Indy News Update #1 for January 12, 2012
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Steven Ashe sent these reports in.

Sunday January 08 2012
TWA Pro Wrestling
St Catharines, Ontario
TWA Powerhouse
Ring Announcer: TWA Commisioner Kyle Davenport
Referees: Dave McCombs & Terry Sampson
Results credit: Michael Colyn for

1) In a TWA Hardcore Title Match, Champion Frankie Valentine lost the title to “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang.

After the match TWA General Manager Carlos announced that the 24/7 Rule will no longer be in effect for future TWA Hardcore Title matches.
Carlos also announced, that the next match would determine the #1 Contender for Kwan’s newly won title.

2) In a #1 Contendership Match for the TWA Hardcore Championship, “The Prince of Darkness” TJ Thunder & Jes Ice ended in a DRAW when both could not answer the referee’s 10 count.

3) In a Non-Title Match, “The Former Child Star” Rhys Greenaway & Troy Buchannan defeated TWA Tag Team Champions, Dance Mix Revolution (Frankie Valentine & Jesse Bieber) when Troy pinned Jesse. This means they now get a tag team title shot next week.

4) In a Non-Title Match, Ricky Ray defeated the TWA Hardcore Champion “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang with a small package.

5) Reggie Marley & Jimmy King defeated Terry Blaze & “The Model” Tommy Powers when Jimmy made Terry tap out.

6) In a TWA Heavyweight Title Match, Champion EZE Eric Cairnie lost to Kryss Thorn when Robbie Reckless (special guest referee) used a chair and hit EZE “by accident”. Commissioner Kyle Davenport said this match would not go down this way and that the title remains with EZE, and EZE wins by disqualification. General Manager Carlos then announces that next week there will be a Triple Threat Match for both the TWA Heavyweight & TWA North American Championships between EZE Eric Cairnie, Kryss Thorn & Robbie Reckless.

Sunday January 08 2012

WrestleCrisis 3D – A Pro Wrestling Tribute to Video Games
Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Underground Cinema
Attendance: 150+
Referees: Jeremy Hogel, Mike Gribbons
Ring Announcer: Rene Beauregard
Results credit: J. Hogwart for

Butcher Khartoum def “Charming” Chaz Lovely

Main Show:

Lara Croft def Foot Soldier

A Mortal Kombat 6-Way:
Kano vs Kratos vs Johnny Cage vs Scorpion vs Stryker vs Nightwolf
Match ended in a No-Contest when Shao Khan came to the ring and united all the Mortal Kombat participants.

Elmo & Kung Fu Panda def E.Honda & ??? (not sure)

Master Chief vs Resident Evil Zombies turner into Doom vs the Resident Evil Zombies
Doom def the Resident Evil Zombies


RJ City and Tinky Winky opened the show’s 2nd half with a promo.
The unknown entity, “WrestleCrisis Watcher” beamed a message to the ring announcer saying there wasn’t room for RJ & Twinky at the same time so they’d have to fight each other.

Tinky Winky def RJ City

Deathstroke def Spiderman w/ Mary Jane

Mega Man w/ Mr Saki def Doctor Wiley’s Creations

Luigi came out to the ring and talked about always being in Mario’s shadow. Luigi said he’d found a partner, Mario’s arch nemesis Sonic who joined Luigi in the ring. The two continued to verbally bury Mario until he showed up… obviously quite intoxicated. Luigi told Mario to end his embarrasment by laying down and allowing Luigi to pin him…

Luigi w/ Pauline def Mario w/ Princess Peach
After the match Donkey Kong came out and joined Mario

Mario & Donkey Kong w/ Princess Peach def Luigi and Sonic w/ Pauline

The show ended with Shao Khan leading his Mortal Kombat troops to the ring where they pounded on Mario

Saturday January 07 2012
ECCW – Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling

Vancouver, British Columbia
Russian Community Centre
Results credit: ECCW

It was announced ECCW will now be known as ELITE CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING.

1. Brains, Brawn, Class (“The Rocket” Randy Tyler, “Iron” Mike Roselli & The Ladies Choice) defeated the team of Kenny Lush, El P and Billy Suede

2. Scotty Mac was victorious over Jordie Taylor

3. Kc Spinelli defeated Raven Lake who insisted on taking Sammi Hall’s spot on the card.

4. Pete Powers advanced in the Elite championship tournament by defeating Alex Plexis.

5. Nicole Matthews was successful over Red DeNero

6. Main Event: Artemis Spencer defeated Guev Sihra & Bishop & Ravenous Randy

Saturday January 07 2012
XWA – Xtreme Wrestling Alliance

Saint John, New Brunswick
Samuel De Champlain School
Results credit: Yolunda Toebath for

El Handsamo def Zane Valentine

James Steel vs Wesley Pipes:
Pipes claimed he couldn’t wrestle because of injury – match never happened

James Steel def Johnny Versace by DQ when Wesley Pipes interfered

Barstool def Heathamania

Kamikaze Kingpin def John Striker by DQ

XWA World Tag Team Championship:
Gyration Nation def Wave Riders to win the titles

XWA World Championship:
Dickie def Sunny Warcloud to retain the title

XWA World Championship:
“The Freshman” Josh Kotsabasakis cashed in his Roll The Dice briefcase & defeated Dickie to win the title