Indy News Update #1 for December 28, 2011
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Smart Mark Video sent this in.

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for December 27, 2011


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wXw DVD November 26, 2011 “11 Anniversary” – Oberhausen, Germany $15.00
1. 2Face vs. Freddy Stahl vs. Karsten Beck vs. Kim Ray
2. Bernd Föhr & Earl & Toby Blunt vs. Aaron Insane, Chris Rush & Sasa Keel
3. Jon Ryan vs. Nigel McGuinness
4. Axeman vs. Eddie Edwards
5. Dick Togo vs. Zack Sabre jr.
6. Absolute Andy & Bad Bones vs. Wanderers
7. Andi Ahnungslos vs. Jon Ryan
8. Big van Walter vs. Marty Scurll
9. Sumerian Death Squad vs. Young Bucks

wXw DVD September 18, 2011 “Live in Mannheim 2011” – Mannheim, Germany $15.00
1. Emil Sitoci vs. Jonathan Gresham
2. Aaron Insane & Chris Rush vs. Bernd Fohr & 2Face
3. Jon Ryan vs. Kim Ray
4. Big van Walter vs. Freddy Stahl
5. Earl vs. Sasa Keel
6. Big van Walter & Karsten Beck vs. The Wanderers
7. Absolute Andy vs. Bad Bones
8. Axeman & Marty Scurll vs. Sumerian Death Squad

AAW DVD November 26, 2011 “Windy City Classic 7” – Berwyn, IL $15.00
1. Elimination Tag Match: Sami Callihan, Johnny Gargano, Gregory Iron & J. Miller vs. Shane Hollister, Austin Mannix, Mat Fitchett & Louis Lyndon
2. Samuray Del Sol vs. Alex Colon
3. Keith Walker & Jesse Emerson vs. Awesome Threesome
4. Darin Corbin vs. N8 Mattson
5. The Clash vs. Zero Gravity & MsChif
6. Ryan Boz vs. Mason Beck
7. Michael Elgin vs. Bj Whitmer
8. Irish Airborne vs. Josh Raymond & Christian Able
9. Silas Young vs. Dan Lawrence vs. Winners of the Elimination Tag Match
10. I Quit Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Arik Cannon

AIW DVD November 25, 2011 “Hell On Earth 7” – Cleveland, OH $15.00
1. Eric Ryan vs. Facade vs. Samuray Del Sol
2. Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. The Olsen Twins
3. Josh Prohibition vs. Gregory Iron
4. The Chad vs. The Duke
5. Bobby Beverly vs. Izeah Bonds
6. The Irish Airborne vs. AEROFORM
7. Uhaa Nation vs. AR Fox
8. Tim Donst vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine vs. Rickey Shane Page
9. Mickie Knuckles vs. Mia Yim (Special Guest Ref: Gail Kim)
10. Shiima Xion vs. BJ Whitmer
11. Mad Man Pondo vs. Masada
BONUS Matches:
1. AERO! VS. Jay Bly VS. Stitch Syper VS. Matt Atrayou
2. Dany Only VS. Nick Talent

Dreamwave DVD November 5, 2011 “Survival of the Fittest” – Lasalle, IL $15.00
1. Bucky Collins vs. Tyler Priegel
2. Zero Gravity vs. The Clash
3. Ace Martino, Justice Jones, Matt Knicks & Dan Lawrence vs. Mr. 450 Hammett, Marshe Rockett, Shane Hollister & C-Red
4. Mason Beck, Cousin Bobby, Cousin Dixie & Nikki vs. Waylon, Colt Cabana, Dan The Man & Super Val
5. Christian Rose vs. Ninja Bill
6. Austin Roberts, Nick Brubaker, Brian Nelson & Luther vs. Acid, Tommy Dreamer, Greg Glover & Steve Boz

ACW DVD August 21, 2011 “Distrust, Dismay & Antisocial Behavior 2011” – Austin, TX $15.00
1. Slim Sexy vs. Killah Kash vs. JC Bravo vs. Berry Breeze vs. Aden Colt vs. Gary Jay
2. The Kentucky Buffet vs. Nathan Sin & Danny Gee vs. Bolt Brady & Ricky Romida vs. The Lost Boys
3. Mat Fitchett vs. Awesome Andy
4. Christian Rose vs. Evan Gelistico
5. Pierre Abernathy & Athena vs. Matthew Palmer & Lady Poison
6. Texas Bullrope Match: Lillie Mae vs. Portia Perez
7. Amanda Fox vs. Angel Blue
8. Highroller Hayze vs. Darin Childs
9. Jessica James vs. Jaykus Plisken vs. Davey Vega
10. ACH vs. Shawn Vexx vs. Rachel Summerlyn vs. Jerry Lynn
11. Bonus Material: Post Show Interviews
12. Bonus Material: A Day in the Life of Jessica James

ACW DVD “The Best Of Lady Poison – Volume 1” $15.00
1. Lady Poison vs. Icee vs. Angel Blue vs. Rachel Summerlyn
2. Lady Poison vs. Claudia Del Solis
3. Angle Blue tastes the kiss
4. Lady Poison vs. Angel Blue
5. Lady Poison vs. Rachel Summerlyn vs. Lillie Mae vs. Nicole Matthews
6. Lady Poison vs. Lillie Mae

12/23/11 – AIW – Cleveland, OH
1/20/12 MidWest Wrestling – Niles, OH
1/28/12 – Chikara – Easton, PA


WSU sent this in.

– Upcoming Events
– WSU stars cleaning up in Year End Awards
– Mercedes Martinez Addresses The Wrestling Community & Jessicka Havok
– WSU Year End Award Polls Now Up, Fans To Decide Winners! You can vote now at
– WSU Announces Deal of the Week at

Before we begin, WSU would like to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year during this busy holiday season. We are releasing our new line-up for 1/21. Next week, we will announce the complete 3/3 line-up. Tickets for both shows are available at
WSU & NWS Present
WHAT: WSU returns to Live Action with a Special DVD Taping Featuring Jillian Hall vs Traci Brooks w/Special Guest Referee Molly Holly
WHEN: January 21st, 2012
WHERE: The Long Hill Community Center of Stirling, NJ
ADDRESS: 1229 Valley Rd. & S.Warren Ave in Stirling, NJ 07980 (USE 264 South Warren Ave if using a GPS), Just minutes from Interstate 78
BELLTIME: 7:35 PM, Doors Open 6:35
TICKETS: All tickets are $20, to order tickets by credit card, mail or at will-call please email or call 732-888-1704.
Following the heels of “Breaking Barriers 2”, WSU’s first show of 2012 will be a co-show with our big brother promotion NWS. This show will be filmed for DVD and will be the final stop before WSU presents our biggest show of the calendar year, the WSU 5th Anniversary Show, which takes place on 3/3 in Deer Park, NY, on iPPV.

Four huge matches have been announced for this special event, as the stars of WSU get one more outing before putting it all on the line on 3/3. More matches will also be taking place the day of the event!


Jillian Hall vs Traci Brooks
Special Guest Referee: Molly Holly

10-Woman Tag Team Match
Alicia/Brittney Savage/Soul Sisters/Marti Belle vs Allisyn Kay/Sassy Stephanie/Lexus/Jennifer Cruz/Tina San Antonio

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Jessicka Havok vs Becky Bayless

Special Challenge Match
Jessie Brooks vs Rick Cataldo
Tickets are already on sale for this event. To pre-order your tickets today, email or call 732-888-1704. This number can also be used for directions to the venue.
— Both Jillian Hall & Traci Brooks make their WSU returns on 1/21. The last time we saw Jillian Hall, Hall was narrowly defeated by Kristin Astara. The last time we saw Traci Brooks, Brooks was on the losing end of a tag team match to the Boston Shore. Now on 1/21, both will get a chance to climb the WSU World Title rankings, as a victory for either will boost themselves up the ladder for a potential World Title Shot. Making this match more intriguing is the return of WSU Hall of Famer, Molly Holly! Molly Holly will be making her 3rd appearance for WSU and if history is any indication, will be calling this huge match right down the middle!

— The other main event on 1/21 combines three of WSU’s most intense feuds into one match, in a special 5th Anniversary Show Preview. Alicia & Savage, who represented Team WSU at WARGAMES will get a chance to get revenge on Midwest Militia’s Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie. It is amazing either of these four are able to compete after the brutality that took place in Wargames. If Wargames was any indication, expect wild violence between these four. The Soul Sisters, who defeated the Belle Saints to earn the number 1 contender spot for the WSU Tag Team Titles will get a chance to feel out one half of the WSU Tag Team Champions, Lexus, of The Boston Shore. Both teams are riding major highs and coming off big wins, as the Shore put down Rain & Jetta at the Breaking Barriers iPPV. Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle, formerly the Belle Saints, saw everything come to a head at Breaking Barriers, when it was revealed that Tina San Antonio faked her injury from day one, and used the time off for a WWE try-out. Instead of telling the truth to her partner, Tina lied to Marti, and then blindsided Marti with a vicious attack. This will be the first time that Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle find themselves in opposite corners of one another. With all 10 of these wrestlers looking forward to the 5 Year Anniversary Show, this match should prove to see who will have the upper hand going into that event.

— Becky Bayless made a successful return to WSU on 11/19, defeating the ever-annoying Rick Cataldo once and for all. Bayless said she wants to be taken seriously as a wrestler, and will have that opportunity as she squares off against perhaps the most intense and violent wrestler in all of womens wrestling, WSU Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok. Both of these title matches will have implications on the WSU 5 Year Anniversary show, as Martinez/Havok is currently scheduled to be title vs title. With both women looking for every edge going into the anniversary show, both women must also not over look their opponents on 1/21.

— Rick Cataldo is furious about losing to arch-rival Becky Bayless at Breaking Barriers II and has asked WSU for a match to redeem himself. Sick of Cataldo’s actions in not just WSU, but in WSU’s brother promotion NYWC, Jessie Brooks has stepped up to the plate. This will be a first time ever match, with the winner moving up the rankings in the WSU Spirit Title division.

NOTE: As previously announced, WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez will not be able to compete at this event as previously advertised due to injuries. WSU also regrets to inform that the previously advertised Amber can not make the event due to a personal situation. More matches will be taking place at this event.

Many fans have called 2011 the “Year of Jessicka Havok”. The current WSU Spirit Champion picked up huge wins this year over the likes of Nikki Roxx, Rain, Alicia and her stable, The Mid-West Militia won the biggest match of the year, defeating Team WSU in the WARGAMES match at Breaking Barriers II., the most prestigious site for womens wrestling today, have released several year end awards. Jessicka Havok won “Wrestler of the Year”, “Breakout Star of the Year”, “Heel of The Year” and was also involved in “Match of the Year” (WarGames) and The Mid-West Militia won “Tag Team/Group of the Year”.

To read these awards for yourself, check out:

Congratulations to Jessicka Havok and all the wrestlers that are winning year-end awards from different media outlets this year. WSU is proud to see everyone’s hard work appreciated.
WSU Promoter Sean McCaffrey takes an Inside Look at Mercedes Martinez & Jessicka Havok. Check out his thoughts on both of these athletes as they prepare for 3/3 here:
WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez is currently battling several injuries resulting from her Wargames match against the Mid-West Militia. Videos of Martinez being stretchered out of the venue have been posted on the WSU YouTube Page. Another video on the WSU YouTube page is the entire Mid-West Militia laughing about Martinez suffering from a stinger and a concussion. As previously noted, Martinez will have to miss 1/21 due to these injuries, as Martinez is taking time off per doctor’s orders to heal up.

Mercedes Martinez sat down with to address everything that is going on in her career, as well to get a statement from her concerning Jessicka Havok.

You can watch this exclusive 8 minute video with the WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez here:


For the first time in our near 5 year history, WSU, which prides ourselves in being for the fans, has announced our Official 2011 WSU Year End Awards. However, the winners won’t be decided until 1/2/12, as that is when we will close the polls on fan voting! These awards will be decided by the fans and media alike, as everyone is encouraged to vote in our awards. You can only vote once in each category, and we will tally up all the awards once the polls are closed and announce the winners.

To vote in the polls and to see what was nominated, check out or go to the Year End Award Polls directly at this link:

WSU is proud to announce our new DEAL OF THE WEEK section. Each week, we will put WSU Merchandise up for sale at a huge discounted price.
Currently on sale this week, is WSU’s first ever national DVD for only $9.99, save 33% off retail price!
To pick up WSU’s first ever national DVD for the lowest price it’s ever been, check out:

Make sure to check out the DEAL OF THE WEEK section on for great sales every week!

Stay tuned to the updated and your email as we will announce more details on WSU’s next 2 upcoming shows on 1/21 and on 3/3. Tickets are already available for both events at and

For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.