Gabe Sapolsky is featuring a blog on the “Heyman Hustle” website looking at what is scheduled to be the final day of pro wrestling at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia today featuring cards from CZW and EVOLVE.

“The beginning of February will see all the interior walls torn down and every inch of the building redone. To my understanding, the grungy, intimate old bingo hall will be transformed into a pristine 3000 seat concert hall. The anything goes, wrestling friendly days will be over. The general public will call this an improvement. To those denizens of The Arena it will be an end of an era.

This Saturday night we have a responsibility to make sure the world famous building goes out the right way. We need to give The Arena one final great show. We will supply more unforgettable memories. The evening will feature an action-packed, high-octane, intense EVOLVE card. The final segment will be something different. We are calling it A Tribute To The Arena. It will be hosted by the voice of ECW Joey Styles. There’s no one better to host the finale. This is also a very rare appearance by Styles. In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity before the show, you’ll be able to get your picture taken in the middle of the ring in the former ECW Arena with Styles, who will be posing like he is interviewing you. We also have New Jack confirmed and in ECW tradition there will be other extreme surprises. Anything can and will happen in this final segment. That’s the only way The Arena can go out.”