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As a result of defeating Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin this past Saturday night in Norfolk, Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly will get their opportunity to challenge for the ROH World Tag Team Titles on February 17th when Ring of Honor makes its debut in Cincinnati, OH!

The Briscoe are also coming off a successful win in Norfolk, defeating Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander, in their first title defense since winning the belts at “Final Battle 2011” but also suffered a Proving Ground loss to Team CHIKARA the night before in Philadelphia.

“To say we’re pissed off would be a *** damn understatement!” Jay Briscoe told Saturday night after the event, “And I can’t wait to get my hands on those masked sons of b*****s in Chicago, rip off their damn faces, and use ’em as toilet paper, but apparently me and Mark got business to handle first with Davey and his boy. They earned themselves a title match beating up Roddy Strong & Mikey Elgin huh? Well Davey, I think we’ve shown that it don’t matter who your partner is…Eddie, Rocky, now Kyle…the Briscoes specialize in beating your ass. We’ll be glad to take up the challenge in Cincy, maybe we’ll bring some masks, slap ’em on over your faces, and get warmed up pretending you’re Jig and Hallowicked.”

For Davey Richards, this could be the third man he has claimed the ROH World Tag Team Titles with should he and Kyle O’Reilly capture the belts in Cincinnati on 2/17/12, making Richards the first man to accomplish such a feat in ROH history, as well as becoming the first man to claim 2 ROH Titles simultaneously. These are two men who train together day in & day out, who live and breathe competition, who crave championships, and are one tremendous threat to the 7th championship reign of the Briscoes.