Indy News Update #1 for January 18, 2012
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Danny Warren sent this in.

1/17- CWE Enters Partnership With CanAd Inns

It is with great pleasure AOD/Canadian Wrestling’s Elite would like to announce that as of this morning the company has entered into a partnership with CanAd Inns and more specifically the infamous Cowboy’s Roadhouse!

With Cowboy’s management looking to fill a wrestling void and create larger and bigger scale live wrestling events previous to events past it reached out to Manitoba’s wrestling industry leader about a potential long term partnership that can see more regular events being held in the establishment. With Cowboy’s looking to not only host regular live events it has expressed great interest in the partnership of hosting larger scale shows and bigger stars in the future.

With CWE talent and management being involved in a previous event with an outside promoter at Cowboy’s it realizes the potential of the venue and ability to create a new fresh environment for it’s current fan base and new potential CWE fans. With the company recently partnering up with a production company with brand new high definition cameras the venue and it’s set up it is a also a fit perfect to film all of the upcoming live events in the building.

The first event will be held at Cowboy’s Roadhouse in Winnipeg on Thursday, March 8th. Negotiations have already begun with different star talent to headline the event in the building for the company’s first show in the building. This will be the first event after the historic 3 year anniversary show on January 27th and host the events fall out from the big show. Winnipeg get ready, AOD/CWE is breaking in 2012 in a big way with two huge shows coming your way! Be there January 27th to hear the announcement of who you can expect to see at Cowboy’s March 8th!

Joe Domwbrowski sent this in.

Now Online: PWO TV #142: Johnny Gargano vs. Bobby Shields

Watch it online now at this link:

Scheduled for this week’s broadcast…

New Champion & Challenger React
On our final regular episode of PWO TV in 2011, “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross fired a major shot against his critics by defeating Jason Bane for the PWO Title. This week, we catch up with both former champion Bane and new champion Cross to get their take on the events that were. Matt is the first EVER two-time PWO Champion and is looking to make 2012 an unforgettable one!

Johnny Gargano vs. Sex Appeal’s “True Talent” Bobby “The Body” Shields
Several weeks ago, members of Sex Appeal laid out Gargano in an unprovoked assault that no one had seen coming. Stranger still, they punctuated that assault by displaying a ski mask… the very same mask worn by an unknown attacker who injured Gargano many months ago. While Johnny has not yet uncovered the mystery man’s identity, he has been on the hunt for some time now, and it’s apparent that Sex Appeal know something that Johnny doesn’t! Can Gargano beat that information out of Bobby Shields and come one step closer to the truth?

Justin LaBar Meets With Marion Fontaine
In a shocking turn of events, new PWO Commissioner Justin LaBar has stated he is demanding Marion Fontaine appear in his office this week for a one-on-one chat and he has even invited our television cameras as well! The bad blood between LaBar & Fontaine is one of the most well-documented rivalries in PWO history, and now with LaBar as Fontaine’s boss, the tension is sure to only continue to climb. After LaBar suspended Fontaine’s heavy, Brodie Lee, what further repercussions could be on the way for PWO’s “Megastar”?

PWO TV Champion Gory defends against Gregory Iron
“The Handicapped Hero” of PWO, Gregory Iron, challenged Gory for the TV Title once before, however a severely sprained ankle suffered by Greg during an attack by Gory & the rest of The Dead Wrestling Society left Greg physically unable to extract revenge for the demise of his best friend and tag team partner Hobo Joe. Management has decreed Iron gets one more opportunity, but with Gory in a more sick and perverse state than ever, and taking pride in holding one of PWO’s top prizes hostage and shrouding it under a dark cloak, is there any hope for Greg to liberate the PWO TV Title??

Corey Winters w/Ben Fruith vs. Bryan Castle w/Brian Bender
Two oddball tag teams collide in singles competition as Ben Fruith accompanies his Bucyrus buddy into battle against the 350 lb pet project of fitness enthusiast Brian Bender. Has Bender succeeded in teaching Castle the fine art to diet & exercise yet? Can Corey build off of the momentum of a tough fight against the massive Brodie Lee to see victory against another larger opposition?

Plus: Comments from NEW PWO Tag Team Champions Aero form & Michael Façade, and the returning Veda Scott!


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