Indy News #1: Ontario reports for TCW, ESW, BWW

Indy News Update #1 for January 25, 2012
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Steven Ashe sent these reports in.

Sunday January 22 2012
TCW – Tri-City Wrestling
Kitchener, Ontario
At the TCW Battlezone
Results credit: Chant Monkey Ozz & Sylvia Fistable for PreShow: Brent Banks vs Johnny Wave vs Eric Ryan ended in a 15min Draw

Main show started with a promo by Jay Moore and TCW Champion Anthony Darko. with them was Mr Allstar (a masked guy) Moore ordered Mr Allstar to lay down for Darko to pin him which he did. After “winning” that, Darko introduced another opponent to face Mr Allstar in the main show’s opening contest…

1) Mr Allstar def “Rocksteady” Alex Vega

2) Scotty The Body def Mr Atlantis w/ Jay Moore After the match Atlantis choked Scotty out with a chain

3) Ethan Page def Josh Alexander by DQ
Jake O’Reilly ran in and made it 2 on 1. Shawn Spears ran out to make the save and challenged O’Reilly & Alexander to a tag match

4) Shawn Spears & Ethan Page def Jake O’Reilly & Josh Alexander
Spears pinned Alexander after a running DVD. After the match O’Reilly and Page got into it and Page came out the worse for wear.

5) TCW Women’s Championship:
Cherry Bomb def Allysin Kaye to retain the title

6) Crazzy Steve def “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde
(Wylde issued an open challenge, Steve answered.)

7) TCW Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Darko w/ Jay Moore def “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea to retain the title
Darko was initially disqualified for interference from Moore but promoter Duncan Marshall ordered the match continue as a No DQ. Darko then won by pinfall following a low blow.

TCW returns to the Battlezone in Kitchener February 19th!
Courtney Rush to challenge Cherry Bomb for the TCW Women’s Championship
Tag Team Tournament and more


Saturday January 21 2012
ESW Empire State Wrestling

Tonawanda, New York
St Johnsburg Fire Hall
Results credit: ESW on Facebook

Quick Results:

1) Pepper Parks def Kevin Grace

2) ESW Tag Team Championship:
Rochester Wrecking Crew beat Caribbean Connection to retain the title

3) ESW Interstate Championship:
Gabe Saint def Ryot by DQ to retain the title

4) Ron Falco def Bill Collier

5) Chris Cooper, RJ City & Jordan Lennox def Blackjack Phoenix, James Santel & Kevin Bennett

6) Peacock Experience def the McCloud Brothers to become #1 contenders to the tag title

7) Main Event: ESW Heavyweight Championship:
Asylum def Brandon Thurston to win the title


Friday January 20 2012
BWW – Big West Wrestling

Kelowna, British Columbia
Rutland Centennial Hall
Results credit: Shane Eigeard

In the nights opener the Von Slasher clan ruined Mean Machine’s streak – even whilst hiding behind Drake during a chase (much to his shock & “I hate being intrurrupted while eating” – his hate-on for the Machine continues)

Next came the presentation for Raven Lake – who we incedentally found out must have started as a prodigy of 2 if she’s been in the business for 19 years *wink

She was interrupted by KfC Andrews who intended to ruin her moment by sending out a member of Team Andrews. Fully expecting Kc Spinelli we were treated to a relative newcomer – who’s moniker I regretfully missed. Raven proved the victor ruining KfC’s plan to take her moment from her!

Mauler Canada took on Jordie TheGreedfather Taylor – its clear where all of Maulers’ extra meals came from. The poor Taylor has clearly missed too many meals – and was further squished into the mat further pancaking his stature.

During the intermission, just after a concerned Marty Sugar investigated the Mean Machine’s actions he was jumped by the ever cowardly KfC and left busted open needing help to the back….. our Main Event seemed in jeopardy.

The fans rallied behind C4 Colin Collin Cutler in a great back n forth witih Sid Sylum – a match one could argue was 3 years in the making. The seesaw battle culminated in several great spots including my personal favorite (if I may) Sid taking C4 from an Electric Chair Drop catching him and tossing him into a bridgeing german! Like him or hate him we all popped for that one! and in a show of sportsmanship Sid offered his hand post match to the victorious C4.

And now for the much awaited Beard vs Belt Main Event – MadDog did indeed come out though clearly had been busted open which seems more than anything to fuel further rage in our hairy hero. KfC did his usual antics at the beginning clwoing momentum and buying time to get an opening. part way throught the match Andrews seemingly decided to take the low road – moreso than normal – and tried to force himself dq’d by taking out the fragile Eagle Eye Glen Johnson. The fans would have no such end to this fued and demanded Kevin Kj Jefferies come out to fix the situation. He continued the match with the addition of Robert Mitchell allowed the match to be run under no disqualification rules. This both infuriated and invigorated KfC Andrews which led to him attempt to destory Marty with any and all underhanded tactics.

The match eventually spilled into the crowd where Maddog was able to turn the tide and execute a few brutal spots himself including a catapult to the underside of the merchandise table (where Kyle Sebastian shirts were availble for the low low $15). Maddog was abused forced to take a fan’s rubber chicken (rumoured to be KfC’s long lost brother) in the maw. The action made its way back to the ring with Maddog arose the victor!

The belt was thusly mocked and defiled by Marty Sugar and much to the support of the crowd tossed in the trash.

KfC Andrews came to his senses and relizing what he had lost thrwe a temper tantrum and blamed Kevn Jeffries for forcing him to get screwed out of the title and challenged the vetran on the spot….. Once Jefferies entered the ring he promised KC Andrews to be careful what he wishes for as he just may get it as Andrews leaned out the ropes and left the ring once face to face with Kevin.

& in post show results Colin Cutler defeated Kyle Sebastion in a 3 way bowl off with Drake – and as such was forced to be Drake’s training partner in a chop off in preperation to one day meet the Mean Machine on his terms!

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