Indy News Update #1 for January 11, 2012
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NWS sent this in.

Video Of NWS’ Dapper Johnny Falco Touting January 2012 Events

Dory Funk sent this in.

!BANG! TV Report – Jerry “The King” Lawler Plus Women’s Championship Match

Jerry “The King” Lawler returns to Funking Conservatory Wrestling and !BANG! TV Saturday January 21st to Team with Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum and Cory “Wild” Weston to take on Shane Chung, Blain Rage, Fushicho Masuku and a Mystery Partner.

In the other main event Claudia “The Claw” Reiff will challenge Hollywood Heather for the Women’s Championship. The Claw has requested Jerry “The King” Lawler act as Special Troubleshooting Referee for the match.

Now online Hollywood Heather’s Special Guest on the “Red Carpet” is Herself, “Hollywood Heather” however Heather is interrupted by her nemesis, Claudia “The Claw” Reiff with a special gift for the lady with the million dollar face.

Walking the Red Carpet with Hollywood Heather:


Direct Link – Walking the Red Carpet with Hollywood Heather


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