Indy News Update #2 for January 10, 2012
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KSWA sent this in.

K.S.W.A. New Years Knockout

7:30 Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lawrenceville Moose

120 51st Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Event Information Call 412-726-1762

Tickets $10 Adults & $8 Kids

K.S.W.A. Krazy Sign Contest

Prizes for Best Adult & Kid Sign

– Main Event –

Battle Bowl IV


– K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Title Match

-K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Champion”

Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin w/Frank Durso


“Iceman” Tony Johnson


– K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Title Match

-K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Champion

Jay Flash


Drew Belanger


– K.S.W.A. Jr. Heavyweight Title Match

-K.S.W.A. Jr. Heavyweight Champion

Shane Starr


J.P. Goulet


“The King” Del Douglas, The Jester & Shawn Blanchard w/Frank Durso


Lord Zoltan, Justin Sane & Kris Kash


The Latin Assassin


Mitch Napier


Ali Kaida


The Great Toyota

ECWA Pro Wrestling sent this in.

East Coast Wrestling Association, Newark, Delaware—Saturday night in Newark, Delaware, Mid-Atlantic Champion Kekoa “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” was named the second competitor in the 2012 ECWA Super 8 tournament, alongside ECWA heavyweight champion “Greek God” Papadon . Just minutes after proclaiming himself as the winner of this year’s tourney, he went on to defeat challenger Ricky “The Model” Martinez to retain his ECWA Mid-Atlantic championship as well. It was not all easy sailing for the Mid-Atlantic champion, however, as he found himself confronted by the Joel “Blackhart” Goodhart’s group – also including Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) champion Breaker Morant , Josh Dan iels, and “Beautiful” Bobby Shields – during the match. If not for a quick response from ECWA’s security staff, Kekoa ‘s night might not have ended quite as well as it started.

In similar fashion, Aida Marie looked incredible in fending off the challenge of a debuting Kimber Lee, only to be confronted after the match by The Blackheart contingent, as well. Fortunately for Aida Marie, however, several members of the ECWA roster were on hand to make the save, setting up a main-event match in which “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde and Ahtu took on former TWA stars Morant and Shields (with Dan iels and Goodhart).

Unfortunately for Wylde and Ahtu , this match devolved into a violent brawl inside and outside of the ring, in a fight that ultimately required the assistance of Kekoa before being ruled a no-contest that left the fans absolutely breathless.

Meanwhile, ECWA heavyweight champion Papadon refused to have his thunder stolen by Goodhart’s TWA invaders. Instead, he wrestled a strong, nearly 24-minute match against Alex Reynolds. This match is the beginning of a stretch run of sorts for Papadon , as he prepares to enter the 2012 Super 8 tournament in April as the champion.

It was also a night of strange twists and turns in the Greater Newark Boys and Girls club, as more than one of the promotion’s more popular performers turned their backs on the fans in a very bizarre fashion. Less than two months after losing their ECWA Unified tag team titles in November’s ECWA K-Cup tournament, Matt Saigon and Damian Dragon – Fusion-DS – shocked new ECWA tag champions The Midnight Sensations ( Chris Rockwell and Sam Shields ) with a series of vicious chair shots to their backs only seconds after helping them fend off a returning, massive Nigerian Nightmares team that took out the champions, laying them both out after an assault that left them prone and helpless. Maifu also delivered a brainbuster suplex on Snaifu from the top, onto an ECWA security team member. Before any of this, Rockwell and Shields turned in a huge ECWA Unified tag team title defense with their defeat of The Nightmares, who made their return on this night after a few years away. Rockwell and Shields shocked their opponents, pinning Saifu after a shoulder block off the top rope followed by a big splash. This was especially impressive considering The Nigerian Nightmares have only been defeated once in their entire ECWA and TWA tenure.

As if the fans were not disappointed enough in Dragon and Saigon ‘s drastic actions, however, longtime crowd favorite “The Fighting Paramedic” Corey Blaze proved that he was not to be trusted. For the first time in his career, Blaze turned his back on the ECWA fans – and his partner Kid America – on this night, costing them in their match against former ECWA tag team champions Saigon and Dragon. Said Blaze of his longtime fans, “You are all scumbags, and I have come to hate each and every one of you.”

In other news, longtime ECWA competitor Danny E ( Dan Eckos ) made his singles debut in his old stomping grounds tonight in Newark, Delaware, in a losing effort to Bandido Jr, and Cole Callaway defeated Mr. Ooh La La in a “Loser Gets a Makeover” match, to the delight of the Delaware fans in attendance.

Full Results were as follows:

Bandido Jr. pinned Dan ny E (with the Magnum Modeling Agency) [7:00] … Aida Marie defeated Kimber Lee [5:28] … Fusion-DS defeated “The Fighting Paramedic” Corey Blaze and Kid America [7:17] … ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Kekoa “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” defeated Ricky “The Model” Martinez (with the Magnum Modeling Agency) [11:32] … Cole Callaway defeated Mr. Ooh La La (with “Coach” Jim Shorts ) in a “Loser Gets a Makeover” match [8:04], with “The Sensei” Paul Lopresti acting as ringside enforcer … The Midnight Sensations retained their ECWA Unified tag team titles against The Nigerian Nightmares [8:56] … ECWA Heavyweight Champion “greek God” Papadon pinned Alex Reynolds [22:50] … Blackheart ( Breaker Morant and “Beautiful” Bobby Shields, with Josh Dan iels and Joel Goodhart ) defeated Team ECWA (“Heart Killer” Chris Wylde and Ahtu ) [11:17]. (01/07/12)

Upcoming events…

ECWA LIVE! Sat, March 3, 2012 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark, DE, Bell Time 7PM (pending approval of State of Delaware)

ECWA LIVE! Sat, March 10, 2012 at the YMCA of Salem County in Carney’s Point, NJ, Bell time 7PM

ECWA LIVE! Sat, Apr 7, 2012 the 16th Annual ECWA SUPER 8 Tournament at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark , DE , Bell time 7PM (pending approval of State of Delaware )