Indy News Update #1 for January 8, 2012
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Wrestleview’s own Josh Boutwell sent this report in.

Impact Pro Wrestling
January 07, 2012
New Brockton, Alabama

IPW made it’s return to New Brockton, AL and debut of 2012 on 01/07 with a packed card inside the old National Guard Armory in New Brockton.

The show opened up with what was supposed to be an interview with The Cali Kid but the Old School Kings cut that short by jumping him in the aisle and beating him down. Finally JT Angel & Xtreme G ran out to make the save for Cali Kid. IPW Heavyweight Champion, Trooper, of the Old School Kings revealed that they had done the same to Billy Rayz (who he was supposed to defend the belt against tonight) earlier so he won’t make it for their match. Ring Announcer B-Smoov revealed that instead of that match a Battle Royal would be held to name a new #1 Contender for the Heavyweight Title as the Main Event.

-“The 21st Century Human Highlight Reel” Scotty Rayz def. “The Ace of Spades” Rex Andrews

These two put on an awesome opening bout with tons of near falls, counters, and crazy spots. One of the cooler spots saw Rayz attempt his Leaping Enziguri from the outside only to have Andrews catch his foot and then drag him back into the ring and hit a nasty Ocean Cyclone Suplex. In the end after several nearfalls Rayz caught Andrews by surprise with a rollup for the win.

-Lane Smart def. “Roll Tide” Michael Enfinger

Smart used his power to dominate “Mr. Roll Tide” and pick up the win but Enfinger was still shouting “Roll Tide” at the end to my delight.

-David Prime w/Trooper def. IPW Fusion Champion: Chuck N Dales in a 2/3 Falls Match to win the belt

After being dominated for the majority of the 1st fall Prime grabbed Chuck’s title belt and nailed him with it causing a DQ, but leaving Chuck knocked out for the start of the 2nd fall where Prime simply covered him and tied things up at 1 fall a piece. Prime thought he had the match won easily but Chuck fought back but the numbers game was too much for him. As Trooper had the referee distracted Prime hit a Spinebuster on Chuck on top of the belt to pick up the win and become the new Champion.

-“Scarface” Waylon Barley def. “The Ever So Popular” Mike Freska, Joe Milo, & “Shogun” Shane Gibson in a Fatal-4 Way Match

This was BY FAR the wildest and most entertaining match of the night with all 4 guys working extremely hard and pulling out all the stops, and the crowd was the hottest of the night here as well. After all kinds of crazy spots which saw dives, nearfalls, and a spot where the massive Scarface hit a Triple Backsplash Senton on his 3 opponents and then covered all three only for them all to kickout before the 3. Milo even lifted up the well over 300-pound Scarface on his back for a Samoan Drop at one point. In the end Scarface destroyed Shogun with a Running Lariat to pick up the hard fought win.

-IPW Tag Team Champions: Sadist Kingdom (Michael DeSade & Victor Cru) def. Preston Veston III & Nathan Beast to retain the titles

The challengers had a couple of moments where they had the advantage but for the most part the Sadist Kingdom dominated their challengers and remain the most dominant tag team in IPW.

-Chris Corbin & “Chains” Doug Williams def. “Busti” Becki Kennedy & The Monroe Twins in a Handicap Good Housekeeping Match

This started out as a one-on-one match between Corbin and the always gorgeous Becki but after repeated interference from Williams, The Monroe Twins ran out and attacked him with several household appliances. The Monroe Twins & Williams were officially added to the match and despite being outweighed obviously the girls put up a great fight, and neither of the males took it easy on them either with Corbin even Powerbombing the much smaller Becki. After some weapons came into play Corbin locked in a Crippler Crossface on Becki, but she got to the ropes only to have the referee quickly call for the bell and then run to the back while IPW Commissioner (and Becki enemy) Dandy Jack smiled. Becki & the fellow gorgeous Monroe Twins chased him to the back while Corbin & Williams celebrated.

-JT Angel, Xtreme G, & T-Bird def. The Old School Kings (Chief Little Bear, Trooper, & DJ Pringle)

DJ Pringle is the son of Paul Bearer. Cali Kid was originally supposed to be on the babyface side here but after his injury he wasn’t able to make it, but he did bring out a replacement for his team: T-Bird. After repeated cheating Cali Kid ran out and hit Trooper with a Superkick allowing T-Bird to hit his Swanton Bomb (T-Bird Splash?) for the win. After the match Cali Kid laid out the rest of the heels with Superkicks as well while still selling his injury.

-“The Master of Devastation” Cameron Frost def. “The Bruiserweight” Maze in a No Countout Match

Both Maze and Frost played the part of the babyface early here but after some stalling spots some of the fans started to get on Maze, so what did he do? Stalled some more to mess with them. After things got going they really had a nice hard hitting match which saw both guys slap the piss out of each other the floor at one point. In the end Frost was able to come up with the win but Maze beat Frost down after the match after convincing him to shake his hand.

Immediately after the match the rest of the roster ran out to IMMEDIATLEY start the Main Event Battle Royal!

-Cameron Frost won the #1 Contenders Battle Royal

Lost of craziness in this one and one of the more entertaining aspects saw Joe Milo & Shogun repeatedly refuse to get in the ring to stall from getting eliminated, even going so far as to go into the crowd and sit with the fans, and Milo even crawled under the ring. Eventually it came down to T-Bird, David Prime, and Cameron Frost. After T-Bird took a bad spill to the floor to eliminate him (where his legs got tangled in the ropes on the way down) Frost was able to eliminate Prime to earn a shot at the belt he once held.

Trooper came out to close the show and teased getting in the ring and having the match with Frost tonight but stopped and walked to the back to a chorus of boos.