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Indy News Update #1 for December 15, 2011
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Dory Funk sent this in.

!BANG! TV Report – World Title Match plus Claudia “The Claw” Reiff vs Hollywood Heather

Issues heat up between Claudia “The Claw” Reiff and Hollywood Heather who will face each other in a Woman’s Championship Match at Support Your Troops 72, “Hell’s Bells” coming to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Saturday December 31st. (New Year’s Eve) Showtime is 6:00 pm with doors opening at 5:15pm. All tickets are priced at $10 and all seats are ringside.

For more information, call now 352-895-4658 or visit for more information.

In another main event, Funking Conservatory Wrestling World Champion, Cory “Wild” Weston will defend against the challenge of Chinese Champion, Shane Chung.

In a 3 Way Battle for the Hard-Core Championship, Johnny Magnum vs Jayson Falcone vs Fushicho Masuku.

More matches will be added to the card.

Dory Funk Jr. is the coach of Funking Conservatory Wrestling and trainer of WWE, TNA, NXT and Japanese wrestling talent.

For training schedules and new holiday programs call now, 352-895-4658 or visit our website at .

From – In a 3 Way Dance for the Premium !BANG! Championship – Cory “Wild” Weston vs Fushicho Masuku vs Jayson Falcone. This match is a nightmare for official referee, Claudia “The Claw” Reiff as she takes several “Big Hits” During the match then of all things Hollywood Heather ties her shoelaces together and leaves us with the Claudia Reiff Version of the Bunny Hop.


From – Walking the Red Carpet with Hollywood Heather and Special Guest, Claudia “The Claw” Reiff – Hollywood Heather is finally going to give The Claw the opportunity to speak. The Claw has a surprise for Hollywood Heather.

C4 Wrestling sent this in.

C*4 starts of 2012 with a bang! C*4 Championship on the line! Tag Team Madness! Huge Ottawa return!
With C*4 Season 5 action in full swing, we eagerly look forward to our next big event, and our first show of 2012.

Following highly controversial moments which closed out both our (R)Evolution events – fans and management are curious to see what exactly will happen next.

C*4 Champion, the man formerly known as Stupefied, now calling himself “The Emperor” Stu Grayson – aligned himself with Mathieu St. Jacques, Sebastian Suave, and Seleziya Sparx. It was with this alignment that Grayson managed to overcome the challenge of his former partner, and brother, Player Uno.

As a stipulation to the match, Stu Grayson is not contractually obligated to defend his championship against Uno again.

A week after the win against Uno, Grayson, St. Jacques and Suave overcame the odds and defeated Uno, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, and “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen. However, perhaps, the win had more to do with Steen turning on both Bailey and Uno, and walking out on the duo.

Comments were recorded by C*4 cameras, and will be released shortly – but we can state that in the highly controversial words, Steen told Bailey they were done as a team, and furthermore, he was relinquishing the Tag Team Championship, and will return to C*4 whenever he feels like it.

At this time, we are stating the C*4 Tag Team Championship is vacant – and in the coming weeks, we will explain details on the crowing of new champions on January 21st.

Now, with the season of giving at hand, C*4 management realizes that perhaps it is not the most fair of things to strip Bailey of the championship – with no compensation. So as one thing is taken away from him, another will be given.

On Saturday January 21st, at “Level Up”, “Speedball” Mike Bailey has the biggest gift possible – and one of the most important matches of his career,
C*4 management have granted Bailey a shot at the C*4 Championship.

Can “The Emperor” retain his championship against his very determined opponent? Or will Grayson slow down the “Speedball”?

Main Event
C*4 Champion
“The Emperor” Stu Grayson
“Speedball” Mike Bailey

Next up, a match that needs little explanation… A special challenge tag team contest, based upon the aftermath of both (R)Evolution events.

Player Uno, has aligned himself with a young competitor who attempted to fight off Grayson, St. Jacques and Suave on Nov. 19th – “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea, and will head into battle together on Jan. 21st.

Facing off against Uno & O’Shea will be two men who have aligned themselves with “Emperor” Grayson, Mathieu St. Jacques and Sebastian Suave.

Whatever happens, we can be sure of one thing… This match will be war.

Special Challenge
Player Uno & “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea
Mathieu St. Jacques & Sebastian Suave

Lastly for today, C*4 management is excited to welcome back to Ottawa, none other than fan favourite, Franky the Mobster!

Despite being loved by fans, FTM really seems like he could care either way if people cheer for him. He has made it clear he is in this business for himself, and will do whatever it takes to be victorious.

On Nov. 26th, Franky defeated the returning “Textbook” Tyson Dux, in a highly entertaining contest.

Once Franky returned to the locker room, he told C*4 management he would be in Ottawa on January 21st – and he was ready for anybody.

Unlike most declarations like that, this one was not met with a quick response.

On Saturday Jan. 21st, Franky returns to Ottawa… Who will be crazy enough to step in his path?

Open Contract
Frankie the Mobster
? ? ? ? ?

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