Indy News Update #1 for December 23, 2011
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Tyler Oriando sent this in.

Beyond Limitz Wrestling presents “Unsettled Scores”
January 28th, 2012
Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (53 Vernon Street, Hartford, CT)
Tickets: $5

Beyond Limitz Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
The Rematch! – Relaxed Rules Singles Match
“The Flamboyant One” Kenny Roberts (c)
“The Corporate Thug” Eric Draven
Last month’s infamous war between Roberts and Draven ended with a new Heavyweight Champion. Former champion Draven has demanded his rematch, and so the date is set. For the main event of “Unsettled Scores,” the referee has been ordered to relax the rulebook in favor of letting the score be settled. And so it will be! Draven and Roberts will meet again for the second time in front of the fans at the Hartford Magnet on January 28th, 2012. Fans will be advised to keep a safe distance away, for the fists will be flying. Will Kenny Roberts be able to defend the BLW Heavyweight Title in his hometown or will Eric Draven be bringing the gold back to Ghetto Wallstreet?

More Fallout From “All Or Nothing!” – Tag Team Match
The Tenacious Two (“The Concept” Johnny Miyagi and “The White Delight” Scotty Wild) w/ Jimmy Meaz
“Griff Daddy Cool” Ian Griffin and Shane Marvel
Shane Marvel and Ian Griffin, infuriated by the gang warfare tactics of The Tenacious Two, have issued a challenge for a tag team match. Last month, at “All Or Nothing,” Shane Marvel and Johnny Miyagi went to a double countout, and continued the brawl after the match. Wild and Meaz got involved, and Marvel was left lying with Absolution From Above. The Tenacious Two then attempted to do the same to Ian Griffin after his match with Wild, but Marvel made a beeline for the ring for the save. The stage is set, will Griffin and Marvel exact their revenge, or will the numbers game of the Tenacious Two be too much for them?

First Time Ever! – Singles Match
“The Shaft” Bobby Ocean
“The Juice” J.T. Dunn
We bring to you a match happening for the very first time ever! The hard-hitting local fan favorite “The Shaft” Bobby Ocean, fresh off of his victory over up-and-comer G-Murda, will meet “The Juice” J.T. Dunn in Dunn’s debut. Dunn is well-known around New England for his innovative high-flying and fist-pumping prowess, and he does possess some deceptive knockout power. Ocean also possesses some otherworldly knockout power, and brings an extremely well-rounded game to the table, meaning that this match has the potential to turn into an absolute slugfest. Will Dunn fly like a G6 to victory in his debut? Or will “The Shaft” improve to 2-0 in Beyond Limitz Wrestling?

A Challenge Accepted! – Hardcore Match
Joey Rockstar w/ Mr. HG
Randy Guerrero
Joey Rockstar and his hired gun Jason Frost successfully defeated Randy Guerrero and “Hardcore Kid” Brian Taylor at “All or Nothing.” On top of this, Brian Taylor is injured and will not be able to make it to “Unsettled Scores.” Rockstar would be able to consider his mission accomplished were it not for the enraged Randy Guerrero, who got on the microphone and demanded to settle the score in a Hardcore match. Joey Rockstar accepted, and so the match is on. The tables, chairs, guitars, and handcuffs that came into play last month will be legal yet again. Will the Rockstar live to tour again or will Randy Guerrero get revenge for himself and his injured comrade Brian Taylor? Who will emerge from this Hardcore war as the victor?

Debuting Tag Teams Collide! – Tag Team Match
The Feature Presentation (Sam “On Demand” Moure and “The A.V.” Adrian Vine)
“Dirt Dawg” Jeremy Leary and Andy Sweet
Two brand new teams have come to Beyond Limitz Wrestling looking to stake their claim at greatness. It’s no secret that Beyond Limitz officials are working to put together an official tag team division, which would require rankings. Both of these teams would love nothing more then to pad their case for a top spot. In one corner, fresh out of Kevin Landry’s Pro Wrestling Combine, you have Sam “On Demand” Moure and “The A.V.” Adrian Vine, two exciting newcomers who look to bring their hard-hitting and high-flying talents to the table against the heavy-handed power and veteran wiles of Andy Sweet and “Dirt Dawg” Jeremy Leary. Who will emerge a step closer to calling themselves “The Most Dominant Tag Team in BLW?”

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