Indy News Update #3 for January 24, 2012
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Steven Ashe sent these reports in.

Saturday January 21 2012
OCW – Ontario Championship Wrestling
Kingston, Ontario
560 Royal Canadian Legion (of Doom)
Attendance: 160+
Referees: Simon, Jeremy Hogel, Bruce Wayne
Ring Announcer: Mark Nesseth
Guest Ring Announcer: Nancy Slater Classic Rock FM 96
Sports Generation Ring Announcer: Beauregard
Panda Head: Katie
Results credit: Gordo for

Show started at 7:30pm with a promo by new OCW Unified Champion, CJ Felony, and his partner in crime, Assistant OCW General Manager Jan Murphy. They pissed everyone off by gloating about how smart, successful and powerful they are and announced their group was called “The Empire”. They then introduced the new OCW Tag Team Champions, Derric Hamilton & Hangman as Empire members. (They pissed fans off just by showing up)

Felony got around to the show at hand and said he’d give former Total Devastation partner Catalyst a non-title match which, if he won, would earn him a title shot but, if he lost, he’d be right back at the bottom. Felony also said their match would be “No DQ”.

Jan Murphy also had stuff to say, he suspended popular OCW Rookie of the Year, Adam Keaton, from hosting internet show OCW Interaction due to things Keaton said about him on the show. Murphy was interrupted by former tag champions Jimmy Cash & Taylor who accused him of helping Hamilton & Hangman steal their titles. Cash & Taylor said they wanted a title shot and they wanted to get their hands on the man whose interference cost them the belts, Cecil Nyx. Murphy said they’d get neither and told them they could have a 6-Man Tag against the champs if they could find anyone willing to be their partner. Taylor and Hangman had a bit of a shoving match then all parties retired to the back.

1) Damian The Barbarian def El Hijo del Masked Brawler [8:59]

2) OCW Women’s Championship: Triple Threat Match:
Jodi D’Milo def “Anti-Diva” Kaitlin Diemond and Persephone Vice to win the vacant title [5:26]
TT Bars ran out & distracted Vice from the apron. D’Milo took advantage by slamming Vice and nailing her Tsunami Splash for the pin.
(Former champ Addy Starr was stripped of the title earlier this month)

3) Shocker def Ray Steel [4:58]

4) OCW Cogeco TV Championship:
“King of Canada” Jessy Jones w/ Beauregard, Sports Generation Director of Media & Crypt Rick def Adam Keaton to win the title [6:31]

5) 6 Man Tag Match:
Jimmy Cash, Taylor & Rip Impact def Derric Hamilton, Hangman & Manson w/ Jan Murphy by DQ [10:16]
Hamilton, Hangman & Manson were dq’d when Hangman used his rope noose as a weapon. After the match Hangman hung Jimmy Cash from the top rope until a swarm of security and officials made the save.

6) Non-Title No DQ Match:
OCW Unified Champion CJ Felony w/ Jan Murphy def Catalyst [11:00]
Felony jumped Catalyst on his way to the ring and for the next 10 minutes they brawled in and out of the ring using mops, chairs, garbage cans and more to pound each other. During the carnage Felony super-kicked the ref and then powerbombed him onto Catalyst which brought a reluctant replacement official for the remainder of the contest. After Catalyst side-slammed Felony onto a garbage can reinforcements arrived in the form of Derric Hamilton, Hangman and Jessy Jones. The tag champs set up a table in the ring and Jones powerslammed Catalyst through it. They draped Felony over Catalyst and the OCW champ got the win. Felony thanked Jones and asked him and his Sports Generation to join The Empire. Jones agreed an alliance of some kind was a good idea.

– Harley Davison was awarded the OCW Wrestler of the Year Award (as voted by OCW fans)

7) 15 Man Rumble Style Battle Royal:
2 Men start. Another entrant every 30 seconds. Elimination- Over top rope.
Winner and #1 Contender to OCW Unified Championship: CJ Felony [9:29]
Participants with order of entry and exit:
1. Harley Davison
2. “Big Sug” Sean MacMillian
3. El Hijo del Masked Brawler
out- Sean MacMillian by Harley Davison [0:46]
4. Adam Keaton
5. Manson
out- El Hijo del Masked Brawler by Adam Keaton [1:39]
6. Taylor
out- Manson by Taylor [2:27]
7. Ray Steel
8. Hangman
9. Shocker
10. Damian The Barbarian
11. Rip Impact
out- Shocker and Ray Steel by each other [4:52}
12. Derric Hamilton
out- Taylor by Adam Keaton [5:12]
13. Jessy Jones w/ Sports Generation
14. Buck Gunderson
out- Rip Impact and Buck Gunderson by each other [6:12]
15. AK 47
out- Damian by Hamilton & Hangman [7:28]
out- Adam Keaton by Jessy Jones [7:43]
out- Harley Davison by Jones, Hamilton & Hangman [9:06]
out- Hangman, Derric Hamilton and Jessy Jones by themselves [9:29]
Last man remaining: AK 47 who unmasked to reveal himself as CJ Felony
Felony is now the #1 Contender to his own title.
A couple things were obvious…
*It was NOT the original AK 47 under the mask (The real one was a lot thicker)
*Hangman, Hamilton & Jones were all in cahoots with “AK 47”
*They voluntarily eliminated themselves (after eliminating Davison) to give Felony the win.
– After the match Harley Davison ran back into the ring and laid Felony out with a stunner.

The bad guys were all laughing at show’s end but Harley reminded Jan Murphy he was only Assistant OCW General Manager and that the man with all the power, OCW General Manager Jason Cage, was only a phone call away.

OCW returns to the Royal Canadian Legion (of Doom) in Kingston Mar 24th

A wizard of id review & Mrs Id photos of HANGOVER will be posted soon


Saturday January 21 2012
NSP – Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Niagara Falls Fight Club
Attendance 210+ standing room only.
Ring Announcer: Topher Whiteman
Referees: Bruno Davis, Bryan Renda, D. Morningstar
Results mosh credit: Chris Hoover and Ed Itor for

– Ring announcer Topher Whiteman introduced Primo Scordino who addressed the crowd as new champion. “Former champ (and new owner of NSP) “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde with Cherry Bomb came out and took the belt from Scordino. Primo said he didn’t need the belt to show he was better. (Set up main event)

1) Nick Vickers def “Bearded Dragon” Scotty Turner with scissor kick to the head.

– Due to his win Vickers gets 5 mins with manager “Infamous” Jay Moore but Moore ran away. Referee D. Morningstar caught Moore and returned him to the ring where Vickers gave him and Turner a double noggin knocker. Andrew Davis then ran in and jumped Vickers. Shawn Spears ran out with a chair and cleared the ring. Spears then called out Cody Deaner but Andrew Davis offered a challenge instead.

2) Andrew Davis w/ Jay Moore def Shawn Spears with a rock bottom after a superkick on Jay Moore by Spears
Cody Deaner ran in and distracted Spears. which helped lead to Davis winning (ref bryan renda)

3) Cherry Bomb def Gabriella Vanderpool. With a super kick.
Ref Bruno Davis assisted with slow counts for Vanderpool and blatant bias for Cherry Bomb.

– 15 min intermission

4) Crazzy Steve def Cody Deaner w/ Leah Von Dutch
Deaner was jumped on his way to the ring by Shawn Spears who then interrupted the match by sitting on a chair inside the ring. Spears hit Deaner with the chair. Crazzy Steve grabbed Leah Von Dutch and tied her up like a pretzel before dancing. Deaner tried to hit Steve with a clothesline but clocked Leah Von Dutch by mistake. Steve hit a surprised Deaner with a spike DDT to win the match.

– 50/50 Draw ($72)

– Originally Primo Scordino was to face Derek wylde (w/ Cherry Bomb) for Primo’s NSP Independent title but Wylde announced it would be a Gauntlet Match (with Bruno Davis as referee)

5) NSP Independant Championship: Gauntlet Match:
-Primo Scordino def Anthony Darko with a schoolboy when Ref Davis reluctantly counted to three.
-Primo Scordino def Jake O’Reilly with lowblow then rollup for slow three count.
Wylde announces big surprise for Primo Scordino… Notorious TID.
-Primo Scordino def Notorious TID by DQ.
Wylde announces one more surprise… Primo’s former Italianos partner, Tony Carboni. Carboni turns on Wylde and pulls a crazy move on Wylde and beats him down with a briefcase.
-Primo Scordino def Tony Carboni by DQ
-Primo Scordino def Derek Wylde w/ Cherry Bomb to retain the title
Ref Bruno Davis got KO’d into a corner. Wylde slammed Primo onto the discombobulated official. Former NSP owner Tiberious King ran out and KO’d wylde with the belt. King pulled Primo over Wylde for the cover and new ref Bryan Renda made the three count.

– Tiberious king is rehired. He and Pepper Parks challenge The Piss Beaters to a match for the tag team belts.

6) NSP Tag Team Championship:
The Piss Beaters (Anthony Darko & Jake O’Reilly) (C) vs Tiberious King & Pepper ended in a No-Contest when the locker room emptied and a huge brawl broke out after O’Reilly pulled Ref Renda from the ring to break up what looked like a sure cover on Darko

The show ended with Crazzy Steve dancing in the ring

NSP returns to Niagara Falls March 24th… “Looking at a Revolution”