Indy News Update #1 for January 30, 2012
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Mecca Pro Wrestling

“New Year’s Dissolution”

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cornwall, Ontario

The Rush def Jeff Fury

– Joey Valentyne def Derric Hamilton

– Damien The Barbarian def Cecil Nyx

– Canadian Justice def Fatal-X in a hardcore match

– Jae Rukin vs. Shocker went to a time limit draw

– MPW Tag Team Championship: V:I:P (“The Rage” Randy Berry & MTH) def The Incredible Hunks (Deeno & Cheeky) to retain

– MPW World Championship: Frank Couture lost the MPW Championship to FireStorm in an 8 Man Elimination Battle Royal

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NWA Coastal “VINDICATION!” Quick Results 1/28/12
Posted on January 29, 2012 In another sellout show, NWA Coastal entertained the wrestling crowd with one of the most exciting shows the Jersey Shore has seen in some time!

Here are the quick results. A full report will follow.

In the opening match, “The Hybrid” Josh Adams spoiled the debut of Spartan with a victory.

In a Phoenix Wrestling Federation showcase match, PWF owner Max Vitelli sanctioned an impromptu tag match that saw the team of Kacee Carlisle and Sienna Duvall (formerly Simply D’Vyne) defeat the team of Aida Marie and Kimber Lee.

In a Falls Count Anywhere bout, The Wrestler Formerly Known As Luscious defeated Ryan “The Blackhearted” Haston (accompanied to the ring by the National Women’s Alliance) via pinfall……………..IN THE MENS ROOM!!

In a battle of Singapore Canes, Vicious Vin Ceres of the Boardwalk Mafia defeated Jersey Shore wrestling legend Wacky Wayne Woo when Vin’s Mafia partner The Dark Angel interfered, attacking Woo. Before the match, NWA Force 1 owner/promoter/wrestler Johnny Calzone entered the ring and had some choice words for Coastal Commissioner Tommy Cairo, who happens to be the original owner of Force One Pro Wrestling.

NWA Coastal Iron Man Champion “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes retained his title in a hard fought match against the very aggressive Alex Payne.

Special thanks to both Kevin Tibbs and Alex Gulamali who put on an impromptu NWA Coastal Showcase match and rocked the crowd on Saturday night. Way to impress, guys!

In an NWA DAWG Heavyweight Championship defense, it appeared that “The Phat Daddy” Biggie Biggs had defeated the “Mid Atlantic Bad Ass” Damien Wayne, but because DW had his foot on the bottom rope the whole time, NWA Senior Official Fred Richards ordered the match restarted, and Damien Wayne was able to retain his belt.

Finally, in the other main event, NWA Coastal Heavyweight Champion Patch was able to hang on to defeat “The Infamous Bad Boy” Danny Pagan in a tables ladders and chairs match after Johnny Calzone interfered, handcuffing Pagan’s enforcer Jason the Terrible to the ropes. After the match, The Boardwalk Mafia came to the ring to deliver an additional beat down on Pagan, who was ultimately saved by his friends, the tag team known as The Element. Commissioner Tommy Cairo has ordered a tag match between The Boardwalk Mafia and The Element at the next NWA Coastal show, with a date to be announced soon.