Indy News Update #2 for December 13, 2011
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in.

PWO Wrestling iPPV this Saturday – Matt Cross, Johnny Gargano, Gregory Iron, Women’s Action, Aeroform & more!

PWO Live returns on Saturday, December 17 at 6pm at the UAW Hall on 5615 Chevrolet Blvd. in Parma. Tickets are on-sale now ($15 Preferred Ringside; $10 General Admission) at We are expecting to match or top our largest crowd in history for a PWO TV Taping, so it’s advised you reserve your seats early! If you can’t be in Parma, you can see this live event in its entirety LIVE on internet Pay-Per-View at the following link for only $14.99 –

Matt Cross’ victory over Jason Bane this past week to become the first-ever two-time PWO Champion has led to this scheduled match with “Megastar” Marion Fontaine being for the PWO Title! Fontaine had forced himself into the PWO Title picture earlier this fall, effectively delaying Matt’s rightful title opportunity by several months. After recent impressive showings against Jason Bane, Fontaine finds himself amongst a short list of top contenders, and ironically one of the main individuals behind this match was new PWO Commissioner Justin LaBar, who has promised that all prior grudges and negative feelings toward Marion Fontaine would be put behind him in an effort to perform his duties as commissioner fairly and unbiased. Not only is this Fontaine’s opportunity to recapture the PWO Title, but also for Matt Cross to finally avenge Fontaine’s cheap victory over him several weeks ago. LaBar has promised a fair match with a decisive winner. Who will leave the first full event under the rule of Justin LaBar as PWO Champion?

Brand new PWO Tag Team Champions Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick make their very first defense of the PWO Tag Team Titles against two members of the evil and near-unstoppable Dead Wrestling Society, “Embodiment of Evil” Krimson and his original “Demonic Disciple” Kirst. These men, along with PWO TV Champ Gory, have been leaving a path of broken bodies in their wake, decimating whoever the feel like, and even ending the wrestling career of Hobo Joe. Aeroform’s Ninja Elite Squad partner Michael Facade has had longstanding problems with Gory, but now that rivalry expands even further. Can Aeroform start their title reign with a major victory to shift the momentum away from the DWS or will Krimson re-enact his goal of collecting championships?

PWO TV TITLE: GORY vs. “Handicapped Hero” GREGORY IRON
In a rematch from a couple of months ago on PWO TV, current titleholder Jason Gory, who has had the title covered, defaced, and essentially held hostage since capturing it at PWO Wrestlelution 4, must once again do battle with PWO’s most inspirational athlete, as featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox News, and several others – the “Cerebral Palsy Survivor” Gregory Iron. In their previous meeting, Greg was nursing a severely sprained ankle suffered when he attempted to rescue best friend Hobo Joe from Gory, Kirst & Krimson’s vile three-on-one attack that ended Hobo’s career. This time, Greg is 100%, more focused than ever, and ready to avenge his fallen partner and win his first singles title by emancipating the PWO TV title belt. Gory is perhaps the most vicious, driven, and enraged DWS member and is only getting worse as time goes on. This is another essential battle in assessing the danger the DWS truly has.

“Most Dominant Man” JASON BANE in action!
He has reigned for much of the year as PWO Champion, and has amassed a list of wins several miles long. Now, Bane steamrolls into Parma in search of fresh victims. The ultra-intense 265-pounder will see in-ring action on December 17, though the opposition has yet to be finalized. Bane will most assuredly bring the pain to Parma on December 17!

Women’s wrestling makes its long awaited return to PWO for this special occasion! The young upstart Veda brought her intellect and instincts to PWO Wrestlelution 4 to make her PWO debut in an impressive outing against world-renowned Portia Perez. This time she steps into battle with a returning PWO star, Sassy Steph, a sweet and personable girl on the outside, however once she steps into the ring and her ire is gotten up, opponents quickly find out why she gained the name “Sassy”. Can Veda out-wit her opposition or will Steph make Veda, as Steph puts it, “Kiss My Sass”?

“Whole Shebang” JOHNNY GARGANO challanges ALL members of SEX APPEAL
This past week on PWO TV, Johnny Gargano’s enthralling encounter with Gregory Iron was abruptly interrupted, not just by The Dead Wrestling Society assaulting Iron, but also by Sex Appeal sneak-attacking Johnny. Perhaps more newsworthy than the double-superkick that knocked Gargano cold, was the object placed on Gargano’s chest afterward – a ski mask. The same ski mask worn by an unknown attacker that put Gargano on the shelf and effectively out of the PWO Title picture earlier this year. Gargano’s career has still not recovered from the incident, and it seems Sex Appeal were either directly involved – or no who was. Gargano challenged all three members of Sex Appeal in an effort to get to the bottom of this mystery and two have accepted – the alleged master of the thrust Bobby Beverly and “True Talent” “Beautiful” Bobby “The Body” Shields. Will Gargano divide and conquer and finally solve the mystery that has plagued for most of the year or will Sex Appeal’s knowledge equate to power as they rent space in Johnny’s head?

“Amazing” N8 MATTSON vs. MICHAEL “The Bomber” FACADE
After a wildly successful tag team title reign, The Sons of Michigan seem to be putting focus back onto the singles ranks, in which both have seen incomparable success in. Mattson is the most decorated athlete in PWO history, the only man to hold three separate championships, and may be on his way to a fourth, but first he must get through the returning “Suburban Terrorist” and “Neon Ninja”. When we last saw Facade, he was helping his partners Aeroform qualify for a PWO Tag Team Title match, however Facade has not forgotten about his own dreams of a PWO TV Title reign. Who will gain the momentum to move forward?

Benjamin Boone once went two years without being pinned in PWO until that streak was snapped by the thrill-seeking Draven at PWO Wrestlelution 3 in 2010. Fast-forward over one year later and Draven has been unbeatable since his historic teaming with Kevin Nash in the main event of Wrestelution 4, and is more focused than ever to keep his revitalized dream alive and building towards the PWO Title. Can Boone play spoiler and ironically end the win streak of Aaron Draven, or can this rollercoaster ride for Omega continue its upward climb?

COREY WINTERS vs. “World’s Most Huggable Wrestler” BRYAN CASTLE
Recently, a tag team match involving these four men ended in a no-contest thanks to a vicious assault from the 6’9″ monster “Big Rig” Brodie Lee. However, these men will have another chance to settle things this month. Bender has attempted to mentor Castle into a healthier diet and more successful career. However, Castle has yet to fully grasp any of these concepts. Fruith & Winters have witnessed a bit of a career change when they became neighbors and best friends over the summer. Will either team be able to sweep the other?

Plus: A HUGE Six-Man Tag Team War To End The Night!

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