Indy News Update #4 for January 16, 2012
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Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for January 16, 2012


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ICW DVD December 17, 2011 & Best Of 2011 $15.00
December 17, 2011 Milwaukee, WI
1. Matt Knicks vs. Isaias Velazquez
2. Smash & Gust vs. 2 Dudes, 1 Stache
3. Silas Young vs. Lamar Titan
4. Derek St. Holmes & Quentin vs. Bobby V & Brutus Beefcake
5. U.A.T. vs. Troy Walters & Xavier Mustafa vs. Super Cowboys
6. Mr. 450 vs. Justin Dredd
7. Officer Cabana & Hater Thomaselli vs. Bacardi & Buds

Best of 2011
1. Robert Anthony vs. Silas Young
2. Smooth Functions vs. TW3 & Matt Longtime
3. Dys & Road Dogg vs. TW3 & Matt Longtime
4. Sadist vs. Yabo the Clown
5. Lamar Titan & Isaias Velazquez vs. U.A.T.
6. Justin Dredd vs. Troy Walters
7. Troy Walters vs. Silas Young vs. Mr. 450 vs. Chris Hero
8. Sadist vs. Rhino

CZW DVD December 3, 2011 “Indie Summit 2011” – Philadelphia, PA $20.00
1. Danshoku Dieno (DDT) vs. DJ Hyde (CZW)
2. Kamui (Freedoms) & Devon Moore (CZW) vs. Joker & Sabian (CZW)
3. Yoshihito Sasaki (BJW) vs. Sami Callihan (CZW)
4. Kengo Mashimo (K-Dojo) & Takashi Sasaki (Freedoms) vs. Drake Younger & MASADA (CZW)
5. Masahiro Takanashi (DDT) vs. Kudo (DDT) vs. Dick Togo (K-Dojo)
6. Shattered Dreams: Jaki Numazawa (BJW) & Jun Kasai (Freedoms) vs. Danny Havoc (CZW) & Ryuji Ito (BJW)

ACW DVD September 18, 2011 “The Evolution of the Revolution” – Austin, TX $15.00
1. Gary Jay vs. Pierre Abernathy
2. Cali Crush vs. The Hired Guns vs. The Legion of ‘Shroom vs. The Lost Boys
3. The Business vs. RCW
4. Bunkhouse Brawl: Portia Perez vs. Lillie Mae
5. Rachel Summerlyn vs. Angel Blue with Darin Childs
6. Darin Corbin vs. “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers
7. Athena vs. Lady Poison
8. Mat Fitchett vs. Awesome Andy vs. Masada
9. Mia Yim vs. ACH
10. Double Jeopardy Match: Darin Childs vs. Shawn Vexx & Jaykus Plisken vs. Davey Vega

IWA Unlimited DVD September 18, 2011 “Unleashed II” – Olney, IL $15.00
1. Gary Jay, Davey Vega & Matt Fitchett vs. Evan Gelistico, Pierre Abernathy & Darrin Corbin
2. Josh Totten vs. Ax Allwardt
3. Angelus Layne & AT Brooks vs. Serenity & Fabulous Jason V
4. Brandon Walker vs. Brandon Espinosa
5. Cody Strong & Cash Bordin vs. The Shadow Corps
6. Joey O’Riley vs. Christian Rose
7. Alex Castle vs. Matt Cage
8. Bonus Feature: Unleashed II Intro Video
9. Bonus Feature: Clash of The Buffet Video

1/20/12 MidWest Wrestling – Niles, OH
1/28/12 – Chikara – Easton, PA
1/29/12 – AIW – Cleveland, OH
2/25/12 – Chikara – Reading, PA
2/26/12 – Chikara – Deer Park, NY
3/2/12 – AIW – Cleveland, OH
3/2 – 3/4/12 wXw – Oberhausen, Germany