriber we strongly encourage you to call them at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) to let them know you will cancel your subscription if they stop carrying our stations and Ring of Honor.

We also ask that you contact as many of your family and friends as possible and ask them to contact Verizon as well. By doing this you may influence Verizon to act more reasonably and continue to carry ROH plus all of our other great programming that we are sure you enjoy watching.

Thank you for your help.